[Audio] SaiR’s new tune


Hot on the heels of his new EP for Rosso Corsa, Portuguese Dreamwave SaiR is already filling up our ears with more of his smooth, Jazzy, retro Nu-Disco sounds. This new one, Mornings, is a musical treat that’s primed to ease you into the week.

Mornings a blissfully laid back, Moog Funk infused, Disco tune layered with so many melodies it should sound really cluttered, but in SaiR’s capable hands everything flows together perfectly. Running throughout is a lush electric piano that lends a cool Jazz swing as it breezes along a dense, Funky backing. just the right tempo to keep the energy up, but also wash you in relaxed vibes. SaiR delivers mood changes with skill too, as the just-under six minute track injects the occasional Cosmic build and growling Electro Boogie breakdown  Perfect introspective Disco listening.

♫ SaiR – Mornings

SaiR’s Sunfield EP is out now on Rosso Corsa Records.

Buy SaiR’s music from:

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