[Audio] Max Lyazgin’s ‘Good Trip’ (+ Satin Jackets reMix)


Max Lyazgin

Russian producer Max Lyazgin will be a name familiar to anyone keeping one ear to the House and Nu-Disco scene. Having released a string of sweet releases on Nervous Recordings amongst others, Max has now teamed up with the awesome Pole Position Recordings to drop his new EP. The Good Trip EP is pretty stocked, with three originals and two reMixes it well worth the price of admission. Check out the title track, alongside a slick reMix from Germany’s Satin Jackets, below.

Good Trip deftly walks the line between compelling Deep House and laid back beach Disco. Riding on a punchy House bassline and eases you into it’s world gently, before launching into a full on Piano House jam that is equal parts floorfiller and chill out tune. Spikey leads and chirpy keys keep he mood light over a pounding Deep House backbeat. Satin Jackets keep the groove low down and bass heavy, and then pepper the track with a playful array of nostalgic synths. From the piercing 80s stabs to the distant synth Sax, The Satin Jackets mix is layered deep with little riffs and hooks that could have sounded over-complicated, but Max easily tames the track into a smooth five minutes of easy going bliss.

♫ Max Lyazgin – Good Trip

♫ Max Lyazgin – Good Trip (Satin Jackets reMix)

Max Lyazgin’s Good Trip is out now

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