[MP3] Cut Slack reworks Midnight Star

Midnight Star

Here’s Portuguese outfit Cut Slack with a brand new track. This time it’s ‘80s electro Soul outfit Midnight Star that gets Cut Slack’s attention with their reworking of their 1986 classic Midas Touch.

Rather than a reMix, this track is a masterclass in how Edits should be done. Cut Slack have completely stripped back the vocals, leaving only a faint, processed, trace of the song to haunt the beats. then by highlighting the tunes dancefloor qualities, Cut Slack turn the track into the prefect Synth Disco groove. This track is full of the best in nostalgic electronic Disco. Big stabs, twisting synth riffs, a boogie down beat and load of head nodding attitude. One of the middle of the dancefloor.

Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Cut Slack Rework)

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[Audio] Sam Sparro’s ‘The Shallow End’ reMixes


So, right now there’s a competition going-on on Beatport, a reMix competition. I know, I know, it;s enough to make you stockpile food and lock yourself in until it blows over, but this one seems to be going alright. The track in question is ElectroPop crooner Sam Sparro’s The Shallow End, from his Return To Paradise album. Apparently the remix-competition-entering-talentless-idiot-masses don’t consider Sam Sparro ‘hype’ enough to be all over this, which kinda’ just proves how shallow and uninspired serial reMix competition entrants are. So what we have is an altogether more intelligent class of reMix talent , so here’s a couple that have ignited out interest.

First up the awesome, and underrated Ugly Kids pitch a lush part-Tropical, part-massive ElectroPop reMix that really captures the groove of the song whist making it truly Ugly Kids’ own. Alongside this uplifting monster is the entry from Cut Slack. Cut Slack turn in a deep synth-funk groove with bouncing bass and slick licks. Newcomer nikakeys enters a deliciously bass laden version of the tune that’s built on some huge stabs and uses the originals’ sax to maximum effect in a funky Disco melting pot. Dats, from Belgium, goes all the way Tropical-Indie-Disco with steel-drum synths and more of that sax crafting a floorfilling summer anthem out of the original. There definitely a high level of quality in this competition, and out inbox isn’t flooded, which means we can enjoy the results more.

♫ The Shallow End (Ugly Kids Tropical reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – The Shallow End (Cut Slack reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – The Shallow End (nikakeys reMix)

♫ Sam Sparro – The Shallow End (Dats reMix)

Sam Sparro’s Shades Of Grey is released 27th November on EMI.

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Cut Slack’s new EP

cut slack

The new Cut Slack EP is here! This Portuguese producer is someone we’ve been keeping close tabs on ever since he entered one of the standout mixes in Fear Of Tigers’ The Adventured Of Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition. He’s got a slick, rich, SynthWave style that really appeals to us. Cinematic and rousing, his tunes notable kill. And his new EP is absolutely free.

This self titled collection sees Cut Slack mixing in a little Disco and a little 80’s guitar into his retro synth sound. The opener, ‘Daybreak’, is about as good as SynthWave gets, it’s a big powerful into that sets you up for a EP’s worth of synth nostalgia with a rock attitude. After the Nu-Disco and guitar solos of ‘T.M.H.S.R’, ‘Never Let You Down’ is a low down dirty Disco tune that exemplifies Cut Slacks style. a sexy Dancefloor groove with guitar shredding over the top, a strange combination maybe, but one that works so well and sounds like the soundtrack to the best buddy cop movie. ‘Lana’ brings the smooth with rolling vocoded vocals and lush electric piano. It’s summery vibe is a nice, chilled, middle point to the EP. A sunset respite before the party rap of ‘Move To The Beat’. For a first EP, Cut Slack has done an amazing job, at a brilliant price. This EP deserves your attention.

Cut Slack – Daybreak

Cut Slack – Never Let You Down

Cut Slack (Feat. Thunder & Co.) – Lana

The ‘Cut Slack’ EP is out now, you can download it here.

Check out more from Cut Slack on SoundCloud.

Yelle reMixed by Cut Slack

We’ve been keeping our eyes on Cut Slack for the last couple of months, we definitely think this Portuguese producer is going to be giving us some awesome tunes in 2012.

He’s easing us into it with this new reMix of the awesome Yelle’s ‘Comme Un Enfant’, where he’s got a perfect grasp of the groove of the track and works it to his advantage with heaps of funk bass and big retro chords. We’re keeping our eyes on Cut Slack, now you know you should be too, he’s going to be a Nu-Disco name in the coming year.

Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Cut Slack reMix)

‘Comme Un Enfant’ is taken from the ‘Safari Disco Club’ album, out now.

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Cut Slack

cut slack

Cut Slack recently featured highly in out round up of the best entries in Fear Of Tigers ‘Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition.

Now the Portuguese producer is back with an original track, ‘Get A grip’ and it shows that, unlike many of his peers, he doesn’t need stems to fall back on, this guy has the chops. Perfect summer night vibes emanate from every inch of this tune from the slick running bass, snatched samples and big retro chords. Remember the name Cut Slack, we think you’ll be hearing a lot from this Dude.

Cut Slack – Get A Grip

Cut Slack should be dropping an EP in early 2012.

Check out more from Cut Slack on SoundCloud.

Last roundup of Fear Of Tigers’ Pippi reMix competition.


As Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition draws to a close here is our sixth and final round up of some of the better entries we have missed so far.

Four entries today. First up Portugal’s Cut Slack sets the bar pretty high with a storming Nu-Disco mix that swaps the euphoric riff for some smooth licks. Follow Me’s galactic rock jam is a power drum workout with a growling bassline that only occasionally gives way to some sweet Disco. Collins does a pretty good job of updating the original with an ear for ‘80’s synthesizer melody with epic and uplifting production while Cuica submit a laid back, Flute infused, beach Disco take on the track.

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Cut Slack reMix)

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Follow Me reMix)

♫ Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Collins Eternal Youth reMix)

♫ Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Cuica reMix)

Do you have a favourite for the lot? We do…

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