[Audio] Mitch Murder reMixes Gossip Culture’s ‘Waiting’



This tune is pure bliss. A last month we previewed Estate’s reMix of the new single from LA ChillPopster Gossip Culture. The Quincy McCrary featuring Waiting was released in August, but now there’s a brand spanking new reMix from none other than SynthWave deity Mitch Murder. And, yes, it is as good as you’d think.

We do love to hear a Mitch Murder track with vocals, it’s a rare thing, but when it happens it’s always something special. Right here Mitch uses McCrary’s soulful voice to paint a Synth Funk masterpiece. Carried along on a wave of bouncy digital bass and lush soundtrack-esque pads, the reMix sees Mr. Murder dabbling in all the elements of electronic Soul from the 80s that made it so recognisable, and makes them his own. Perfect retro smooth Electro.

♫ Gossip Culture (Feat. Quincy McCrary) – Waiting (Mitch Murder reMix)

Gossip Culture’s Waiting is out now.

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[Video] Chromeo & Oliver’s reMix of Donna Summer’s ‘Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)’


Love Is In Control  Finger On The Trigger     Chromeo   O...   YouTube

A while back we served up the amazing team-up of Chromeo & Oliver reMixing Donna Summer’s Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger), taken from the forthcoming reMix tribute album, Love To Love You Donna. Now check out the official video for this astoundingly good slab of synth Funk.

The video riffs off the original, but adds a load of stock footage and colourful effects. A reMix of the original video for a reMix of the track, you might say.

Donna Summer’s Love To Love You Donna is released 22nd October via Verve.

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[Audio] Estate reMix Gossip Culture’s ‘Waiting’


Gossip Culture

In the mood for a little sunkissed Synth Funk? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is groove-merchants Estate’s reMix of Ryan Sheridan A.K.A. Gossip Culture’s Waiting. Waiting is Gossip Culture’s latest single and features the smooth vocals of Quincy McCrary, which Estate utilise to full effect.

The original of the tune is a uplifting Indie/Disco hybrid that was a little too guitar drenched for out tastes, but this mix shrugs off the six strings in favour of luscious, thick, electronic bass and twisting synth sparkles. Although they are still present, the wicked licks are consigned to be extras, taking a back seat to retro Electro groove and McCrary soulful vocals. Pure sunshine in a tune, this is one infectious slice of daytime Disco that’ll have you bobbing down the street.

♫ Gossip Culture (Feat. Quincy McCrary) – Waiting (Estate reMix)

Gossip Culture’s Waiting is out now.

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[Audio] Donna Summer reMixed by Chromeo & Oliver and Giorgio Moroder



Love To Love You Donna is the title of a forthcoming reMix album that pays tribute to Disco diva legend Donna Summer. Release in October, the album holds twelve tracks that place Summers instantly recognisable vocals in the hands of the likes of Hot Chip, Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper, along side these two gems from a team-up between Chromeo & Oliver and Summer’s long-time production partner, and legend in his own right, Giorgio Moroder.

Chromeo & Oliver seems like a Synth Funk match made in heaven and their reMix of Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) really delivers the goods. Serving up a heady rush of murderous synth bass and big warping chords that is so perfectly paired with Summer’s big 80s vocals that you’d swear it was always supposed to sound like this. Add in a little of Chromeo’s talk-box warbling and you have a massive DiscoPop hit for the summer. this track draws on such a pool of talent coming together that is was destined to be nothing short of amazing. In what seems like a fitting choice, Giorgio Moroder has turned in a reMix of a track he originally co-wrote, the classic Love To Love You Baby. The Disco and Italo god recent played the track out during a DJ set at the Way Out West in Gothenburg, Sweden (after completing it on the plane over) so we can get a taste of how the track will sound. It sounds like we’re in for a full-on sounding Moroder tune with a seriously Italo groove. the album is shaping up to be a definite purchase.

♫ Donna Summer – Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Chromeo & Oliver reMix)

♫ Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby (Giorgio Moroder reMix) (Live Set Rip)

Donna Summer’s Love To Love You Donna is released 22nd October via Verve.

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[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Far Gone’



Far Gone is Torontonian Nu-Disco producer Hemingway’s follow up to his amazing Ace Neptune single of earlier this year. Once again supplied by Brilliantine, Far Gone sees James Harris sliding into slightly Housier, more intricate territory without loosing any of his warm Funk.

Loaded with Dramatic vintage synth stabs and warbles, Far Gone treads unusual ground with an almost Techno complexity to it’s rhythms set amongst inspirational Cosmic Disco soundscapes. The rhythm’s shuffle and the deep vocal snatches lend the track a Chicago groove, making the track a veritable Frankenstein’s monster of dancefloor vibes. It’s all wrapped up in a relaxed Disco blanket, perfect for lazy summer evenings.

♫ Hemingway – Far Gone

Hemingway’s Far Gone is out now. You can pick it up for 45¢ (that’s about 29p in real money) from here.

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[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Ace Neptune’



In Nu-Disco circles the début release from Toronto’s Hemingway could be considered quite long awaited. The guy’s built up quite a reputation for himself over the past year or so with a string of excellent reMixes. Now his première release is out, via Brilliantine, and having had it on rotation round electronic rumors HQ for the past couple of weeks we can definitely say it’s lived up to it’s promise.

Ace Neptune is the name of Hemingway’s single, and it’s a veritable Smörgåsbord of dreamy synthesizer Funk. There’s something interestingly proggy about Ace Neptune, there’s a definitely Cosmic vibe to it and you can imagine Hemingway surrounded by tiers of analog snyths, eyes tightly shut, generally having a synth freak out. The track takes elements from Nu-Disco, Dreamwave, SynthWave and Italo and constructs an epic built upon layer and layers of intertwining melodies and warping Galactic Funk basslines. Deceptively complex, this is a true synth Disco fan’s track. reMixes come correct from Jokers Of The Scene and this gem from Cyclist, who ups the Funk quota and leads the track from the space-station to an under-lit dancefloor to boogie the night away. Frantic Disco licks and slinky synths are the order of the day in this mix. Ace Neptune is a confident and impressive début, and one that should have Hemingway’s name on people lips.

♫ Hemingway – Ace Neptune

♫ Hemingway – Ace Neptune (Cyclist reMix)

Hemingway’s Ace Neptune is out now.

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[Mixtape] Ronika’s ‘Escalator To The Equator’ Mixtape



Ronika – Escalator To The Equator Mixtape = Here’s the ultimate collection of laid back summery tunes for your holiday weekend. Coming courtesy of Ronika who delivers over an hour of smooth grooves and infectious funk with tunes to make you smile, and tunes to make you move.

Ronika – Escalator To The Equator Mixtape

The tracklist:
01. Kassav – Langue Moin
02. Tim Maia – E Necessario
03. Amadou And Mariam – Sabali
04. Sophia George – Mek You Feel Fine
05. Jensen Sportag – Jareaux
06. Alison Valentine – Peanut Butter
07. Ronika – Rough ‘N’ Soothe (The HICS reMix)
08. Pegasus – Cool Runnings
09. Miami Sound Machine – Rhythms Is Gonna’ Get Ya
10. Mzekezeke – Ngihambha Phantsi
11. Sunless ’97 – Aurora I
12. Robert Ffrench – Heart On Fire
13. Ronika – Rough ‘N’ Soothe
14. Rihanna – If It’s Loving That You Want
15. Aaliyah – Rock The Boat
16. Princess – Say I’m Your Number One
17. Swimming – Kid Global
18. Rita Lee – Maria Mole
19. Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man
20. Free Life – There’s Something Better

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[Audio] Lo-Fi Beats’ début EP


Lo-Fi Beats

Yeah, Like This is the début release from Southend Producer Lo-Fi Beats. The man’s completely new to us, but based on the strength of this forthcoming EP he’s a name we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on in the future. Also, bit of trivia, he won Mixmag’s ‘play a set at Creamfields’ competition a few years back, so we’re guessing he is as handy with a pair of decks as he is with gnarly synth. Lo-FI Beats drops the Yeah, Like This EP at the end of this month on his own label, Deaf By Records.

The EP’s title track is a blissful LA Funk jam that we can only imagine Southend must have been getting some particularly fine weather whiles Lo-Fi Beats was recording. Smooth beats, deep warping basslines and twisting Moogy lead lines are the order of the day here. Drop in a little Hip Hop influence and some big synths and you’ve got the perfect, laid back, sunshine tune. Stick this on and melt. Yeah, Like this is backed up with the driving SynthWave of Crank’d Up and Winter Warmer, a track with show off Lo-Fi Beats ability to create electronic moods. Bringing a nostalgic, gentle, vibe to the EP, Winter Warmer wraps you up in a blanket of rounded synths and rich tones. Definitely an impressive première release from Lo-Fi Beats.

♫ Lo-Fi Beats – Yeah, Like This

♫ Lo-Fi Beats – Winter Warmer

Lo-Fi Beats’ Yeah, Like This is released 29th April.

Check out more from Lo-Fi Beats on SoundCloud.

[Mixtape] Ride The Universe’s ‘Space Jams’

Ride The Universe’s ‘Space Jams’

Ride The Universe – Space Jams = The funkiest foursome in the world are back with a brand new collection of sweet smooth grooves. A labour of love, and holding tons of exclusive edits, this Space Jams tape is truly stellar. Enjoy.

Ride The Universe – Space Jams

The tracklist:

01. D-Train – Trying To Get Over (Dub) (Ride The Universe Edit)
02. 6th Borough Project – Do It To The Max (Ride The Universe Edit)
03. Steinski – Swingset (10 Beautiful Girls Mix) (Ride The Universe Edit)
04. Gaz Nevada – I.C. Love Affair (Munk Edit)
05. Telonius – Hit Me (RTU Dub Edit)
06. The S.O.S. Band – High Hopes (Leisure Council Edit)
07. Boys Noize – This Is What You Want (Chromeo reMix)
08. NinetyNine – Alabama Smooth (Ride The Universe Edit)
09. Block 16 – Electrokution (BG & DW’s Evolusive Mix)(RTU Time Machine Edit)
10. Casual Encounters (Feat. Baxter) – No Limits
11. Moonbootica – Iconic (Lorenz Rhode reMix)
12. The Cosmic Players – Get It Right
13. Kraak & Smack – Money In The Bag (Crazy P reMix)
14. First Touch – Pleasure For Your Treasure
15. Midnight Star – The Midas Touch (Ride The Universe Edit)
16. Luke Million – Ice Ice Arnie (Instrumental) (Ride The Universe Edit)
17. Spirit Catcher – Rendez-vous
18. Faze Action – Hypnotic
.19 Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve reMix)
20. Tugboat Edits – Gonna Get Cha (TZ Disco Mix) (Ride The Universe Edit)
21. Matt Mendez – Make It Right (PWNDTIAC reMix)
22. Sare Havlicek – Astronave
23. Alan Wilkis – Snuggle Up to Nail Down (Ride The Universe Edit)
24. Space Ranger – Phase Fever
25. Lou Teti – Cool It Off (Ride The Universe Edit)
26. Trus’Me (Feat. DâM-FunK) – Bail Me Out (Ride The Universe Edit)
27. Casio Social Club – Summer Of ’83 (Ride The Universe Edit)
28. Tennishero – Alone

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[Mixtape] Ronika’s ‘Sweetheart, Dont Be A Nightmare’ Mixtape


Ronika – Sweetheart, Dont Be A Nightmare Mixtape = Here’s a Valentines gift from Ms. Ronika featuring a whole heap of gloriously funky synth jams ranging from the stomping to the emotional. Just like a relationship, really.

Ronika – Sweetheart, Dont Be A Nightmare Mixtape

The tracklist:

01. SebastiAn (Feat. Mayer Hawthorne) – Love In Motion
02. Boxcutter – TV Trouble
03. Class Actress – Keep You
04. Com Truise – Brokendate
05. Palmbomen – Galore
06. John Maus – Hey Moon
07. Onra – Don’t Stop
08. Kindness – Anyone Can Fall In Love
09. DâM-FunK – One Less Day
10. George Benson – Turn Your Love Around
11. Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle
12. Julie London – End of a Love Affair

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