[Audio] Ku De Ta’s ‘Been A Long Time’


Ku De Ta

Here’s another monster tune from London’s Ku De Ta. This is the guys third release and each time they have severely impressed with their unique combination of UK Deep House power with an early 90s House flair. Like their première release, What’s Going On?, Ku De Ta’s new tune takes a 90s club classic and drags it kicking and screaming into 2014. This is Been A Long Time.

Riffing off of The Fog’s 1993 woozy floorfiller Been A Long Time, Ku De Ta take their time to build up a shuffling groove, easing big chords, House electric piano and vocal snatches into a rising symphony before launching into a bass heavy warehouse jam; loaded with soaring piano hooks and a slick breakdown. Drop this at peak time, they won’t be able to resist the beat. 

♫ Ku De Ta – Been A Long Time

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[Audio] Ku De Ta’s ‘You’re The One’


Ku De Ta (Feat. Elesha Moses)

Here’s the latest one from London Deep groovers Ku De Ta. You may remember these guys from their absolutely storming version of Soul II Soul’s Back to Life (However Do You Want Me) a couple of months ago that seriously impressed us, now they’ve teamed up with singer Elesha Moses for their brand new track, You’re the One. Hold tight, ‘cos this one’s flying.

Aimed squarely at the dancefloor, You’re The One takes Deep and Chicago House elements and toughens them up. Punchy beats and utterly irresistible bassline dominate the tune; sitting powerfully alongside piano hooks and waves of lush pads. The whole tracks is a floorfilling powerhouse who’s hard edge is tempered somewhat by Moses’ soulful vocal. Only two tracks into their career and already Ku De Ta are setting themselves up as ones to watch.

♫ Ku De Ta (Feat. Elesha Moses) – You’re The One

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[Audio] Ku De Ta’s ‘What’s Going On?’


Caron Wheeler

There’s already a reigning king of updating Soul II Soul’s Back to Life (However Do You Want Me), but enter London based newcomers Ku De Ta to grab a little of that spotlight. Taking the vocal hook from said track, the duo whips up a massive House monster with all the bass you could ask for.

Serving up a restrained sprinkling of Caron Wheeler’s vocals, the duo go head first into a Garage-y House track with a luscious rolling synth bassline. The track is stripped back, excising big room chaff to concentrate on the pure, distilled, essence of the dancefloor. There’s a hint of Deep House, a hint of Chicago, and a hint of a warehouse vibe, all expertly played by Ku De Ta who have delivered a crate essential.

♫ Ku De Ta – What’s Going On?

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