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We don’t often write about films, but when we do it’s usually for a good reason. Aside for the fact that we’re big fans of Sci-Fi shorts, short movie Controller grabbed out attention for two very good reasons. This film has pedigree.

First up, it was written and directed by Saman Kesh. Not only an award winning director in the real world, but the winner of an electronic rumors award too! Alongside his mind-blowingly good video for Cinnamon Chasers’ Luv Deluxe being winner of the SXSW Best Music Video Award 2010, his trilogy of amazing videos for Russ Chime’s Midnight Club EP were our picks for Best Video of 2010. We love this guy’s eye. We wouldn’t dare to pretend to be film critic’s but we get pretty enthralled by the way he combines romance and tension in every shot.

Secondly, and just as importantly, the soundtrack is by none other than Cinnamon Chasers himself (under his real name, Russ Davies), a pulsating synthetic affair that bubbles and builds alongside the action and really works the rising emotions of the story, picking out the quiet moments and kinetic action individually.

As we mentioned, we’re big fans of Sci-Fi shorts, Controller would have been an awesome piece regardless of who was involved in making it, but we can’t help but feel these guy’s talents pushed it over the edge into a real thing of beauty. We’re not movie reviewers (hell, we’re barely music reviewers), so just watch and enjoy.

Check out Controller’s prequel here. Controller’s soundtrack is out now.

Buy Russ Davies’ music from:

Prometheus hits the UK today, so check out this Disco version of the Alien theme from 1979


Ridley Scott’s not-Alien prequel (i.e. it’s takes place in the same universe, and is set before Alien, like a prequel (even if it doesn’t follow the same story)), Prometheus, is out today, in the UK at least. There are showings starting right now (midnight). Reviews have been disappointingly mixed so far but I’m still looking forward to seeing it today. But we’re not a movie ‘zine, we’re an electronic music ‘zine, so what’s occurring?

Well, in honour of Prometheus’ release we want to share this little gem with you. Nostromo’s ‘Alien’, a big cosmic Disco version of Jerry Goldsmith’s theme. This was released in 1979 and was a fully licenced 20th Century Fox promotional tie-in, but both the single and the 12” received a limited (for the time) release. The track ended up mostly soundtracking light shows in new Discotheques and ‘spacey’ moments in shows, but it an awesome track in it’s own right. This is proper late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s analog Disco, the kind that so many producers we feature are emulating. There’s also a lot of Moroder in there, and Goldsmith’s beats shine through. Amazingly for a ‘70’s Sci-Fi movie tie-in it manages to shed almost all of it’s novelty value and instil a fair amount the movie’s feeling of dread amongst it’s galactic Funk. Some late ‘70’s versions of Sci-Fi themes were good (Moroder’s ‘Galactica’), some not so good (I’m looking at you, Boris Midney), Nostomo’s ‘Alien’ can definitely be categorised as awesome.

♫ Nostromo – Alien (12Inch Version)

We normally put purchase links here, but you’re going to have to do some hard work to get hold of this, but it is possible, go digging! Prometheus is showing across the UK from today. I think it opens in the US sometime next year or something?

Lazerhawk remakes Powerglove’s ‘Hunters’


There’s a moment in the Grindhouse movie Hobo With A Shotgun that introduces the badassery of two armoured demons/cyborgs know as The Plague. This murderous slaughter scene is soundtracked by a Powerglove track called ‘Hunters’.

‘Hunters’ has never been released (although the whole track is on one of the DVD extras for the movie) so Powerglove’s peer Lazerhawk has released his own version of the track into the wild. Lazerhawk’s take on ‘Hunters’ is just as intense as the original. Total John Carpenter-esque 80’s synth movie music with a dancefloor twist. Driving and powerful with a hint of horror, the digital bass and icy lead lines will keep you captivated.

♫ Powerglove – Hunters (Lazerhawk Remake)

Check out more from Powerglove and Lazerhawk on SoundCloud.

Tron: Legacy projection mapping performance to Daft Punk’s soundtrack

Projection Mapping is an awesome looking technique where images are projected onto a the flat surface of a building to make it appear 3D stuff is happening.

This technique has been put to it’s full use in a 9 minute Tron: Legacy show on the side of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London set to Daft Punk’s stunning soundtrack.

Give it a watch!

The performance was created using 6x18k projectors with audio from an 8k D&B sound rig.

Tron: Legacy hit cinemas 17th December, seems like so long to wait! Daft Punk’s soundtrack is released tomorrow!

Daft Punk @ Beatport

Daft Punk @ Juno

Daft Punk @ 7Digital

Daft Punk @ Amazon

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Daft Punk in Tron Legacy; official music and photo

So, after many false starts and fakes (although the last batch of leaked tracks I was sent seem to have turned out to be real) we finally have an officially released piece from Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy soundtrack and also a first look at how Guy and Thomas will look in their roles as ‘mp3 files’ (read DJs) in the movie.

Daft Punk – The Game Has Changed

SO exited for this, both soundtrack and movie. Tron: Legacy hit cinemas 17th December.

Daft Punk @ Beatport

Daft Punk @ Juno

Daft Punk @ 7Digital

Daft Punk @ Amazon

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Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack

Two slices of awesomeness hit the internet in the last few days. First up, soon after the Tron: Legacy panel at San Diego ComicCon, yesterday, the new theatrical trailer for Tron Legacy débuted online.

And it looks rad as hell!!!

Secondly, in the last couple days a few people have sent me tracks from Daft Punk’s soundtrack to the movie. These are defiantly legit, as many of the six tracks contain sections from the trailers we have seen. After some digging around, I think these have been ripped out the backend of the official Disney site.

I was debating putting all six tracks up here but then thought, ‘well, I wouldn’t put up six tracks of any album so why is this any different?’. If you really want all six they’ll be all over the internet by now but I wanna’ try and save myself hearing any more until I can hear it in 320kbps or CD quality because those tracks I have heard are amazing! Serious contender for best electronic soundtrack since BladeRunner. The way the orchestration and electronic meld together is truly masterful, even in so much as Daft Punk’s choice of sounds that seem to flow out of the strings.

This, I believe, is the title track.

Daft Punk – Tron: Legacy Soundtrack- Track 1

Tron: Legacy hit cinemas 17th December.

Daft Punk @ Beatport

Daft Punk @ Juno

Daft Punk @ 7Digital

Daft Punk @ Amazon

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LIGHTS’ comic-book adventures

It been almost a year since we wrote about Canadian Keytar queen LIGHTS, and what a busy year it has been for her. A couple of EPs and her full length CD, ‘The Listening’, were released on Sire and she is currently touring to globe with Owl City.

Late last year she released a series of motion comics titles ‘Audio Quest: A Capt. LIGHTS Adventure’ which even ended up being played on MTV.

A motion comic, for those who don’t know, is something both Marvel and DC are dabbling with right now. Not quite animation but more kinetic than a comic book panel, both comic giants have experimented with turning some of their bigger existing comic titles into moving images. Just watch the thing, you’ll see what I mean!

Anyway, LIGHTS, a comic and Sci-Fi fan, released four episodes of this little musical Sci-Fi adventure last year and in honour of the release of episode five, exclusively on MySpace we thought we’d show you the previous four chapters.


Episode five can be seen right now here on MySpace!

What’s not to like about LIGHTS? Cute girl with Keytar, makes ElectroPop, into Sci-Fi, Comics and Gaming. It’s like she was made from science!


LIGHTS @ 7Digital

LIGHTS @ Amazon

Doctor Who: New Companion


Wow, it’s pretty rare that a Doctor Who rumour turns out to be true! Usually names and plot points are kicked around the Internet and then the production staff throw us a curve ball, as seen with the casting of the next Doctor, but the two main names filling forums and blogs, in the last few months, for the job of The Doctor’s next companion were Lily Allen and Michelle Ryan. It looks like the rumours were spot on this time!

Ex-Eastender Ryan should fit in well being no stranger to genre TV, having starred in Jekyll (written by Doctor Who’s next showrunner Stven Moffat), the short lived reboot of the Bionic Woman and recently as the antagonist in The BBC’s Merlin.

Starring as “the mysterious Lady Christina De Souza” in one of this years four specials doesn’t necessarily mean she couldn’t return as a permanent companion in the 2010 series (a leap that Cathrine Tate made).