[Audio] Meloder’s ‘Affection’ EP



Affection is the title of the new EP from London based House producer Meloder. Released this week on Pole Position Recordings, this is the second EP from this guy who’s making quite a name for himself on the London club scene. His roots in the deeper and darker side of House music sine though on this strangely compelling release.

Affection boasts seven tracks, which is pretty generous for an EP and verging on mini-album territory. Save for one self-reMix the are all original tunes that kick off in fine style with the bombastic Citadel. Citadel really draws you into the EP, at nearly eight minutes it’s an enigmatic, House oddessy, and so so deep, but with a deepness that never forgets the dancefloor with punchy bass and relentless beats. Get Tight drags you even deeper and even has some Hard Trance overtones to it. And so the EP continues, drawing you closer and closer to it’s dark heart, as the haunting and robotic title tracks woozy mood is broken by the uplifting respite of No Time, an amazing warehouse jam. The spacy SynthPop style of Night & Day follows before the EP plays out on the squelchy bassline of Feeling Me. IT;s an exciting release whether you’re into Deep House or just a love of synthesizer music. You should check it out.

♫ Meloder – Citadel

♫ Meloder – No Time

♫ Meloder – Night & Day

Meloder’s Affection EP is out now.

Buy Meloder’s music from:


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