[Download] Ride The Universe reMix Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Party Line’



Dreamwave superheroes Ride The Universe are back in the game with this stormingly groovy new reMix. The LA/Frankfurt trans-Atlantic coalition of the funky have been quite quiet of late but hopefully this new cut will see a return to activity. They’ve chosen to insert themselves back into your consciousness with a reMix of Belle & Sebastian’s Party Line. chosen to  We’re not exactly fans of Belle & Sebastian here, so we’re not familiar with the original, but Ride The Universe turn in a bass fuelled Disco juggernaut right here.

If you’re familiar with Ride The Universe’s powerhouse Disco sound then you know what you’re in for right here. These guys produce big, with a rich and thick production style that can often make their contemporaries seem lightweight in comparison. They bring it on this reMix in full effect. The synth bass growls and bounces it’s way through the track with an accompaniment of shrieking synths and wicked little licks. It’s utterly infectious stuff that will have any dancefloor rockin’.

Belle & Sebastian – Party Line (Ride The Universe reMix)

Belle & Sebastian’s Party Line is out now.

Buy Belle & Sebastian’s music from:


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