[Video] LIGHTS’ ‘Same Sea’


LIGHTS   Same Sea  Official Music Video     YouTube

Same Sea is the latest single to be taken from Canadian keytar warrior LIGHTS third album, Little Machines. It’s now available in music video form, as slick as the tune itself.

Directed by Amit Dabrai, the clip sees a far future LIGHTS scanning for various LIGHTS throughout her history. It’s a shiny and clean Sci-Fi epic.

LIGHTS’ Little Machines is out now.

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[Video] LIGHTS’ ‘Portal’


LIGHTS   Portal  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s another new track from Canadian SynthPop queen LIGHTS’ forthcoming third album Little Machines. This one is called Portal an taken on an almost Chillwave drone in it’s lush and gentle sound.

Check out the video, as hypnotic as the track itself. It’s actually kinda’ calming.

LIGHTS’ Little Machines is released 23rd September.

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[Audio] LIGHTS’ ‘Up We Go’



Canadian ElectroPop goddess LIGHTS made the surprise announcement of her forthcoming third studio album this week. The album’s title is Little Machines  and with a bit of luck will finally see her getting a little bit of mainstream recognition outside of Canada. After the saccharine shiny ElectroPoptronica of her first album The Listening and the harsher Indie-Electro of album number two, Siberia our first hint of Little Machines, Up We Go, points toward a more anthemic, summery sound. Check it out.

Up We Go actually feels like a cross between The Listening era LIGHTS and Siberia. The big beats and raw synths of Siberia are present alongside The Listenings’ uplifting optimism. Add to the a breezy Indie-Electro, almost Tropical, vibe and you’re presented with a track that is a huge driving powerhouse of an ElectroPop song with tons of heart. Roll on the album.

♫ LIGHTS – Up We Go

LIGHTS’ Little Machines is released 23rd September.

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[MP3] LIGHTS reMixed by Adam Weaver


Suspension was one of the many highlights from Canadian ElectroPop goddess LIGHTS’s second album, Siberia. It’s been a while we heard anything from LIGHTS, we believer there is another acoustic EP in the offing, the hopefully a new record after that. In the meantime, here’s a reMix of Suspension that comes from Adam Weaver, who’s actually LIGHTS live synth player.

The original version is a strange and beautiful mixture of Acid Techno, EBM and LIGHTS sweet ElectroPop, and, as a song, is probably ripe for the reMixing. Weaver loads the track with an almost Balearic euphoria. Rising and falling with big Ibiza builds and a Melodic Trance flavour., Weaver delivers a classic dance mix of the track.

LIGHTS – Suspension (Adam Weaver reMix)

LIGHTS’ Siberia is out now.

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LIGHTS’ ‘Timing Is Everything’ video

LIGHTS new video, her first since February’s Banner clip is the third single taken from her excellent Siberia album. The catchy ElectroPop noise romp Timing Is Everything is a definitely a good choice for single material.

The clip was directed by Ken Galloway and is a colourful slick of kitsch that seems to fit LIGHTS personality well.

Siberia by LIGHTS is out now.

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LIGHTS covers Talk Talk


Our girl LIGHTS is back with something old and something new. The Canadian ElectroPop princess  has teamed up with London dubby production outfit Darkstars to put together this cover version of Talk Talk’s 1986 hit ‘Living In Another World’.

The track is being released as part of a Talk Talk tribute album, ‘Spirit Of Talk Talk’, curated by none other than Alan Wilder. Darkstars and LIGHTS hooked up when former Talk Talk keyboardist Ian Curnow heard LIGHTS cover and happened to be managing Darkstars. Convenient. It’s a deep Dubby track with a lush ominous tone to it. LIGHTS voice is really highlighted and sounds amazing as ever and alongside the plucked strings have a real emotional urgency to them. It would be kinda’ interesting to hear LIGHTS’ original as some of the track gets a bit clichéd Dubstep wob toward the end, but it’s not a big deal and doesn’t overpower the track. All in all very enjoyable stuff, we’d love to hear LIGHTS working with someone a little more original though.

♫ LIGHTS (Feat. Darkstars) – Living In Another World (Talk Talk Cover)

‘Spirit of Talk Talk’ is released 3rd September on Fierce Panda Records with proceeds benefiting the conservation organization BirdLife International.

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LIGHTS’ ‘Siberia’ video

LIGHTS’ new video is a collection of live and tour footage to accompany the title track from her new album, ‘Siberia’.

Katie Rodriguez shot and edited the clip, and insight in what it’s like to tour with the LIGHTS crew.

‘Siberia’ is out now.

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LIGHTS reMixed by Snapd


London based producer of ElectroPop reMixes Snapd has turned his hand to the amazing LIGHTS’ latest single ‘Toes’.

‘Toes’ was always ripe for reMixing, it’s got a spine tingling rousing chorus and a chord progression that is soaring with a hint of melancholy, perfect for stretching out into a epic that people loosing themselves in on the dancefloor. That’s exactly what Snapd has done, at seven minutes his Extended Version keeps just enough melody evolving to retain emotional investment until he drops the song proper for the second half. Great stuff!

LIGHTS – Toes (Snapd 12” Extended Version)

LIGHTS second album ‘Siberia’, from which ‘Toes’ is taken, is out now.

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New material from LIGHTS


‘Everybody Breaks A Glass’ is the new track, and the first airing of material from her hew album, from Canadian ElectroPop goddess LIGHTS.

It’s a surprisingly noisy affair, but that’s to be expected considering experimental electronica outfit Holy Fuck’s involvement. The meeting of LIGHTS’ sweet voice and epic scope with the distorted bass of Holy Fuck actually works really well, even an appearance by follow Torontonian rapper Shad seems to sit well in the track, although the Dubsteppy breakdown feels a little tacked on. Overall it’s nice to hear new LIGHTS material, and nice to see her experimenting more in her music. Definitely looking forward to the album.

♫ LIGHTS (Feat. Holy Fuck & Shad) – Everybody Breaks a Glass

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