Awkoder’s ‘Nightrain’ reMixes


We featured Awkoder’s moody ‘Nightrain’ earlier in the month, a evocative, atmospheric Italo tinged SynthWave tune.

Now there’s three reMixes of the track for you to relive the stormy highs of two weeks ago. Frenchman Tommy ramps up the excitement factor with driving drums and laser blast synths. Tommy’s attention grabbing reimagining of the track is full of nervous energy and makes the perfect partner for the brooding original. Protector101’s mix brings things back to the dark clouds vibe of the original but adds a touch of his own deep synth work with some particularly bright lead lines and twisting, amazing, solos playing against the dark moods of the track. Michael Brun’s Lueur Verte project takes the tune straight to that strange place where retro synth music and hair metal meet at the movies for a ‘Fuck Yeah’ moment of fist pumping.

Awkoder – Nightrain (Tommy reMix)

Awkoder – Nightrain (Protector 101 reMix)

Awkoder – Nightrain (Lueur Verte reMix)

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