Prometheus hits the UK today, so check out this Disco version of the Alien theme from 1979


Ridley Scott’s not-Alien prequel (i.e. it’s takes place in the same universe, and is set before Alien, like a prequel (even if it doesn’t follow the same story)), Prometheus, is out today, in the UK at least. There are showings starting right now (midnight). Reviews have been disappointingly mixed so far but I’m still looking forward to seeing it today. But we’re not a movie ‘zine, we’re an electronic music ‘zine, so what’s occurring?

Well, in honour of Prometheus’ release we want to share this little gem with you. Nostromo’s ‘Alien’, a big cosmic Disco version of Jerry Goldsmith’s theme. This was released in 1979 and was a fully licenced 20th Century Fox promotional tie-in, but both the single and the 12” received a limited (for the time) release. The track ended up mostly soundtracking light shows in new Discotheques and ‘spacey’ moments in shows, but it an awesome track in it’s own right. This is proper late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s analog Disco, the kind that so many producers we feature are emulating. There’s also a lot of Moroder in there, and Goldsmith’s beats shine through. Amazingly for a ‘70’s Sci-Fi movie tie-in it manages to shed almost all of it’s novelty value and instil a fair amount the movie’s feeling of dread amongst it’s galactic Funk. Some late ‘70’s versions of Sci-Fi themes were good (Moroder’s ‘Galactica’), some not so good (I’m looking at you, Boris Midney), Nostomo’s ‘Alien’ can definitely be categorised as awesome.

♫ Nostromo – Alien (12Inch Version)

We normally put purchase links here, but you’re going to have to do some hard work to get hold of this, but it is possible, go digging! Prometheus is showing across the UK from today. I think it opens in the US sometime next year or something?