LIGHTS’ comic-book adventures

It been almost a year since we wrote about Canadian Keytar queen LIGHTS, and what a busy year it has been for her. A couple of EPs and her full length CD, ‘The Listening’, were released on Sire and she is currently touring to globe with Owl City.

Late last year she released a series of motion comics titles ‘Audio Quest: A Capt. LIGHTS Adventure’ which even ended up being played on MTV.

A motion comic, for those who don’t know, is something both Marvel and DC are dabbling with right now. Not quite animation but more kinetic than a comic book panel, both comic giants have experimented with turning some of their bigger existing comic titles into moving images. Just watch the thing, you’ll see what I mean!

Anyway, LIGHTS, a comic and Sci-Fi fan, released four episodes of this little musical Sci-Fi adventure last year and in honour of the release of episode five, exclusively on MySpace we thought we’d show you the previous four chapters.


Episode five can be seen right now here on MySpace!

What’s not to like about LIGHTS? Cute girl with Keytar, makes ElectroPop, into Sci-Fi, Comics and Gaming. It’s like she was made from science!


LIGHTS @ 7Digital

LIGHTS @ Amazon

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