Ride The Universe’s reMix of Chromeo’s ‘Hot Mess’

Y’all can stop making reMixes of Chromeo’s ‘Hot Mess’ now! Ride The Universe  are in the house!

This is what Chromeo mixes should sound like. Like someone drove a dump truck full of synth Funk up to your house and deposited it’s cargo on your doorstep. Just listen to that talkbox riff, pure, addictive, genius! This track’s got everything you want to get the party started. Driving arpeggios to keep the energy up, the aforementioned talkbox riff, sweet 80’s chords and a wailing guitar to keep you inspired (take the Chromeo vocal track off the mix and it would make a very cool training montage track!). It feels like digitalfoxglove and the Fiero boys have really found their sound now and are really to step up to the plate and pate their place amongst the big hitters of Disco (was that two Baseball metaphors in one sentence? I’m English, I don’t even know what Baseball is!), melding 80’s soundtrack epicness with solid Disco grooves RTU are gonna’ be a force to be reckoned with. Like a sexy 80’s cop show theme with aspirations of tearing up the dancefloor this track this tune has something for everyone.

Chromeo – Hot Mess (Ride The Universe reMix)

Now that track is going to rock your summer!

Buy Chromeo’s music from:


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2 comments on “Ride The Universe’s reMix of Chromeo’s ‘Hot Mess’

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