Ryan Riot’s ‘Almost Summer’ mixtape


Ryan Riot – Almost Summer = Ryan Riot’s new mixtape is called ‘Almost Summer’. Well, he’s not wrong, it is almost summer. Maybe if we chill to his awesome collection of current Nu-Disco monsters, close out eyes and wish hard enough, summer might just be that little bit closer.

Ryan Riot – Almost Summer

The tracklist:

01.  Alex Sadman – Let Go (Dub Version)
02. Stuck In The Sound – Brother (Yuksek reMix)
03. Moonlight Matters – Come For Me (Punks Jump Up reMix)
04. Logo – Jacob (Original Mix)
05. Friends – Friends Crush (Jake Bullit reMix)
06. Hoaxx – Prophecy
07. A.N.D.Y. & Vicente – Traffic (Original Mix)
08. Psychemagik – Valley Of Paradise (Rayko reMix)
09. Surkin (Feat. Bobmo) – Harry
10. Adamski – I Like It (Original Mix)
11. XXXChange – Backbeat
12. Kris Menace – We Are (RESET! reMix)
13. Future Flashs & Dare2Disco – Daft Drive (Milk Drinkers reMix)
14. Ryan Riot – Loading Procedure (Original Mix)
15. Simian Mobile Disco – Put Your Hands Together
16. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – American Dream Part II

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Edwin Van Cleef’s ‘Starmix’


Edwin Van Cleef – Show & Tell Mixtape 4 ‘Starmix’ = Cleef returns to the monthly mixtape arena with a cool hour of pulsating House with a ‘90’s edge, sprinkled with a hint of Disco up in the mix. It’s  only Thursday, so save this one for a day and let it kick off your weekend.

Edwin Van Cleef – Show & Tell Mixtape 4 ‘Starmix’

The tracklist:

01. Zombie Disco Squad – Goodnight
02. Sneaky Sound System – Really Want To See You Again (Adonis Bros reMix)
03. Flight Facilities (Feat. Grovesnor) – With You
04. Bastian’s Happy Flight – It’s OK (Dublin Aunts reMix)
05. ReSketch – Better Times
06. Joey Negro – I’m Not Afraid of the Future (DJ Fudge reMix)
07. Simian Mobile Disco – Your Love Ain’t Fair
08. D3ADL1NE – Vibing
09. Ollie Gibson – Comin’ Home (Cubiq reMix)
10. Simian Mobile Disco – Put Your Hands Together
11. Surkin – Lose Yourself (Brodinski reMix)
12. Simian Mobile Disco – Interference
13. Sailor & I – Tough Love (Aril Brikha reMix)

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The Golden Filter premières ‘Syndromes’

The Golden Filter have premièred their ‘Syndromes’ short film on the Future Shorts YouTube channel.

I won’t give away any spoilers ‘cos it’s embedded just below and only ten minutes long, so you should watch it. I don’t know of The Golden Filter or director Kristoffer Borgli would thank me for calling it a post-modern superhero movie, but I’m going to anyway.

The soundtrack is amazing!

The movie is officially released along with the New York avant-Disco duo’s soundtrack on the 10th.

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Chromatics’ track from Drive


So, buy now you know how awesome the Drive soundtrack is, featuring the likes of Kavinsky and College alongside Cliff Martinez’ electronic score.

It also features ‘Tack Of the Clock’ from Chromatics’ excellent album ‘Night Drive’. Edited down to fit the scene by Chromatics and Johnny Jewel the track wasn’t released independent of the album. So Johnny has uploaded it to SoundCloud saying this “A lot of people have been asking about the different version they are hearing in the film. The original “Night Drive” version is around 15 minutes long. Nat Walker (Chromatics / Desire) & i reconstructed it from the original tapes in order to make it heavier in the theatres & cut it to the picture. What we didn’t know was…the soundtrack people weren’t going to let people get it individually. They are trying to rope you into buying the whole album… But all the kids really want is Desire, Kavinsky, & College… So here it is for free. Pass it on. xo johnny jewel”.

Check out the atmospheric, tense, electronic throb of ‘Tick Of The Clock’:

Chromatics – Tick Of The Clock (Drive Movie Edit)

The Drive soundtrack is released September 27th.

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The Golden Filter: Syndromes

We knew The Golden Filter were up to something!

It seems the have been colluding with Scandinavian filmmaker Kristoffer Borgli on a short movie called ‘Syndromes’. All involved would probably devastated to hear me call it a superhero flick, but to me that’s not an insult. It appears to be a move about a girl with an ‘ability’ and the people who exploit that ability. Check the trailer.

the Golden Filet have also soundtracks the short, here’s the Ladytron-esque title track, Mother’.

♫ The Golden Filter – Mother (Theme From Syndromes)

‘Syndromes’ premières 10th October.

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Lazerhawk remakes Powerglove’s ‘Hunters’


There’s a moment in the Grindhouse movie Hobo With A Shotgun that introduces the badassery of two armoured demons/cyborgs know as The Plague. This murderous slaughter scene is soundtracked by a Powerglove track called ‘Hunters’.

‘Hunters’ has never been released (although the whole track is on one of the DVD extras for the movie) so Powerglove’s peer Lazerhawk has released his own version of the track into the wild. Lazerhawk’s take on ‘Hunters’ is just as intense as the original. Total John Carpenter-esque 80’s synth movie music with a dancefloor twist. Driving and powerful with a hint of horror, the digital bass and icy lead lines will keep you captivated.

♫ Powerglove – Hunters (Lazerhawk Remake)

Check out more from Powerglove and Lazerhawk on SoundCloud.

Pirate Radio Documentary


Something a little different now but I though some of you, especially readers from the UK might get a kick out of this.

No pun intended with the ‘kick’ remark, as this short documentary about the history of Pirate Radio in London was commissioned by Palladium Boots as part of their ‘Explorations’ series. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s actually a fascinating (albeit brief at 16mins) look at those DJs and radio techs who (like us music bloggers) can’t help but let their love of music vent somewhere.

Having grown up listening to pirate radio, just the atmosphere that this documentary provokes puts a nostalgic smile on my face.

You can watch the whole documentary, ‘Exploration #6 – London Pirate Radio’ online here: http://www.palladiumboots.com/exploration/london-pirate-radio

[Via Vice Magazine]

The Banksy movie is real!

Shrouded in mystery and left off the official programme to retain secrecy, street artists Banksy’s first movie ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ premieres at the Sundance Film Festival this year. The story of a French shop keeper with a mission to film the graffiti artist at work takes a turn when Banksy the camera on him. The trailer has just hit YouTube:

Exit Through The Gift Shop is due to open at cinemas in the UK 5th March.

Daft Punk to score Tron 2.0


Upcoming Film Scores have had it confirmed to them by Walt Disney Pictures that French Electro giants Daft Punk will be providing the score for Tron 2.0 (or TR2N), the sequel to 1982’s cyberspace blockbuster.

It seems to me that this could be absolutely perfect. Daft Punk have dabbled in film before but this will be their first full score for a major movie, if they can pull it off I really see this being something special!

I just hope they get David Warner back as the Master Control Program!