[Audio] Pat Lok’s ‘All In My Head’



Vancouver’s most prolific (and consistently brilliant) Disco/House producer Pat Lok is about to drop another new release, the man just keeps them coming. He’s kicking off 2015 in big style with his new single, All In My Head. For this one he’s brought on-board fellow Canadian Desirée Dawson to lay down some soulful vocals over a glorious Warehouse backing, Check it out.

Lok pulls out all the stops for his new one. Throwing a touch of Disco and a hint of Garage into a vintage 90s House mix he serves up a single that is rich and inventive whilst delivering all the classic House moments. The punchy bass/organ/electric piano combo cascades out of the speakers and is truly unstoppable, compelling you to move. Desirée’s vocals are pitch perfect, effortlessly sounding contemporary whist channelling House divas of the past and are totally in tune with Pat’s energetic, involving House tune. A real dancefloor destroyer, the reMix package is due out soon featuring work from the one and only Cyclist, Aussies Gold Fields, South London duo Howson’s Groove, and SYRE

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Desirée Dawson) – All In My Head

Pat Lok’s All In My Head is released 9th February.

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[Audio] Ku De Ta’s ‘Been A Long Time’


Ku De Ta

Here’s another monster tune from London’s Ku De Ta. This is the guys third release and each time they have severely impressed with their unique combination of UK Deep House power with an early 90s House flair. Like their première release, What’s Going On?, Ku De Ta’s new tune takes a 90s club classic and drags it kicking and screaming into 2014. This is Been A Long Time.

Riffing off of The Fog’s 1993 woozy floorfiller Been A Long Time, Ku De Ta take their time to build up a shuffling groove, easing big chords, House electric piano and vocal snatches into a rising symphony before launching into a bass heavy warehouse jam; loaded with soaring piano hooks and a slick breakdown. Drop this at peak time, they won’t be able to resist the beat. 

♫ Ku De Ta – Been A Long Time

Check out more from Ku De Ta on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Ku De Ta’s ‘What’s Going On?’


Caron Wheeler

There’s already a reigning king of updating Soul II Soul’s Back to Life (However Do You Want Me), but enter London based newcomers Ku De Ta to grab a little of that spotlight. Taking the vocal hook from said track, the duo whips up a massive House monster with all the bass you could ask for.

Serving up a restrained sprinkling of Caron Wheeler’s vocals, the duo go head first into a Garage-y House track with a luscious rolling synth bassline. The track is stripped back, excising big room chaff to concentrate on the pure, distilled, essence of the dancefloor. There’s a hint of Deep House, a hint of Chicago, and a hint of a warehouse vibe, all expertly played by Ku De Ta who have delivered a crate essential.

♫ Ku De Ta – What’s Going On?

Check out more from Ku De Ta on SoundCloud.

[Download] Dots Per Inch’s ‘This Girl’


dots per inch

Hold tight for something Deep and Funky right now from new British producer Dots Per Inch. He’s gearing up for the release of his début EP, Don’t Stop on Tiefblau, next month, but until then has given away an array of storming House beats to keep you going. Check out his latest tune, This Girl, and Get Up from last month below.

This Girl mixes up a bit of Chicago, a bit of Garage and a bit of UK Deep House into one synth heavy floorfiller. A nice balance between retro and contemporary This Girl delivers big time on driving Garage-y beats, killer basslines and a pitched Usher vocal line that flows perfectly with the warehouse groove. Get Up is more of the same strobe light madness, this time a bit darker and deeper, reminiscent somewhat of early Warp Records Bleep House, with Dubby bass and Sci-Fi keys creating an intoxicating soundtrack. Two pure dancefloor jams that bode interesting things for Dots Per Inch’s EP.

Dots Per Inch – This Girl

Dots Per Inch – Get Up

Dots Per Inch’s Don’t Stop EP is released on 24th March.

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[Mixtape] Blueshift’s ‘Winter ’14 Promo.’



Blueshift – Winter ‘14 Promo. = Here’s a pretty slick selection from Philly DJ Blueshift who’s about to release his latest track on Nurvous Records. There’s a ton of cutting edge House of all varieties up in here, so get involved.

Blueshift – Winter ‘14 Promo.

The tracklist:

01. Andy Ash – Release Check Part 1 (Original Mix)
02. Simion – You & I (Betoko Remix Dub)
03. Adam Sharpe – You Know (Original Mix)
04. Karma Kid – Like I’m On Fire (Behling & Simpson reMix)
05. Orazio Fantini – Free Yourself
06. Dan Caster (Feat. Benjamin Franklin) – Bleeding (Kyodai reMix)
07. Crackazat – Candle Coast
08. Jermaine Lewis – Numbers
09. Loulou Players & Kolombo – We Gonna Use What We Got (Paolo Mojo reMix)
10. Katy B – 5AM (Tian Karl reMix)
11. Booka Shade (Feat.. Fritz Kalkbrenner) – Crossing Borders (Club Mix)
12. Appleblim & Komon – Glimmer (Original Mix)
13. Burkie – Playing With My Heart

Check out more from Blueshift on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Black Magic Disco edits Joey Musaphia’s ‘I Miss You’



UK ex-pat and all round slick producer of House and Disco, Black Magic Disco, has put together this little re-edit of House and Garage legend Joey Musaphia’s I Miss You. Originally taken from his now sought after Cover Ups Vol. 1 EP and itself a radical reworking of Hard Drive’s Deep Inside, the track is a club classic and BMD brings it right to 2013’s dancefloors.

This track is summer nights incarnate (although not really as music doesn’t have form, but you get the gist). Six minutes of shuffling Garage beats and warm synths gliding along like there was nothing smoother in this world. Snippets of vocal are played around with, big sweeps are indulged in and the crowd are left in a state of hypnotic euphoria. Download and add to your crate.

Joey Musaphia – I Miss You (Black Magic Disco Edit)

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[Audio] Figure Of 8’s new EP


Figure Of 8

Belfast’s finest son, Figure Of 8, has just released a brand new EP. Not only is it the mans first proper release since last year’s acclaimed Bittersweet, but the EP also has the honour of being the inaugural release on Figure Of 8’s newly launched record label, DreamQuest. Promoting some of the best electronic music from Ireland, it;s only fitting that the 001 accolade goes to it’s founder.

The Regenerate EP delivers four tracks of spacey dance music. Figure Of 8’s tunes always have a timeless, genre-less quality to the. With one foot in Disco and the other in House, the rest of Figure Of 8 mills around in places like Acid and Dub. Being Figure Of 8’s first EP, rather than a single, you get a nice scope of styles held within. From the opener, Something In The Trees, with it’s ringing Balearic Minimal groove and warehouse bassline to the Cosmic Italo meets Chicago Beats stylings of The Shining Path the EP wraps the listener in deep electronic soundscapes and shuffling retro rhythms. The moody, pulsating ElectroPop of the Our Krypton Son featuring Fountain Of Youth is one of the EPs highlights, drifting out of the speakers like synthetic smoke. Intricate in it’s crafting, it’s a track that illuminates a new element with every listen. Playing out with the Dubby Garage vibes of Never To Be Seen Again, the Regenerate EP is something that any fan of classic dance music, or electronic music in general should be looking into.

♫ Figure Of 8 – Something In The Trees

♫ Figure Of 8 (Feat.Our Krypton Son) – Fountain Of Youth

♫ Figure Of 8 – The Shining Path

Figure Of 8’s Regenerate EP is out now, you can pick it up here.

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Simian Mobile Disco’s ‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’ video

Still love Simian Mobile Disco, despite it not being 2007 anymore, the new stuff is really underrated.

Here’s the new video for ‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’ A hypnotic tune with a slight Garage vibe and an equally hypnotic video for light going on and off, directed by Laurence Stephens.

‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’ is out now.

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Waze & Odyssey

Waze & Odyssey

Waze & Odyssey (revealed to be Retro/Grade’s Serge Santiago and Firas Waez from Caze Nova), ‘mystery’ Disco-House producers who exactly no people cared about the identity of, have had their pretty awesome track, ‘Love That (Burns Hot Enough)’, kicking around the internet for a while now. It’s a nice mix of Garage, Disco and House that could, with the right promotion, blow up this Autumn when it is released. The single is dropping on Waze & Odyssey’s own new label W&O Street Tracks, a vinyl only operation to keep an eye on.

To celebrate the launching of their imprint, Waze & Odyssey are giving away this brand new tune, How It’s Gotta’ Be’. It’s a tune that continues this duos mission to merge some of the funkier styles. There;s not much Disco in there, but it’s a beautiful combination of Chicago House and Garage. Waze & Odyssey have laid down a solid Garage rhythm section, a House groove and then just let some rich strings lush things up a bit. A hypnotic and involving track that has us celebrating W&O Street Tracks’ launch with them.

Waze & Odyssey – How It’s Gotta’ Be

Waze & Odyssey’s ‘Love That (Burns Hot Enough)’ is out this Autumn.

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Hervé & Ronika: The reMixes


So, you may be enjoying the new single from Hervé, ‘How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right)’, featuring out girl,  Madonna Of The Midlands™, Ronika. You may be enjoying it’s bass heave old school Rave vibe. But what if it’s just not bass heavy enough for you, if such a thing is even possible? Well, don’t worry yourself, Hervé has got you covered. The reMixes turn the bass heaviness up to 11.

Hervé sometime partner in crime Sinden is up first with a stomping tribal Rave mix that drops you into a deep hypnotic groove before smacking you in the face with that massive riff. Hervé, in his Death Rose Cult alter-ego, drops a truly massive reMix that straddles the line between rave and Dubstep by layering buzzsaw rough synth over a pumping beat. This is the one that’s gonna’ rip your face off on the dancefloor. Detboi serves up a future Garage mix complete with shuffling beats and warp bassline, not heard a full on Garage track in quite a while, Detboi delivers it flawlessly. These guys really need to stop being greedy with the bass or there will be no bass left for anyone else!

♫ Hervé (Feat. Ronika) – How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right) (Make It Right) (Sinden reMix)

Hervé (Feat. Ronika) – How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right) (Death Rose Cult reMix)

Hervé (Feat. Ronika) – How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right) (Detboi reMix)

‘How Can I Live Without You? (Make It Right)’ is out soon.

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