Awkoder’s ‘Nightrain’


Prepare for some stormy night moods of epic proportions from French producer Awkoder.

His latest tune, ‘Nightrain’ is pure midnight. A peice of moody SynthWave that sounds exactly like it says on the tin. this is the sound of electronic night-time rain. A dark soulful track with a deep Italo bassline and enigmatic chords that conjure up that midnight feeling. ‘Nightrain’ is just the latest of a string on amazing tunes from this Frenchman who’s jams have such a soul and passion to them. The moment in ‘Nightrain’ when the distant vocals and lead come in is a beat of pure power.

Awkoder – Nightrain

Awkoder’s ‘Lovely Eyes’ single will be out soon.

Buy Awkoder’s music from:

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