[Audio] Ride The Universe reMix Chromeo’s ‘Jealous (I Ain’t With It)’



Picture the scene. It’s 2011, a sunny May. We’re still using  Five months earlier LA’s finest Dreamwavers Fiero (now Leisure Council) had teamed up with German Nu-Disco powerhouse digitalfoxglove. Calling themselves Ride The Universe they’d gained a little attention with a handful of slick reMixes, but nothing would prepare the world for what was to come. 11th May they unleashed a reMix of Canadian Funketeers Chromeo’s Hot Mess that was so massively awesome, floor slammingly funky, so relentlessly badass, that it still had the power melt brains three years later. It’s one of our favourite reMixes of all time, it set the tone for the trademark Ride The Universe sounds, and it’s why we fell in love with them.

Seconds out! Round Two! They’re bringing it back, Delivering their Chromeo reMix: the sequel, the Ride The Universe boys has got to grips with Chromeo’s recent single, Jealous (I Ain’t With It) (taken from their really quite good new album, White Women) as part of the currently running reMix competition. The prize is cash, and these four deserve it for two very good reasons. Firstly, they’ve never met, some of the prize money would go toward shipping digitalfoxglove off to LA to actually meet his band-mates and get to work on that damn album; and secondly some of the prize money will be donated to a kid’s music education charity. Sounds like a worthy cause to us. The reMix itself is pure smoothness. A blissful LA Funk vibe permeates every pore of this tune; working it’s laid back squelchy synths around Dave P’s vocals, creating an urban late night groove for the more discerning dancefloor. Complemented by starlight chimes and a sauntering rubble of bass, this one’s got everything to swing to under the city lights. Vote for this bad-boy here, never has there been a more deserving reMix competition winner.

♫ Chromeo – Jealous (I Ain’t With It) (Ride The Universe reMix)

Chromeo’s White Women is out now.

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