[Audio] SaiR’s new EP


Well, this is a nice surprise for the end of the week. One of our favourite SynthWave artists, Portuguese producer Ruben Allen, A.K.A. SaiR, has just released a shiny new EP on none other than Rosso Corsa Records. It’s been a while since we heard from SaiR, but it looks like his time hasn’t been going to waste.

The Sunfield EP holds four tracks from SaiR output in the last couple of years, each one loaded with a sweet nostalgic synth Funk. Kicking off with Clockwise, rocking an Electro-Funk bassline and a punchy buzzing lead. Clockwise twists it’s way through Disco, SynthWave and Funk, revelling in the best of each with some glorious synth sounds and melodic playing. Shoreline conjures a mood of lazy afternoons in the sun with it’s laid back vintage synth style and some dreamy melodies. Sunfield delivers an even more chilled groove that sees SaiR getting a little synth Jazzy while Bright merges the best LA Funk with, and Herbie Hancock style keyboard wizardry, with blissful Dreamwave. If you’re a fan if Disco, Funk or SynthWave this EP is a must. Also, the guy on the cover (pictured above) is Ruben’s old-man, in the 70s, dirt-biking it!

♫ SaiR – Clockwise

♫ SaiR – Bright

SaiR’s Sunfield EP is out now on Rosso Corsa Records.

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Jordan F’s ‘Summers Of Tomorrow’ redux

Jordan F

Australia’s finest SynthWave export Jordan F originally released the Summers Of Tomorrow EP last year. It was kinda’ just before the excursion with his alter-ego Countach. Now he’s fully back in Jordan F mode he’s revisited the EP, it’s been refreshed, remastered and has a little track list tweak. The all-new Summers Of Tomorrow EP is heading your way right now.

Beginnings kicks of the EP, and the differences are readily apparent. This version is a lot slicker. Gone is the abrasive bass sound, replaced by a more atmospheric tone, and the whole production is a lot more well rounded. Everything sits together a lot nicer, for an instrumental, soundtrack peice such as this it makes all the difference. Whilst the original has an Italo rawness, these track sound a lot more mature. Abandoned Streets is abandoned in favour of it’s Crime In Fourth Sector counterpart, and again, the remastering is a revelation. Softening the gritty synth work allows the rhythm a section to carry the song a lot more fluidly. The neon drenched dystopia theme works it way into the track a lot better with this version, the powerdrive soundtrack Electro feeling more comfortable with itself. Dream Machine, the EP’s new addition, was obviously written with unicorns in mind, a pulsing electronic haze that Vangelis would have been proud of. Renegade probably benefits the most from the reworking, the whole track working as a rich emotive Italo stomper much better with everything lying tighter in the mix. The EP’s title track, a outro, Summers Of Tomorrow, is here fully allowed to realise it’s epic, Sci-Fi, majesty without the drums overbearing. Actually, it’s the drums where you hear the biggest difference in this remastering, they don’t dominate the tracks anymore, they become part of them. Jordan F is easily in the top five musicians making SynthWave right now, without a doubt, but this new found maturity to his productions will push him even higher. There may be an album coming soon, and that’s exciting as hell.

♫ Jordan F – Crime In Fourth Sector

♫ Jordan F – Dream Machine

♫ Jordan F – Renegade

Summers Of Tomorrow is available right now, for free, at Jordan F’s Bandcamp.

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