Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack

Two slices of awesomeness hit the internet in the last few days. First up, soon after the Tron: Legacy panel at San Diego ComicCon, yesterday, the new theatrical trailer for Tron Legacy débuted online.

And it looks rad as hell!!!

Secondly, in the last couple days a few people have sent me tracks from Daft Punk’s soundtrack to the movie. These are defiantly legit, as many of the six tracks contain sections from the trailers we have seen. After some digging around, I think these have been ripped out the backend of the official Disney site.

I was debating putting all six tracks up here but then thought, ‘well, I wouldn’t put up six tracks of any album so why is this any different?’. If you really want all six they’ll be all over the internet by now but I wanna’ try and save myself hearing any more until I can hear it in 320kbps or CD quality because those tracks I have heard are amazing! Serious contender for best electronic soundtrack since BladeRunner. The way the orchestration and electronic meld together is truly masterful, even in so much as Daft Punk’s choice of sounds that seem to flow out of the strings.

This, I believe, is the title track.

Daft Punk – Tron: Legacy Soundtrack- Track 1

Tron: Legacy hit cinemas 17th December.

Daft Punk @ Beatport

Daft Punk @ Juno

Daft Punk @ 7Digital

Daft Punk @ Amazon

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