[Audio] Mitch Murder reMixes Gossip Culture’s ‘Waiting’



This tune is pure bliss. A last month we previewed Estate’s reMix of the new single from LA ChillPopster Gossip Culture. The Quincy McCrary featuring Waiting was released in August, but now there’s a brand spanking new reMix from none other than SynthWave deity Mitch Murder. And, yes, it is as good as you’d think.

We do love to hear a Mitch Murder track with vocals, it’s a rare thing, but when it happens it’s always something special. Right here Mitch uses McCrary’s soulful voice to paint a Synth Funk masterpiece. Carried along on a wave of bouncy digital bass and lush soundtrack-esque pads, the reMix sees Mr. Murder dabbling in all the elements of electronic Soul from the 80s that made it so recognisable, and makes them his own. Perfect retro smooth Electro.

♫ Gossip Culture (Feat. Quincy McCrary) – Waiting (Mitch Murder reMix)

Gossip Culture’s Waiting is out now.

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[Audio] Estate reMix Gossip Culture’s ‘Waiting’


Gossip Culture

In the mood for a little sunkissed Synth Funk? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is groove-merchants Estate’s reMix of Ryan Sheridan A.K.A. Gossip Culture’s Waiting. Waiting is Gossip Culture’s latest single and features the smooth vocals of Quincy McCrary, which Estate utilise to full effect.

The original of the tune is a uplifting Indie/Disco hybrid that was a little too guitar drenched for out tastes, but this mix shrugs off the six strings in favour of luscious, thick, electronic bass and twisting synth sparkles. Although they are still present, the wicked licks are consigned to be extras, taking a back seat to retro Electro groove and McCrary soulful vocals. Pure sunshine in a tune, this is one infectious slice of daytime Disco that’ll have you bobbing down the street.

♫ Gossip Culture (Feat. Quincy McCrary) – Waiting (Estate reMix)

Gossip Culture’s Waiting is out now.

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Hemingway reMixes Gossip Culture

Gossip Culture

We featured the original version and a reMix from French SynthWave rocker Tommy, of American ElectroPop producer Gossip Culture ‘s new single, Just Fine With You, a couple of months ago. Now it;s looking like the track is getting it’s proper release soon it seems time to look at the remaining reMix on the single, from the excellent Toronto eclectic Disco producer Hemingway.

Hemingway whips up something a little different for this track. Driven by harsh drum machine beast that are very reminiscent on early Warp Records output. Those raw, shuffling House beats provide a unique backing for Hemmingway’s waves of lush synths. Ryan Sheridan’s hazy Chillwave vocal sits nicely with the reMixes cosmic synths and ‘90’s House touches. It’s a reMix that probably shouldn’t work on paper, with all these conflicting elements, but Hemingway makes everything come together in harmony, and makes it seem effortless.

♫ Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You (Hemingway reMix)

Just Fine With Youis out this summer.

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Gossip Culture reMixed by Tommy

Gossip Culture

Hey! It’s one of our favourite Chilly Indie-Electro types, Gossip Culture, reMixed by one of our favourite SynthWave producers Tommy! The Cleveland ElectroPopster is gearing up for a summer release for his new single Just Fine With You, along with a super secret reMix line up. One of those reMixers, however, we can identify as the cream of the French SynthWave scene.

The original track is a fun, rolling summery Indie-electro jam with a Chillwave edge. All floaty, catchy, vocals and washes of reverb. Driven along by a rolling bassline and retro synth stabs, Just Fine With You, captures and optimistic feel good vibe and an effortless Indie cool. And there’s sax, ‘nuff said. Tommy takes that vibe and runs with it, crafting a sweeping nostalgic sound with bright synths and an Italo groove. Slightly switching up the rhythm of the vocals, usually a disaster, works well here, pushing the track forward and making this, more dancefloor oriented version, more urgent feeling. Excellent work from both parties, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the single holds.

♫ Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You (Tommy reMix)

Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You

Just Fine With You is out this summer.

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Gossip Culture’s new EP

Gossip Culture

Cleveland’s finest ‘80’s influenced Indie-ElectroPop export Gossip Culture has dropped a couple of teasers of his forthcoming new EP, out at the end of the month.

The first two tracks on the ‘People Talk ‘EP will be ‘horses Run Wild’ and ‘Young Love’. the EP opener is a strange and compelling beast. an unusual intertwining of reverb heavy Chillwave vocals and very late ‘80’s dance pop, complete with synth horn stabs and shuffling 909 beats. All wrapped up in an Insanely catchy song. ‘Young Love’ which features April Ewing takes the shuffling drums to the extreme, adding some tropical guitar into the mix for a laid back Caribbean ElectroPop jam. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP.

♫ Gossip Culture – Horses Run Wild

♫ Gossip Culture (Feat. April Ewing) – Young Love

The ‘People Talk’ EP is out 22nd October, until then check out Gossip Culture on SoundCloud.

More Toro Y Moi reMixes

After last months awesome reMix by Fireo we have another three top quality reMixes of Toro Y Moi latest single ‘Still Sound’.

Nu-Disco original Xinobi brings exactly what we’d expect of him to the table. Crushing Disco grooves and a chilled vibe that make Xinobi out-Disco most Disco acts. Girlfriend Records artist Gossip Culture come up with a suitably dreamy 80’s influenced tune which both captures the feeling of the original but makes it Gossip Culture’s own too. Getting a bit more electronic is Lazydisco who’s bleepy deep, DiscoPop take on the song is a hypnotic builder.

Toro Y Moi – Still Sound (Xinobi reMix)

Toro Y Moi – Still Sound (Gossip Culture reMix)

Toro Y Moi – Still Sound (Lazydisco reMix)

‘Still Sound’ is taken from Toro Y Moi’s album ‘Underneath The Pine’.

Toro Y Moi @ Beatport

Toro Y Moi @ Juno

Toro Y Moi @ 7Digital

Toro Y Moi @ Amazon

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Gossip Culture’s ‘Whispers In My Ear’

It’s been a while since we featured Gossip Culture here on electronic rumors, but the Cleveland based one-man Indie-ElectroPop project from Cleveland is about to release a new EP, so let’s check out what we can expect.

‘Whispers In My Ear’ is a laid back, soulful slice of Funky Indie-Electro/Nu-Disco hybrid. With a deep Disco groove and introspective, intimate vocals this is a perfect tune to chill in the sunshine too. So if you’re lucky enough to be in a part of the world that isn’t frosty and miserable (as I am) then whack this in your stereo, grab a beer and get yourself out in the sun.

Gossip Culture – Whispers In My Ear

‘Whispers In My Ear’ is taken from Gossip Culture’s forthcoming ‘People Talk’ EP on Girlfriend Records, also featured will be reMixes from Deniz, You Need It! and Girlfriend head honcho Sferro. Keep an eye on his Facebook page for news.

Gossip Culture @ Facebook

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Gossip Culture

Gossip Culture, a solo Indie-ElectroPop project from Cleveland, Ohio has dropped his latest track ‘1985’ in the electronic rumors Inbox. And so it goes from us to you.

It’s a nice chilled synth Funk jam, like Chromeo winding down after a hard night’s partying. The Funk bass and vocoded vocals work together to product the kind of tune that seem you walking home at 5 in the morning with a smile on your face. In his own words the track is a “tribute to the year that brought us Phoebe Cates, Nintendo, and Rick James”..good call!

Gossip Culture – 1985

The track is part of a 5 track EP, ‘People talk’, due out later this year, until then show the man some MySpace love!

Gossip Culture @ MySpace

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