[Audio] GotSome’s ‘Bassline’ reMixed by Amtrac



Currently, Bristol House heard GotSome’s Bassline is seriously blowing up, and we couldn’t be happier for them. This duo definitely has a big future, and whatever they follow Bassline up with is just going to keep that momentum going. The track itself, though, has been given this gloriously groovy workout by Kentucky’s bassmaster Amtrac. Enjoy.

Amtrac keeps thinks deep with his version of the track, utilising subby tones with gentle, evolving chords to deliver a low-slung mood. With a slight hint of Techyness and a sprinkling of Techno amongst his body moving House, Amtrac brings a Robo-Disco quality to GotSome’s festival floorfiller. A real late-night jam, with a few surprises toward the end.

♫ GotSome (Feat. Get Along Gang) – Bassline (Amtrac reMix)

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[Download] DCup & Mereki’s ‘Don’t Be Shy reMixed by La Felix



Why this isn’t on the single release of  DCup’s Don’t Be Shy we have no idea. This reMix of the feel-god Nu-Disco monster, featuring the vocals of ElectroPop artist and Goldroom collaborator Mereki, comes from the one-and-only La Félix, and is quite, very, possible out favourite version of the song.

There’s nothing about this track that isn’t just a warm wave of good-times. La Félix adds a certain poolside grove to the tune. With a lush piano hook, thick Disco stings and a popping slab bassline, he whips up a smooth and sexy vibe that Mereki’s sweet vocal just adds to. This is the prefect Friday track if you need any help getting in the mood for the weekend. Enjoy.

DCup (Feat. Mereki) – Dont Be Shy (La Felix reMix)

DCup’s Don’t Be Shy is out now,

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[Audio] DCup & Mereki’s ‘Don’t Be Shy’



Out this week is the new single from Australian Disco-House producer DCup. Featuring the vocals of ElectroPop artist and Goldroom collaborator Mereki, Don’t Be Shy comes with a packed collection of reMixes from the likes of Wave Racer, Tyler Touche, Boys Get Hurt, and Slumberjack, but it’s the original version that really pops with a summertime groove.

A light touch of plucked guitar glides over this thick bassed floorfiller. Loaded with filtered synths, singing strings and a laid back Disco beat, Don’t Be Shy provides the perfect, carefree, poolside party backing for Mereki’s sweet vocals. The combination of the pulsating synth bass and the playful vocal gives Don’t Be Shy that certain je ne sais quoi that the best late night, good times, Disco has to deliver, and this one delivers it in heaps.

♫ DCup (Feat. Mereki) – Don’t Be Shy

DCup’s Don’t Be Shy is our now,

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[MP3] Alfa reMixes DCup


It’s another of Binary boy Alfa few and far between tracks. A tune that serves as a reminder why we’d love to hear more from this guy. This time his LA funk is applied to DCup’s recent single, I’m Corrupt. Watch Alfa get breezy, beach party, all over this tune.

Showing exactly why the Binary crew are still the kings of Dreamwave, Alfa take the funkier end of the genre and hits the ground running with a body moving digital bass and squelchy Moogs strait out of a 70s Funk record. Slick, buzzing synths and a little Disco lick underpin the kiddy vocals of the original and the whole thing end up great fun. Pure good times Nu-Disco with that particular LA groove. Oi, Alfa! More please!

DCup – I’m Corrupt (Alfa reMix)

DCup’s I’m Corrupt is out now.

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Viceroy reMixes Brett


Brett is a new outfit who have hooked up with DubFrequency to release their début  double A-side single, Confidence/Kate Moss, this month. The Washington DC band has enlisted the skills of San Francesco’s finest Viceroy to give the track a Disco workout, and that’s not all Viceroy has been up to these days.

Confidence is a summery, live sounding, Pop tune with a Tropical Disco overtone, Viceroy takes that beach Disco vibe and runs with it, layering some driving synth arpeggios and smooth keys and just flow along with Brett’s slick vocal. Bringing in a little House piano in the chorus lifts the track up in sections as Viceroy brings out the real fun in this tune and makes it a soundtrack for good times.

♫ Brett – Confidence (Viceroy reMix)

♫ Brett – Confidence

While we’re on the subject of Viceroy, check out this reMix he cooked up for Australian vintage Disco-meister DCup. Viceroy’s take on DCup’s new single, I’m Corrupt is a great, summery Disco tune that gives Viceroy a wealth of instrumentation to play with, And he does with style. Enjoy, just try not to look out the window.

DCup – I’m Corrupt (Viceroy reMix)

Brett’s Confidence/Kate Moss single is released 30th October

Check out more from Brett on SoundCloud.