[MP3] Featurecast reMixed by All Good Funk Alliance


We gotta’ be honest, we know too much about Southampton producer Featurecast, save for he’s just about to release the second volume of reMixes from he recent Run For Cover album. However, this reMix of his track, Soul Children featuring Greg Blackman, by All Good Funk Alliance landed in our inbox and has got us addicted. We checked out Featurecast’s album prior to writing this post and were dead impressed with his gritty, ecclectic, synth Funk.

All Good Funk Alliance drop a fresh new take on the original, loaded with broken Funk beats and a rock solid subby bassline. It’s just got one of those grooves that gets under your skin, and stays there. Greg Blackman’s vocals flow over the top of the jittery-smooth beats with ease, tempering the rugged slap bass, warping synth, Funk monster. This’ll be the pleasant surprise of the day.

Featurecast (Feat. Greg Blackman) – Soul Children (All Good Funk Alliance reMix)

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[MP3] Cut Slack reworks Midnight Star

Midnight Star

Here’s Portuguese outfit Cut Slack with a brand new track. This time it’s ‘80s electro Soul outfit Midnight Star that gets Cut Slack’s attention with their reworking of their 1986 classic Midas Touch.

Rather than a reMix, this track is a masterclass in how Edits should be done. Cut Slack have completely stripped back the vocals, leaving only a faint, processed, trace of the song to haunt the beats. then by highlighting the tunes dancefloor qualities, Cut Slack turn the track into the prefect Synth Disco groove. This track is full of the best in nostalgic electronic Disco. Big stabs, twisting synth riffs, a boogie down beat and load of head nodding attitude. One of the middle of the dancefloor.

Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Cut Slack Rework)

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[Audio] SaiR’s new tune


Hot on the heels of his new EP for Rosso Corsa, Portuguese Dreamwave SaiR is already filling up our ears with more of his smooth, Jazzy, retro Nu-Disco sounds. This new one, Mornings, is a musical treat that’s primed to ease you into the week.

Mornings a blissfully laid back, Moog Funk infused, Disco tune layered with so many melodies it should sound really cluttered, but in SaiR’s capable hands everything flows together perfectly. Running throughout is a lush electric piano that lends a cool Jazz swing as it breezes along a dense, Funky backing. just the right tempo to keep the energy up, but also wash you in relaxed vibes. SaiR delivers mood changes with skill too, as the just-under six minute track injects the occasional Cosmic build and growling Electro Boogie breakdown  Perfect introspective Disco listening.

♫ SaiR – Mornings

SaiR’s Sunfield EP is out now on Rosso Corsa Records.

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[MP3] Box Of Wolves’ ‘No Kisses’

Box Of Wolves

No Kisses is the third in London based Canadian Chillwaver Box Of Wolves series of free tracks. These weekly releases will come together to make up the Swim EP. So far the EP has been stormingly good,a lush collection of Chillwave with added Funk and this latest addition to the EP is no different.

Breezy synths and shifting melodies move and evolve around No Kisses. Perfectly walking the line between an upbeat dance track and the smoothest of chill jams. Box Of Wolves tracks are like magic boxes, there’s always something new to discover on repeated listens. Here you have layer upon layer in intertwining sounds and textures, distant vocal snatches and shuffling hats, all riding over a laid back LA Funk groove.  Another amazing track from this Chillwave rising star.

Box Of Wolves – No Kisses

The first three tracks from Swim are already available.

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[Audio] Chromeo reMixes Boys Noize

boys noize

We were a bit hot-and-cold when it came to Electro superstar Boys Noize’s new album Out Of The Black. Half of it was really good, the other half seems to be a bit by-the-numbers, and we would have expected more in 2012. One of the highlights of the record, if not the best track, was the album’s first single What You Want. This modern Electro re-imagining of PIL’s Order Of Death gave us really high hopes for Out Of The Black, so if he was going to get one of our favourite duos of all-time, Chromeo, to reMix anything, we are glad it was that.

And that’s what happened. The Chromeo reMix of What You Want actually starts off sounding more like Dave 1 and P-Thugg severely funking up the PIL track, before the just make it totally their own, after a while there’s next to no trace of the Boys Noize track left and what you’re left with is some amazing, funky tune loaded with Chromeo’s trademark talk box work, their trademark piercing synths and Dave 1 giving it some vocal passion. Perfect work, and a new Chromeo track. Which is, coincidentally, what we wanted.

♫ Boys Noize – What You Want (Chromeo reMix)

Boys Noize’s What You Want is released 14th January and includes reMixes from Jacques Lu Cont, Jimmy Edgar and D.I.M.

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[Audio] SaiR’s new EP


Well, this is a nice surprise for the end of the week. One of our favourite SynthWave artists, Portuguese producer Ruben Allen, A.K.A. SaiR, has just released a shiny new EP on none other than Rosso Corsa Records. It’s been a while since we heard from SaiR, but it looks like his time hasn’t been going to waste.

The Sunfield EP holds four tracks from SaiR output in the last couple of years, each one loaded with a sweet nostalgic synth Funk. Kicking off with Clockwise, rocking an Electro-Funk bassline and a punchy buzzing lead. Clockwise twists it’s way through Disco, SynthWave and Funk, revelling in the best of each with some glorious synth sounds and melodic playing. Shoreline conjures a mood of lazy afternoons in the sun with it’s laid back vintage synth style and some dreamy melodies. Sunfield delivers an even more chilled groove that sees SaiR getting a little synth Jazzy while Bright merges the best LA Funk with, and Herbie Hancock style keyboard wizardry, with blissful Dreamwave. If you’re a fan if Disco, Funk or SynthWave this EP is a must. Also, the guy on the cover (pictured above) is Ruben’s old-man, in the 70s, dirt-biking it!

♫ SaiR – Clockwise

♫ SaiR – Bright

SaiR’s Sunfield EP is out now on Rosso Corsa Records.

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[Video] Nite Jewel’s ‘Weak for Me’

LA experimental funketeer Nite Jewel has débuted her new video. This time it’s for Weak For Me, a cut from her 2009 album Good Evening, which has just been remastered and re-released.

José Wolff whips up a fittingly dark and mysterious clip to accompany the track.

Nite Jewel’s ‘One Second Of Love’ album is out now.

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[Audio] Pelifics & Electric Youth reMixed by Poindexter


Swedish retrowave hero Pelifics’, Electric Youth featuring, Wish It Could Last is definitely one of the highlights of this year, and we’ve been waiting for Brilliantine to drop the reMix package for what seems like ages. One of the rumoured reMixes in particular has held our interest, and that’s from Disco rising star Poindexter. And here it is.

It sounds like a late 70s TV theme. Regardless of how you read that last sentence, it was intended as high praise indeed. Just the right combination of Funk and Disco have gone into this reMix, and it all works brilliantly with Bronwyn’s 80s retro vocal style. It’s a total laid back dream of a track. Rolling bass, Moogy stabs, shimmering chimes, haunting synths, all this is churned up in the mix and come out as smooth as silk. You don’t listen to this tune, it flows into you.

♫ Pelifics (Feat. Electric Youth) – Wish It Could Last (Poindexter reMix)

The Wish It Could LastreMix package is released 19th November.

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[MP3] Alfa reMixes DCup


It’s another of Binary boy Alfa few and far between tracks. A tune that serves as a reminder why we’d love to hear more from this guy. This time his LA funk is applied to DCup’s recent single, I’m Corrupt. Watch Alfa get breezy, beach party, all over this tune.

Showing exactly why the Binary crew are still the kings of Dreamwave, Alfa take the funkier end of the genre and hits the ground running with a body moving digital bass and squelchy Moogs strait out of a 70s Funk record. Slick, buzzing synths and a little Disco lick underpin the kiddy vocals of the original and the whole thing end up great fun. Pure good times Nu-Disco with that particular LA groove. Oi, Alfa! More please!

DCup – I’m Corrupt (Alfa reMix)

DCup’s I’m Corrupt is out now.

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