Soul II Soul reMixed by Monsieur Adi


I’m seriously lovin’ this! I’ve always felt that Soul II Soul’s 1989 classic ‘"Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)’ have never, ever, been given a good, proper contemporary reMix. Until now!

Italian electro-House dude Monsieur Adi has put together this awesome reMix described by the man himself as “a super clash of baroque and electro” which accounts for the harpsichord/Nu-Disco mash up that really works the original in a way that makes every previous attempt to reMix it seem, well, just lazy.

Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Monsieur Adi reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Makes me wanna’ go listen to ‘Club Classics Vol. One

Soul II Soul @ Juno

Soul II Soul @ 7Digital

Soul II Soul @ Amazon

2 comments on “Soul II Soul reMixed by Monsieur Adi

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