[Download] Oxford’s ‘Aria’



Grab yourself a funky fresh slice of French House with the latest tune from Parisian producer Oxford. It’s been more than a while since we heard a brand new tune from this severely talented groover so we’re hoping this is the start of a resurgence of new material. Oxford is giving this one away for free; so download it and stick this smooth jam in your headphones ASAP. Aria will brighten up any day, so get on it.

Oh that French bass! Irresistible. Aria sees Oxford serving up the perfect blend of Parisian Disco and Tropical vibes; taking it’s time to ease you into the tune, this one soon treats you that infectious bass and woozy, stabbing synths. Rolling vocal modulated samples and incandescent melodies in and out of the track, Oxford keeps things interesting and the track evolving. With a slightly raw feel, Aria feels visceral and immediate and, for want of a better word, real. Intoxicating Disco sounds from the Frenchman.

Oxford – Aria

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[Audio] Pat Lok & Bear Mountain’s ‘Same Hearts'(+ Ride The Universe and Oxford reMixes)



Our favourite Canadian Housemeister Pat Lok has teamed up with ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ for the release of his storming new single. Featuring the vocal styling of fellow Canadian outfit Bear Mountain, Same Hearts delivers slick dancefloor beats and spaced-out Cosmic vibes in equal measures, which the reMix package is stuffed to breaking point with Shelby Grey, Ride The Universe and Oxford.

Same Hearts elevates itself above Nu-Disco and House with a slew of complex beats and pitch perfect intertwining riffs. Smooth and laid back despite it’s intricacy, and the inclusion of Bear Mountain’s soulful vocal seals the deal for this song as a late night floorfiller that’ll captivate the crowd. Pan-Atlantic Disco superheroes Ride The Universe attack the track with some of the funkiest, infectious, retro Disco you’ll have heard in a while. With a big 80s Soul Pop intro, the reMix soon launces into something straight out of most nostalgic summer. Astounding bass, slick robo vocals and lush, lush snyths permeate every minute of this track. Frenchman Oxford’s take on the track is every bit as funky, but retaining the originals House groove for a result with one foot in the warehouse, on on the mirrorballed dancefloor. A stunning release from Pat Lok here, definitely desisted to become one of the tunes of the summer.

Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts (Ride The Universe reMix)

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts (Oxford reMix)

Pat Lok’s Same Hearts is out today.

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[Audio] Oxford reMixes Portland’s ‘Deezy Daisy’



We’re kind of in two minds about French Indie-ElectroPoppers Portland’s new single. Deezy Daisy out later this month on Kitsuné Music, isn’t quite as good as their début a single, You Don’t Know Me but it is really infectious. Some of it is a little indie for our liking, but when it hit’s it’s DiscoPop stride it’s pretty special. Anyway, one of the many reMixes supplied on the single comes from one of our favourite French producers, Oxford. Where Oxford is concerned, you go into things expecting slick, laid back Disco bass, and that’s what you get.

Oxford does what Oxford does best, create a walking Disco groove, lolloping along over a funk-laden bassline. Washing the track with a floating piano hook and chirpy little synth riffs Oxford build and builds on the vibes until he drops it and brings it all back with some shimmering synth leads. Portland’s Lily Pejon had the perfect voice for this mood, a sultry half-whisper that just adds to the mysterious, smokey, irresistible funk.

♫ Portland – Deezy Daisy (Oxford reMix)

Portland’s Deezy Daisy is released 15th September/

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[MP3] Reflex’s ‘Together’ reMixes (with Punks Jump Up, Oxford and Tempogeist)



Our favourite French duo (which is quite a sweeping statement, ‘cos, y’know, Daft Punk) Reflex are back, mere weeks after the release of their new single, Together, with a swanky reMix collection to fill your ears with. Together is currently out on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records with the reMix collection coming next week. The line up for the package includes the like of Colour Vision and Tronik Youth, alongside Punks Jump Up, Oxford and Tempogeist.

Punks Jump Up’s take on the track is full-on jackin’ House. This one’s all thumping 909 beats, thick basslines and an utterly compelling piano hook. Ripe to get the dancefloor whipped into a frenzy in some dark, strobe lit, club, Punks Jump Up’s reMix is just a pure House juggernaut. Oxford, on the other hand, turns-in a typically smooth Disco reMix, all rolling basslines and vintage stabs. A lush slice of laid back synth Funk, Oxford’s version injects the release with a little poolside cool. Playing out the EP with some shuffling retro Funk is Tempogeist, who’s massive reMix combines synthetic Nu-Disco with slick vintage Pop sheen, delivering a version of Together with a feel of a 80s extended 12” reMix, this one;s a free download too. It’s a storming reMix package and a nice compliment to the original single, easily worth your attention.

♫ Reflex – Together (Punks Jump Up reMix)

♫ Reflex – Together (Oxford reMix)

Reflex – Together (Tempogeist reMix)

Reflex’s Together reMixes is released 15th July.

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[MP3] Oxford reMixes Felix Da Housecat & Miss Kittin

Felix Da Housecat

reMixing Felix Da Housecat and Miss Kittin’s ElectroClash classic Silver Screen (Shower Scene) is not for the faint hearted. The track springs to mind as an untouchable piece of electronic music legend. But things have moved on, and maybe it is time for someone to bring Silver Screen along with it. We’re grateful that that someone was French Nu-Disco producer Oxford, who has treated the track with the respect it deserves, but dropped a completely original five minutes of captivating Disco too.

Kitten’s deadpan vocals remain, but this time around they are riding on the sweetest of Beach Funk grooves. Perfectly produced, Oxford words every last drop of groove he’s got to deliver a rolling bassline, sweeping synths and and a laid back beat, all nicely tied together with some smooth electric piano. If asked, we would have probably advised against trying to reMix Silver Screen, but we would have been astoundingly glad Oxford didn’t heed our nonsense.

Felix Da Housecat (Feat. Miss Kittin) – Silver Screen (Shower Scene) (Oxford reMix)

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Oxford’s new track


It’s Oxford new tune, and from the moment that funky bass kicks in it’s goin’ off. The Frenchman has delivered another massive slice of Sci-Fi Disco. A pre-cursor to his forthcoming release, if the new single is anything like the slick groove found here, we can’t wait.

Combo hit you like the best French Electro and Disco. With a butt-shakingly infectious bassline, seriously this bassline is like a funky brain worm, Combo gets all the points of Disco just right. Lush strings, cosmic synths and a feel-good vibe wash all over this track, a track put together by someone who really knows what they are doing, musically. There’s even a nice baroque breakdown. I really hope the seemingly early fade is remedied if this track gets a proper release, it ends all too soon.

Oxford – Combo

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Le Crayon & Oxford and Pyramid reMix Saint Lou Lou


Australian girl duo Saint Lou Lou’s Maybe You, which we featured last month, is out today on Kitsuné Music. Amongst the pretty special collection of reMixes, which includes work from CFCF and Good Night Keaton, is this luscious Nu-Disco workout from the team-up of Le Crayon & Oxford and a spacey synth epic by Pyramid.

These two Frenchmen are amazing producers of summery beach party sounds in their own rights, but together they are unstoppable. Combining their funky, carefree Disco grooves and rousing retro synth chords together results in a pure floor filler. Hazy and loaded with twang synth sounds the reMix plays up the emotional power of the original’s vocals and works that into some big dancefloor moments. This is what retro dance is all about. Pyramid’s take on the track invites us into his world of deep, analog, cosmic synths. Working with the dreamy style of the original Pyramid layers rich, evocative, synth tones against sparse beats creating an atmospheric mood of music beauty and a touch of darkness.

♫ Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You (Le Crayon & Oxford reMix)

♫ Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You (Pyramid reMix)

Saint Lou Lou ‘s Maybe You is out today.

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Goldroom reMixed by Oxford


First Freak You’s reMix of Goldroom & Australian Singer Chela’s ‘Fifteen’ yesterday now today we are presented with another reMix from the highly underrated Frenchman Oxford. It’s another really stunning track from this producer who always brings a cool vibe to his tunes, things are no different here.

Loading the track with a smooth, funky, groove, Oxford picks up the tempo from the laid back Dreamwave original and gives it an upbeat beach party Disco sound. By making the track all about good vibes Oxford retains the innocence and nostalgia of the original but injects it with a little more of a dancefloor sensibility. Slick Disco licks and pumping sidechaned chords bounce the track along, providing a solid core for the rousing vocals to ride, turning it into a real sunrise anthem.

Goldroom (Feat. Chela) – Fifteen (Oxford reMix)

Goldroom’s EP is out now.

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Oxford’s new tune


The Frenchman has does it again. Oxford, who weirdly keeps quite a low profile despite being one of the most talented producers on the Nu-Disco and Dreamwave scene, has dropped another bombshell summer jam. This is pure synthesized good times.

‘Flashlight’ is exactly that, a light in the dark. A rolling Funk bassline pulsates it’s way through the track, deep and low, while lush, sidechaned, synths create a nice nostalgic mood. But it’s the soloing that really makes this track fly. First up, in the breakdown, we’re treated to a lovely piano interlude which soon seugeways into a wicked synth funk solo before bringing us back to the groove. Oxford really needs to release an EP soon, we demand it!

Oxford – Flashlight

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New sounds from Oxford


As the weather is slowly getting better French Nu-Disco guy Oxford has just dropped the perfect tune for seeing in these warmer days.

‘Mirage ‘84’ is a nostalgic, laid back, good times slice of French Disco. Build around a slick little guitar lick and some massive retro synths, the track is another blindingly good peice of work from the producer from Toulouse. ‘Mirage ‘84’ is pure synthesized sunshine.

Oxford – Mirage ’84

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