[Audio] Pelifics & Electric Youth reMixed by Poindexter


Swedish retrowave hero Pelifics’, Electric Youth featuring, Wish It Could Last is definitely one of the highlights of this year, and we’ve been waiting for Brilliantine to drop the reMix package for what seems like ages. One of the rumoured reMixes in particular has held our interest, and that’s from Disco rising star Poindexter. And here it is.

It sounds like a late 70s TV theme. Regardless of how you read that last sentence, it was intended as high praise indeed. Just the right combination of Funk and Disco have gone into this reMix, and it all works brilliantly with Bronwyn’s 80s retro vocal style. It’s a total laid back dream of a track. Rolling bass, Moogy stabs, shimmering chimes, haunting synths, all this is churned up in the mix and come out as smooth as silk. You don’t listen to this tune, it flows into you.

♫ Pelifics (Feat. Electric Youth) – Wish It Could Last (Poindexter reMix)

The Wish It Could LastreMix package is released 19th November.

Buy Pelifics’ music from:

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