Arcadis’ ‘London Lights’ EP


Nu-Disco label Pole Position Recordings latest release come from German producer Arcadis who drops an awesome collection of  blissed out Urban Disco tunes. Soft focus Funk for hot nights in the city. Having impressed earlier this year with some dreamy Nu-Disco jams, it’s time for this German producer to show his mettle on the EP front.

The EP kicks off with it;s title track, and in our opinion the releases highlight. London Lights is a pumping slice of Nu-Disco. Hazy vocals drift across a sea of funky bass, hypnotic arpeggios and stabbing House piano, all with the kind of inner-city cool that only comes naturally. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Hidden Sunset, a sunrise Disco tune with nothing but laid back good times on it’s mind. It’s a track with a slightly different sound to it’s contemporaries due to a kind of machine element to the rhythm,  which gives the format a nice twist. Lazuli & Viper Strike whip up the track Waitress, into a summery Tropical festival jam, full of wood blocks and squelchy bass. the original of Waitress isn’t actually on the EP, but Pole Position have made it available for download, it’s a big pumping synth disco tune, that is slightly more ElectroPop than the others on the release, but makes a nice companion to the EP. Alongside these tracks on London Lights, you’ll find the slow-jam of Lost Days and a soaring SynthWave reMix from Silver Disco. Another fine release from the Pole Position people.

♫ Arcadis – London Lights

♫ Arcadis – Hidden Sunset

♫ Arcadis – Waitress (Lazuli & Viper Strike reMix)

Arcadis – Waitress (Original Mix)

Arcadis’ London Lights EP is out now.

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