Following on from last weeks 80’s synth TV themes, here’s another irreverent Sunday post for you. Don’t get used to it though there isn’t that many electronic music/other stuff crossovers in the world.

Today we are looking at a niche that combines two of my three favourite things. Electronic music, and comedy. I’m going with ElectroCom. You can keep that!

The traditions of Comedy and Music have been intertwined for as long as they have existed, but it’s rare for someone to do something genuinely funny with synth music. And I don’t mean ‘just taking the piss out of the 80’s’, everyone featured here obviously has a great love for the music they are satirising.

So, lets kick things off with Flight Of The Conchords. You know who Flight Of The Conchords are, and if you don’t go and find out. They are very funny and very musically talented. This globe-trotting duo are from New Zealand, where they started their act, then moved to BBC Radio in the UK and ended up on HBO in the US. They pastiche a few styles of music, everything from Gangster Rap to Folk but have been quite spot-on with their ElectroPop tracks. ‘Inner City Pressure’ and ‘Fashion Is Danger’ are note perfect tributes to their subjects. I have also included ‘Robots’, ‘cos it’s funny and quite cute Indie-Electro and The Conchords getting funky with ‘Mutha’uckas’ and ‘Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor’.

Flight Of The Conchords – Robots

Flight Of The Conchords – Inner City Pressure

Flight Of The Conchords – Fashion Is Danger

Flight Of The Conchords – Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor

Flight Of The Conchords – Mutha’uckas

The Mighty Boosh. Very Surreal. Very British with a deep love of Electro. Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding are both accomplished comedians and comedy actors in their own right but together they are pretty unstoppable. You either ‘get’ The Boosh or you don’t. Clearly influenced by Monty Python and The Young Ones, The Mighty Boosh pepper their anarchic show with some of the catchiest songs in comedy. ‘Electro Boy’ (featuring Robots In Disguise as the band) and ‘Future Sailors’ are pure post-ElectroClash nonsense with ‘C Funk’ is, unsurprisingly, The Boosh’s take on P Funk (watch the whole episode if you’re confused).

The Mighty Boosh – Electro Boy

The Mighty Boosh – Future Sailors

The Mighty Boosh – C Funk

Now we come to Gary Le Strange. Gary Le Strange was a New Romantic face warrior created by comedian Waen Shepherd (who can name Cyderdelic, the surreal PlayStation 2 “Third Place” ads and The Inbetweeners amongst his credits) who I first saw live in 2003 when I was running an ElectroPop club and some comedy promoters came in and gave us free tickets in exchanger for being able to flyer our night. Gary Le Strange was a character out of time, his show was split between New Romantic manifesto, ridiculous tales of the 80’s and SynthPop songs. Really good songs too, Wean obviously had great love, and great knowledge for his target. The first two comedy tours and their albums ‘Face Academy’ and ‘Polaroid Suitcase’ were spot-on satires of both the 80’s and electronic music. By the time the third album ‘Beef Scarecrow’ came out both the music and the funny was waning a bit, but this was the time when Gary made the transition to TV. A transition I feel was too late, despite being directed by the awesome Stewart Lee, the video’s didn’t seem to capture the original shows laughs. The songs are still funny…and good, though!

Gary Le Strange – I’m Japanese

Gary Le Strange – Individuals

Gary Le Strange – What  Love Is

Gary Le Strange – Is My Toaster Sentient?

Gary Le Strange – Grey

Gary Le Strange – Seedy Pimp

All of SNL staples The Lonely Island’s video are well worth watching, featuring a host of celebrities, but their 80’s teen movie pastiche ‘Boombox’ is particularly apt.

The Lonely Island (Feat. Julian Casablancas Of The Strokes) – Boombox

The Lonely Island – Jizz In My Pants

Big Train was, after Asylum, the breeding ground for some of the UKs best comedy talent, most obviously in the form of Simon Pegg, Mark Heap and Kevin Eldon. This sketch about Keith Emerson’s synth collection always makes me chuckle.

Big Train – Keith Emerson

The Mary Whitehouse Experience was probably the coolest comedy show in the UK in the early 90’s and started the trend of the comedian as rock star. If you know Utah Saints and you know MTV Unplugged and you know the early 90’s this should make you chuckle.

The Mary Whitehouse Experience – Utah Saints Unplugged

OK, running out of idea now, the obvious SynthPop/comedy connection to go for is Pet Shop Boys’ involvement in Absolutely Fabulous. Here’s the video.

Pet Shop Boys – Absolutely Fabulous

Right, more Sunday post crowdsourcing action! I’d be interested to hear of any suggestions you might have for electronic music/comedy crossovers. particularly from Americans. Being English most of my Pop Cultural references are there, is there any classic US TV that mock the synth? Let me know!

Wherever you’re from, I want to know about electronic music comedy sketches worldwide!

Hit me up on Twitter, @electronicrumor, and if I include your suggestion you’ll get a shiny credit!

80’s Synth T.V. themes



Or, 80’s Synth T.V. themes redux! This is a total rehash of a electronic rumors post from about three years ago, but I wanted to redo it with a few more tracks and some better quality version of a couple of the tune we featured last time. Also, back in the day it was all MediaFire and zShare and shit, and no-one likes that!

So, here we have something a little different for this Sunday.  Back in the 80’s, 2011 seemed like the far, far, future and although we still have no jetpacks, flying cars or robot butlers we do have the internet so I can sit here and write to you about the 80’s. The 80’s was the first decade since the 50’s where the future seemed like it was just around the corner. The optimistic felling that any second now we would be living in a Sci-Fi world. That’s where the neon, the chrome and the shiny plastic so associated with the 80’s comes from, and, of course, the synthesizers!

So if your T.V. show had anything to do with optimism, or futuristic tinged action (which, let’s face it, pretty much every 80’s T.V. show did!) you had to have a synth based theme tune.

If you read electronic rumors, you’re probably aware that most of the music you like is highly influenced by synthesized T.V. and Movie themes from the 80’s. Whether it’s ElectroPop, Dreamwave, Electro-House, Dreamwave, Nu-Disco, Dreamwave, Minimal Synth, Dreamwave, or that Dreamwave stuff (which is particularly influenced). They all take, if not musical cues then thematic, cues from entertainment themes from the 80’s.

So here’s a small collection of some of the best to fuel your nostalgia.

Beginning with possibly my favourite TV theme of the 80’s, Tangerine Dream’s theme from ‘Streethawk’ (also on their own ‘Le Parc‘ album), taking in the classic arpeggio fuelled theme’s from ‘Airwolf’ and ‘Knight Rider’, the rockin’ aspirations of Miami Vice, the proto-Daft Punk-esque theme from the French/Japanese cartoon ‘Ulysses 31’, the electronic dread of V, the T.V and French single versions of Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors and some classic Doctor Who.

I’ve tried to source the best quality copies I can find but mof these are a bit crappy, as if some kid in the 80’s held a Tandy (that’s Radio Shack for you Americans) tape recorder to the T.V. speaker to tape the music….just like I used to do!


Tangerine Dream – Le Parc (L.A. – Streethawk)

Midge Ure – Max Headroom T.V. Theme

Jan Hammer – Airwolf Theme

Glen A. Larson & J.A.C. Redford – Theme From Automan

Dennis McCarthy – ‘V’ The Final Battle- Main Title (Version 1)

Barry De Vorzon – ‘V’ The Final Battle (Version 2)

Glen A. Larson & Stu Phillips – Knight Rider Theme Song

Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme (Miami Vice)

Jan Hammer – Original Miami Vice Theme

Lionel – Ulysses 31 Theme

Nick Carr – Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors

Nick Carr – Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors (Jayce Et Les Conquérants De La Lumière) (Extended Version)

Bernard Hoffer – SilverHawks Intro.

Anne Bryant – TransFormers Season 2 & 3 Theme

Shuki Levy & Haïm Saban – M.A.S.K. (Extended)

Peter Howell – Doctor Who 1980 Theme (Tom Baker, Peter Davidson)

Keff McCulloch – Doctor Who 1986 Theme (Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker)

Stewart Copeland – The Equalizer (Extended) (via Mindscramble on Twitter)

Lisa Lougheed – Run With Us (The Raccoons Theme Song)

Shuki Levy & Haïm Saban – Pole Position Intro. & Closing Credits (via Mindscramble on Twitter)

Al Jarreau – Moonlighting (Theme) (via Nicky Savage on Twitter)

Sylvester Levay – Otherworld Intro. (via Jules Schimmer on Twitter)

We’re gonna’ keep this post open and sticky it somewhere (possible on the sidebar) so if you have any suggestions hit us up on Tiwtter (@electronicrumor).

Also, If I got any of the artists wrong, I apologize, whatever…

Some Information can be hard to track down, even with our futuristic internet!

80’s Synth T.V. themes


Something a bit different for this holiday Monday. The 80’s was a time of looking to the future (‘cos everything was a bit shit then) and this was reflected in glossy, futuristic T.V.. Of course, futuristic T.V. shows had to have futuristic theme songs, and that meant Synthesizers!

So here’s a small collection of some of the best to fuel your nostalgia.

Beginning with possibly my favourite TV theme of the 80’s, Tangerine Dream’s theme from ‘Streethawk’ (also on their own ‘Le Parc‘ album), taking in the classic theme’s from ‘Airwolf’ and ‘Knight Rider’ and ending up with the proto-Daft Punk-esq theme from the cartoon ‘Ulysses 31’.

Most of these are really crappy quality, as if some kid in the 80’s held a Tandy tape recorder to the T.V. speaker to tape the music….just like I used to do!


Tangerine Dream – Le Parc (L.A. – Streethawk) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Midge Ure – Max Headroom T.V. Theme (zShare) (MediaFire)

Jan Hammer – Airwolf Theme (zShare) (MediaFire)

Glen A. Larson & J.A.C. Redford – Theme From Automan (zShare) (MediaFire)

Dennis McCarthy – ‘V’ The Final Battle: Main Title (Version 1) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Barry De Vorzon – ‘V’ The Final Battle: Main Title (Version 2) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Glen A. Larson & Stu Phillips – Knight Rider Theme (zShare) (MediaFire)

Jan Hammer – Crocket’s Theme (Miami Vice Theme) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Lionel – Ulysses 31 (zShare) (MediaFire)

I would have included ‘Doctor Who’ themes, but I may save them for another post…

Also, If I got any of the artists wrong, I apologize, whatever…

Doctor Who: New Companion


Wow, it’s pretty rare that a Doctor Who rumour turns out to be true! Usually names and plot points are kicked around the Internet and then the production staff throw us a curve ball, as seen with the casting of the next Doctor, but the two main names filling forums and blogs, in the last few months, for the job of The Doctor’s next companion were Lily Allen and Michelle Ryan. It looks like the rumours were spot on this time!

Ex-Eastender Ryan should fit in well being no stranger to genre TV, having starred in Jekyll (written by Doctor Who’s next showrunner Stven Moffat), the short lived reboot of the Bionic Woman and recently as the antagonist in The BBC’s Merlin.

Starring as “the mysterious Lady Christina De Souza” in one of this years four specials doesn’t necessarily mean she couldn’t return as a permanent companion in the 2010 series (a leap that Cathrine Tate made).



In honour of the return of Battlestar Galactica to our screens for it’s final run (absolutley badass episode BTW!), let us celebrate with Giorgio Moroder‘s 1978 disco version of the Original series’ theme tune. That fanfare brings a smile to my face every time, even if it is awash with glitterball strings!

As well as Giorgio’s disco touch this track also features Harold Faltermeyer, of  ‘Axel F’ fame, rockin’ the Moog!

Giorgio Moroder – Theme From ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (zShare) (MediaFire)

There are some amazing hidden gems in Goirgio’s back catalogue.

Giorgio Moroder @ Amazon

OMG!!! BSG!!!

Well, the wait is finally over. Today sees the first instalment of the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

So, essentially, today is on hold. All today consists of now is a few hours until BSG is starts.

Who is the final Cylon? What happened to Earth? What happened before? What will happen again? Are we going the wrong waaaaaaaaaay?

All will be revealed.

So say we all…