Lazerhawk reMixes Teenage Criminal

Teenage Criminal

Lazerhawk’s at it again! The SynthWave original gangster has whipped up this amazing reMix of Spanish Electro producer Teenage Criminal’s new single Hero. Oh it’s big!

Lazerhawk has gone for the full-on epic Electro vibe on this track. It does everything in massive style. Big pounding drums, huge chainsaw synths and majestic soloing that gets mind blowing at points. The combination of the grinding dirty synths and shining leads take this tune to the next level. Coursing waves of piercing melodies set against post-apocalyptic noise. Powerful stuff.

Teenage Criminal – Hero (Lazerhawk reMix)

Hero is out now.

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Lazerhawk’s new tune


We haven’t heard much from SynthWave master Lazerhawk in a while, not really since his stunning Visitors album. The Austin based synth guru has just unleashed a new tune, it’s a collaboration with artist Dave Rapoza for a coming he’s creating called Skull And Shark, and it’s a moody affair.

Simply titled Skull And Shark, this theme is full of dramatic tension. Falling sparely in the Horror side of SynthWave Lazerhawk plays with haunting melodies and spine tingling lead lines. Amidst the distant sound of thunder and rain, baroque synths juxtapose with grinding riffs and alien keys atop a pounding Italo backing. Pure Halloween synthetics.

♫ Lazerhawk – Skull And Shark

Lazerhawk’s Visitors album is out now on Rosso Corsa Records.

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Lazerhawk’s ‘Visitors’ album


To say Lazerhawk’s second album, ‘Visitors’ had been long, and eagerly awaited is a bit of an understatement. For a while now the Austin based SynthWave wizard has been teasing us with EPs and tracks, hinting at what the full thirteen track galactic odyssey would hold. Well, the wait is over.

And ‘Visitors’ was worth the wait, it’s a retro synth soundtrack masterpiece, and one of those records that should be taken in as a whole, the overriding thematic structure of this collection of Sci-Fi instrumentals works as a definite narrative. A journey on a cosmic scale played out amongst the sweeping synths and Italo beats. I don’t usually like reviewing albums track-by-track, it makes for boring reading and is a bit lazy, but there are a few songs on ‘Visitors’ that i have to mention. The album kicks off with ‘Lazaerhawk’s Theme’. I can’t remember the last time I heard an album opener so perfectly chosen, the track both introduces you, in majestic fashion, and sets you up for the rest of the records. It’s a big, powerful opener with a sense of the ominous, which is just the right way to send the listener on their way through the album. This is a more mature album that Lazerhawk’s début, ‘Redline’, not only is the production stronger but the whole record feels more considered, this isn;’t just a collection of songs, Lazerhawk is trying to do something here. Of course, in amongst all this space age scoring there is still enough kick-ass Outrun Electro to keep you dancing. ‘Shoulder Of Orion’ is particularly full-on post-Italo SynthWave awesomeness, while ‘Disco Planet’ pays a visit to synthesizer Disco of the late ‘70’s and ‘Star Hustler’ is a pure Italo gold experience.. More than that though, ‘Visitors’ is about the story it has to tell, and what that conjures in the listeners imagination.

♫ Lazerhawk – Lazerhawk’s Theme

♫ Lazerhawk – Visitors

♫ Lazerhawk – Shoulder Of Orion

♫ Lazerhawk – Beyond The Infinite Void

♫ Lazerhawk – Star Hustler

‘Visitors’ is out now on Rosso Corsa Records.

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Mitch Murder reMixes Lazerhawk


Oooo, this is exciting stuff. SynthWave guru Lazerhawk is gearing up for the release of his ‘Arrival’ EP, the Jordan F reMix has been rocking our worlds for a while now but we finally get to get our ears round Mitch Murder’s take on the track.

We’re still reeling from Mitch’s new album ‘Current Events’ (which just missed the top spot in our top albums of 2011) so we know the man is on top for right now, but once again he blows us away with this soaring slice of pure synthesizer joy. Unlike some electronic music producers who sit in front of Abelton firing off arpeggios, Mitch is a true musician. His mastery of layering and melody and his ability to capture an emotional mood in a synth dance track is second to none. This is what it sounds like in my brain all the time. Vangelis would be proud.

♫ Lazerhawk – Arrival (Mitch Murder reMix)

Lazerhawk’s new EP is out soon also featuring reMixes from Miami Nights 1984 and Jordan F.

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Lazerhawk gets his NES on


Outrun Electro staple Lazerhawk has dropped a storming mix of one of his favourite NES tunes ‘Underworld (Dungeon)’ from Legend Of Zelda.

Starting off with a nice ChipTune recreation the track some kicks into some menacing digital bass and a sweeping synth rendition of the original arpeggio progression. Lazerhawk’s reMix is a fun, and highly listenable, mash up between an 8-Bit classic and some awesome night drive Electro.

♫ Lazerhawk – Underworld (Legend Of Zelda reMix)

Lazerhawk’s new EP is out soon also featuring reMixes from Miami Nights 1984 and Mitch Murder.

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Lazerhawk’s ‘Arise’


Some spooky SynthWave now with Lazerhawk’s contribution to todays festivities.

‘Arise’ whips a John Carpenter-esque melody into an Electro frenzy of stomping beats and ominous synths. Building an air of tension throughout the track with piercing lead line that layer on top of each other at a relentless pace, this track is the audio equivalent of being chased by cyborg zombies from the ‘80’s!

Lazerhawk – Arise

Lazerhawk’s new EP is out soon also featuring reMixes from Miami Nights 1984 and Mitch Murder.

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Lazerhawk reMixed by Jordan F


Oh man, how can you go wrong with this? Synthwave genius Lazerhawk reMixed by one of Australia’s finest up-and-coming producers Jordan F.

Lazerhawk is gearing up to the release of his new EP on 2 Many Printers and Rosso Corsa Records and amongst the reMix talent involved Jordan F conjures up this upbeat slice of night-drive Electro. Rapid fire with a bouncy bassline Jordan, this track is seriously driven, the thing just powers on. Jordan F proved on his last EP that he’s got his game locked down, and his reMixes are doing nothing to dispel that.

♫ Lazerhawk – Arrival (Jordan F reMix)

Lazerhawk’s new EP is out soon also featuring reMixes from Miami Nights 1984 and Mitch Murder.

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More new Lazerhawk


Two new Lazerhawk tracks in one week!

‘Distant Signal 001’ seems to be a continuation of the ‘Visitors’ EP. It’s a track with an absolute killer digital synth bassline. Sci-fi pads lend atmosphere to this cosmic Dreamwave track. Sparkling synths and alien lead sounds add to the musical abduction experience. Just stay focused on that bassline!

♫  Lazerhawk – Distant Signal 001

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Lazerhawk remakes Powerglove’s ‘Hunters’


There’s a moment in the Grindhouse movie Hobo With A Shotgun that introduces the badassery of two armoured demons/cyborgs know as The Plague. This murderous slaughter scene is soundtracked by a Powerglove track called ‘Hunters’.

‘Hunters’ has never been released (although the whole track is on one of the DVD extras for the movie) so Powerglove’s peer Lazerhawk has released his own version of the track into the wild. Lazerhawk’s take on ‘Hunters’ is just as intense as the original. Total John Carpenter-esque 80’s synth movie music with a dancefloor twist. Driving and powerful with a hint of horror, the digital bass and icy lead lines will keep you captivated.

♫ Powerglove – Hunters (Lazerhawk Remake)

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