[Download] Avec Sans cover Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’



No sooner had the UK’s ElectroPop finest, Avec Sans, unleashed their brand new single, All Of Time, than they another mighty slab of Synthy Pop goodness. This time in the form of a sparking cover of the legendary Kate Bush’s Running Up that Hill. Now, you’d kinda;’ expect the ‘Sans’ bristling Electro sound not to be so compatible with the ‘Bush’s ethereal Pop, but boy do they make it their own!

Give yourselves a few listens to this on repeat and you’ll start to forget what the original sounded like without all the spikey arpeggios and Alice’s dusky vocal performance. Subtle tribal bests power the track along, imparting an epic drive while James delivers waves of buzzing and shimmering synths. Alice doesn’t try to replicate Kate Bush’s tone, rather usurps the track for her own heartfelt style. Amazing work; like we said, they really make it their own.

Avec Sans – Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush Cover)

You can download Avec Sans’ All Of Time right now, the full reMix package is released 15th September with work from Mausi, backstroke. and Brightly Coloured

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Louis La Roché reMixes Kate Bush

Kate Bush

We’ve been waiting for this track to drop for a while. Last month Nu-Disco genius Louis La Roché teased us with a snippet of his forthcoming reMix of Kate Bush’s classic Running Up That Hill, and we’ve been excited ever since. Well, now the man has dropped the entire track, downloadable for free, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Louis really captures the mood of the original, he doesn’t turn the track into some cheesy dancefloor number that merely uses the original as a springboard. He’s worked the track to be dancefloor friendly, but in a way that recreates the song in that context. Pulsating House bass and funky Disco rolls actually compliment Ms. Bush’s legendary vocals when in the hands of Louis La Roché. A respectful and addictive update to the song.

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Louis La Roché reMix)

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MiGHty mOUse take on Kate Bush’s ‘Cloudbusting’

kate bush

you’d have though by now if you’d heard one version of Kate Bush often reMixes ‘Cloudbusting’, you’d have heard them all. Well, thankfully along comes MiGHty mOUse to do something fresh and give the track a new lease of life.

Dropping a slow building slice of Moroder Disco with little hint’s of Dub was the prefect choice for this track and takes it to an ‘80’s lit dancefloor place it hasn’t been before. The percussion in the reMix  is worth mentioning too, with a beautiful melodic quality to it, and the melodies have a percussive quality too which makes for some nice interaction. All-in-all though, if you’re looking for a version of this tune to drop, this is the one. Dancefloor destroying, I believe they call it.

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting (MiGHty mOUse Re Work)

The third instalment of MiGHty mOUse’s ‘Disco Circus’ series will be released 10th March featuring the likes of The Magician,Gigamesh and Oliver.

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Kate Bush and Echoes create beautiful music

It sounds like exciting things are brewing over at Echoes HQ. Rumours (yes, I spell ‘rumours’ the English way when it’s not the website’s title…it’s a long story) of label interest, new singles, and live shows. All very hush hush, to quote them, they “need to get it right”, which is the best attitude to have. Still, doesn’t leave us any less eager for new tracks.

So, to tide you over in your wait for news check this epic reMix of Kate Bush’s ‘This Woman’s Work’. There are a lot of reMixes of this tune that get it so wrong. I have heard Trance versions that just make me angry and sad. Echoes treat the song with exactly the right balance of respect and innovation. They have made it sound contemporary and relevant without butchering it, and what emerges on the other side is a beautiful, majestic slice of ElectroPop.

Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work (Echoes reMix)

Echoes are playing their début live show alongside Penguin Prison and Matt & Kim  on 23rd March at the Garage, London.

Kate Bush @ Beatport

Kate Bush @ Juno

Kate Bush @ 7Digital

Kate Bush @ Amazon

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