[Audio] Fred Falke reMixes Prides’ ‘Higher Love’



Ahh, Fred Falke. We’ve not heard that much from him lately, but the man is one of the best in the business. Responsible for a plethora of massive, massive classic productions the Frenchman has taken on the new single from Glaswegian ElectroPop rising stars,  Prides. The Scottish trio have been going crazy with the hype recently, not least being shortlisted for the Blog Sound Of 2015, and now Falke brings the emotional SynthPop sound of Higher Love to the dancefloor.

Falke, as we would have expected, serves up exactly the kind of exuberant carefree jam that you’d expect from this French Touch pioneer. Loaded with filtered riffs and those big chords we love him for, this tune mixes the upbeat introspection of the original with a glistening vintage dancefloor feel. We always love a Fred Falke reMix, but it’s rare that the reMix is of a track that we already love; Falke’s reMix of Prides’ Higher Love is a double whammy.

♫ Prides – Higher Love (Fred Falke reMix)

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[Audio] Fred Falke reMixes Foxes’ ‘Let Go For Tonight’



Surely it can’t just be us who can’t hear Foxes’ impressive new single Let Go For Tonight without it sliding into Ellie Goulding’s Lights in your head? Actually, it probably is just us. Anyhoo, it’s a pretty big single, made even more bombastic by French Touch and ElectroPop legend Fred Falke, who once again swoops in and turns a slick Pop tune into a slick Disco monster. This one is classic Falke.

Rocking an insane selection of bass riffs, guitar licks and piano hooks, this reMix has Falke really going to town in his studio. There is only one direction in this tune; up. It keeps getting bigger and bigger, layering Disco soundtrack over Disco soundtrack until there is this immense, string fuelled; mirrorball gazing juggernaut that Foxes energetic vocals lend a Pop essentialness to. In all honestly, people could stop producing DiscoPop right now and this would stand as the pinnacle of the genre just fine. Both Foxes and Falke start 2014 hitting the ground running.

♫ Foxes – Let Go For Tonight (Fred Falke reMix)

Foxes Let Go For Tonight is out 23rd February.

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[Audio] Fred Falke reMixes Pompeya’s ’90’



Remember 2008/2009 when it felt like French Touch Pop legend Fred Falke had a hand in everything you listened to? Seems like he;s been pretty quiet of late, but when he does drop a new track it just reminds us how how much we miss his tunes. Case in point; this new reMix of Russian Pop Funk outfit Pompeya’s new song 90.

This reMix of 90 is a spacious affair, but we’d expect no less from a producer of Falke’s experience. There’s tons going on, but it all sits nicely together without sounding cramped. The bright , ringing, synths don;t clash with the infectious Disco licks. The drums don;t jostle for room with the driving bassline. Peppered with vocoding and a majestic piano hook, this reMix is like a Disco wonderland, slightly mysterious but totally compelling.

♫ Pompeya – 90 (Fred Falke reMix)

Pompeya’s 90 is out now.

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Fred Falke reMixes Atlas Genius


Australian Indie-rockers Atlas Genius have been making quite the noise in Alt Rock circles these past few months. This seems to have culminated in a major label signing and money to pay good, talented, people to make their tunes less derivative Rock. Enter French Touch legend Mr.  Fred Falke to take a good, albeit standard Rock, song and make it an amazingly catchy big ElectroPop number.

Falke’s reMix of Trojans seems to tell the track to stop mucking around with pretension and ‘authenticness’ and get get on and have a bit of a dance and a good time. Riding, what is a really good vocal, with burbling synths and a Disco beat is just the thing, but it’s the soaring lead line that really makes this track pop. When it kicks in it’s one of those moments you’d just love to experience live. ElectroPop anthem style.

Atlas Genius – Trojans (Fred Falke reMix)

Atlas Genius’ Trojans is out now.

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The Knocks & Fred Falke’s ‘Geronimo’ video

Boom! That’s the sound of one of the biggest tunes of the year, The Knocks & Fred Falke’s Geronimo, getting a video.

Director Daniel Pappas captures some pretty stunning footage here,. The premise is pretty simple, nut the cinematography is very nice indeed.

Geronimo is out now on Beatport and available everywhere else on 23rd July.

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Lenno reMixes The Knocks & Fred Falke


Finnish producer Lenno is definitely one of our favourite producers working right now. His big room Nu-Disco sound, from a club point of view, is absolutely killer. When we heard he would be reMixing The Knocks & Fred Falke’s Geronimo, easily one of the tracks of the year, we were more than interested, and the track lived up to our expectation, being our favourite of the reMixes.

It’s up on Lenno’s SoundCloud now, so if you’re somehow one of the few stragglers who haven’t picked up the single at Beatport, this’ll convince you. Lenno brings his big sound to an already massive tune and the result is dancefloor genius. I hate comparing Lenno to Madeon, but if Madeon is fucking off to join his new Brostep friends, then Lenno is the man who’s name should be on your lips. No-one drops huge, complex Disco House like Lenno. I can’t wait to play this track out, a slice of funky euphoria.

♫ The Knocks & Fred Falke – Geronimo (Lenno reMix)

Geronimo is out now on Beatport and available everywhere else on 23rd July.

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The Knocks & Fred Falke’s ‘Geronimo’


We’re probably preaching to the converted here, I suspect most of you have already picked up a copy of The Knocks & Fred Falke amazing collaboration, Geronimo, which is already available at Beatport. Easily a contender for the tune of the year, the original, and arguably the best, mix is now available for your listening pleasure to convince you, if you haven’t already, that you need to pick this up.

What can se say about this tune? It needs to be heard, it’s massive. A grinding, funky five minutes of pure dancefloor anthem. You can hear both The Knocks and Fred Falke in there, the track has a The Knocks groove made Falk style massive. A catchy vocal hook you’ll be singing all day, reels you in while the huge Disco, with a Pop sheen, will just destroy you. Essential stuff.

♫ The Knocks & Fred Falke – Geronimo

Geronimo is out now on Beatport and available everywhere else on 23rd July.

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The Knocks & Fred Falke reMixed by Louis La Roché

The Knocks & Fred Falke

The Knocks & Fred Falke forthcoming Kitsuné released collaboration, Geronimo, is going to be huge. Released next month the entire single, the original and three reMixes, is packed with danceflor destroying work. Our favourite is probably the Lenno reMix, but coming a very close second would be this mix from Louis La Roché that premiered last weekend on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show.

La Roché’s mix heads straight into robo Disco territory. Bringing the Funk to the tune with intricate cut up chords and booming basslines. He really brought his A-Game to the reMix, and also got more into a big Electro frame of mind that we would expect from La Roché. The result being a three-way combination between La Roché’s funky Disco, Big room Electro and the original tracks epic, anthemic, qualities. This one’s going to be huge, but then the whole singe is!

♫ The Knocks & Fred Falke – Geronimo (Louis La Roché reMix) (Radio Rip)

Geronimo is out today on Beatport and available everywhere else on 23rd July.

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L’Étranger reMixes Alan Braxe & Fred Falke

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke

UK French Touch producer L’Étranger is back in the place with a new reMix. Just a little something to get your mouth watering for his forthcoming two new EPs. This time it’s Alan Braxe & Fred Falke who get the reMix treatment as L’Étranger taken of the Running classic Most Wanted.

It’s pretty weird to think that Running is over a decade old now, both Intro. and Most Wanted are seminal French Touch tunes that still sound as exciting now as they did back then. L’Étranger takes the bouncy French groove and feeds it through some kind of bastard Disco machine. The track has a real ‘70’s Disco vibe, loaded with electro toms and slick piano, but then layers that with a chainsaw synth lead from some in-your-face dancefloor action. Also, don’t they look young in that photo! Hehe.

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Most Wanted (L’Étranger Rework)

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Jimmy Somerville’s new EP, with Fred Falke, Siriusmo & Felix Gauder

Jimmy Somerville

Well this is certainly the surprise release of the week. ‘80’s Pop icon Jimmy Somerville, second singer in the awesome Bronski Beat before going on to form The Communards and have a reasonable successful solo career, has this week released a new EP. ‘80’s icons releasing new material is always a bit hit and miss, especially if, like Jimmy, they haven’t really had the track record, or entrenchment in dance music, between then and now. What I wasn’t expecting was a sublime collection of contemporary ElectroPop tracks and a handful of reMixes be some of the coolest names around.

The ‘Solent EP’ contains four original new tracks, all of which are modern Nu-Disco tinged electronic Pop tunes awash with Somerville’s falsetto. the surprising this is how much of an understanding of dance music in 2012 they show, so often worth ‘80’s Electro artists making modern dance records you get the feeling that they are playing catch-up, but not so with tracks on the ‘Solent EP’ like ‘Some Wonder’, a full on DiscoPop track or ‘Taken Away’, a classic dance tune that could have (and may have been) put together by any of today’s top producers. And the reMix line up too, shows an insight into modern electronic music that many of Jimmy’s peers wouldn’t get. ‘Taken Away’ is reMixed by French Touch original Fred Falke, who works his soaring synth magic on the track to produce the EP’s standout track. Siriusmo, another surprising appearance, reMixes ‘Kites’ into a laidback Disco-tinged number loaded with bass and stings. Felix Gauder takes on ‘Some Wonder’ in a more traditional dance track way, loads of hands-in-the-air moments. The EP also comes with more originals and a reMix from Johnny winfield.

♫ Jimmy Somerville – Taken Away

♫ Jimmy Somerville – Taken Away (Fred Falke reMix)

♫ Jimmy Somerville – Kite (Siriusmo reMix)

♫ Jimmy Somerville – Some Wonder

♫ Jimmy Somerville – Some Wonder (Felix Gauder reMix)

The ‘Solent EP’ is out this week.

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