Waze & Odyssey

Waze & Odyssey

Waze & Odyssey (revealed to be Retro/Grade’s Serge Santiago and Firas Waez from Caze Nova), ‘mystery’ Disco-House producers who exactly no people cared about the identity of, have had their pretty awesome track, ‘Love That (Burns Hot Enough)’, kicking around the internet for a while now. It’s a nice mix of Garage, Disco and House that could, with the right promotion, blow up this Autumn when it is released. The single is dropping on Waze & Odyssey’s own new label W&O Street Tracks, a vinyl only operation to keep an eye on.

To celebrate the launching of their imprint, Waze & Odyssey are giving away this brand new tune, How It’s Gotta’ Be’. It’s a tune that continues this duos mission to merge some of the funkier styles. There;s not much Disco in there, but it’s a beautiful combination of Chicago House and Garage. Waze & Odyssey have laid down a solid Garage rhythm section, a House groove and then just let some rich strings lush things up a bit. A hypnotic and involving track that has us celebrating W&O Street Tracks’ launch with them.

Waze & Odyssey – How It’s Gotta’ Be

Waze & Odyssey’s ‘Love That (Burns Hot Enough)’ is out this Autumn.

Buy Waze & Odyssey’s music from:


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