reMix competition ultra roundup part two: Lifelike & Popular Computer


So, here we are with the second instalment of our reMix cometition roundup, where we sift through the shit to find the gold so you don’t have to. The other big reMix competition running right now is  Lifelike & Popular Computer current single. The robotic dance anthem ‘Getting High’. Let;’s take a look at who’s actually delivered a decent reMix, rather than phoning it in just to reMix a Lifelike track, shall we?

Of course Germany’s Final DJs have a track. You can’t have a reMix competition with a Final DJs entry. But you have to admit they are literally top of their game. Nine times out of ten they blow all the competition away and with their take on Lifelike & Popular Computers tune they are once again in the top tier if entries. Rocking that vocoded vocal for all it’s worth and produce a future dance track that combines the driving power of the original with Final DJs melodic leads and atmospheric pads. Collins’ ‘Children Of The Sky’ reMix  mixes up a bit of Italo with a bit of Cosmic Disco to great effect and ends up sounding a bit like the theme tune to a late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s BBC children’s Sci-Fi’ series reworked for the dancefloor. Killer bassline! Tommy turns in a deep robotic bassline to go with the vocal which he layers with some inspiring pads and a shuffling beat. A real ‘80’s sounding SynthWave treat. Russian producer Lamet’s entry brings a rad ‘80’s Funk bassline to the track and works that through a retro SynthWave tune with hints of Jan Hammer.

♫ Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Final DJs reMix)

♫ Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Collins’ Children Of The Sky reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Tommy reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Lamet reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer’s ‘Getting High’ is out now.

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Final DJs début single


Well it’s finally here. Germany’s purveyors of the finest in dreamy SynthWave Final DJs release their début single for On The Fruit Records today. It’s been a long road tog et here which has seen this duo dropping originals and reMixes taking in everything from cinematic Dreamwave to bass funkin’ Nu-Disco. It seemed to take them a while to settle on a sound of their own, but with this premiere release they lay down their musical manifesto. You better listen up.

‘Gossip Country’ contains three originals and two reMixes, the title track is an epic excursion through synthetic melodies. Kicking off with a machine bassline with a Industrial feel, which isn’t as harsh as it sounds and makes for a nice hypnotic, undulating, backing for the lush, rich pads and some of Final DJs greatest solos and lead lines to date. There even a little ‘90’s House vibe in the mix too just to offset the overwhelming 80’s-ness of the leads. Final DJs have crafted some real goosebumps moments in ‘Gossip Country’ and, whilst keeping the SynthWave sound have taken it one step further and taken Outrun Electro one step further toward being accepted by the mainstream. Flipside number one, ‘Salt On Our Skin’ is more of a funkier affair, but in an funky Italo way rather than a Nu-Disco vein with it’s bouncy digital bass being impossible not to move to. Again these producer double act hit just the right note with their soaring synth work. The remaining B-Side, ‘A Long Way Home’ is a more traditional dance affair with a lot more of the 90’s vibes. reMixes come from Sebastian Scotch who drops a deep Housey Disco track and Justin Faust who reworks ‘Gossip Country’, adding a bit more of a syncopated groove and a classy Disco sheen. Faust keeps a lot  of what makes the track so good in place, just tweaking things here and there, making the song ready for prime time.

♫ Final DJs – Gossip Country

♫ Final DJs – Salt on Our Skin

♫ Final DJs – Gossip Country (Justin Faust reMix)

Final DJs’ ‘Gossip Country’ is released today.

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Final DJs reMix Kris Menace


Germany’s Final DJs are at it again, dropping another awesome slice of blissed out SynthWave, just in time for the weekend. This time it’s in the form if a brand new reMix of Kris Menace’s Kiki Twins featuring ‘We Are’.

Final DJs bring their smooth night-drive synthesizer love to the tune, an early entry in the ‘We Are’ reMix competition. I’m sure we’re going to see a flood of ‘We Are’ reMixes but I seriously doubt that many will top Final DJs quality. The tune is loaded with subtle influences, a slight Italo feel, a gently French Touch sheen, all folded into FDJs Synthy goodness. It’s a big diva vocal track, and FDJs never make it compete with the music, the laid back urban Electro acting as a compliment, working in harmony with the vocals to create a deep late-nights-in-the-city groove. They couldn’t resist adding one of their trademark solo in there too, this one is particularity buzzin’.

♫ Kris Menace (Feat. Kiki Twins) – We Are (Final DJs Rmx)

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Final DJs’ ‘Moonshine’

Final DJs

Germany’s Final DJs are back, and this time they are bringing the party with them! Not that the Final DJs can;t get funky when they need to, just look at ‘One Day In The Sun’ ‘, but this is an especially feel-good slice of Beach Disco. Sit back, relax and enjoy the groove.

‘Moonshine’ shuffles along driven by bongos, congas and handclaps, and if that isn’t three things that can get the party started I don’t know what is. But don’t fret, Final DJs usual lush, rich synth work is still present in the form of their trademark big dreamy chords and twisting solos, but here they are accompanied by a funky bassline and some addictive House piano. there’s nothing about this track that is’;t 100% good-times. Let this soundtrack your weekend.

♫ Final DJs – Moonshine

Check out more from Final DJs on their SoundCloud.

Final DJs reMixes Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries


Final DJs in the mix again! This time tackling Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries, already smooth as hell, ‘Don’t Look Back’. Can they make it any smother?

Why yes, yes they can. With liberal healings of soaring synth and some slick, subtle, vocoding Germany’s finest craft an epic slice of SynthWave euphoria. Whilst ultimately full of feel good synth Funk, this reMix also has some hauntingly beautiful moments, and that’s what we’ve always said  Final DJs do best. When they mix up their deeply emotional synth work with their straight up dancefloor grooves the world seems a better place.

Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries – Don’t Look Back (Final DJs reMix)

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Final DJs’ ‘Inversion’


Final DJs. Always releasing tunes late on Fridays after we’ve shut up shop for the weekend!

So, while we’re all still waiting for the German master’s début EP release on On The Fruit the guys keep dropping storming track after storming track and ‘Inversion’ is a massive, pounding monster of a track. It’s a mid-tempo, slow burning tune that builds and builds into a wall of synthetic melody. What’s so immense about this track is the way the relentless driving beat juxtaposes the playful lead lines, and the whole atmosphere if the track being quite otherworldly. In the last two years Final DJs have consistently impressed and consistently improved upon themselves. With tracks like ‘Inversion’ they are really pushing the boundaries of what they can do, and consistently nailing it.

Final DJs – Inversion

Check out more from Final DJs on their SoundCloud.

Sohight’s new EP


We’ve featured Russian producers Sohight a few times before and always loved his tunes, so it;s good to bee Kiez Beats picking them up and dropping this massive single, ‘High School’

For this record they’ve teamed up with single Cheevy to produce one of the largest retro ElectroPop tracks we’ve heard in awhile. This thing is epic. The biggest sounding drums, the fattest synth sounds and passionate vocals belted out all make up the kind of huge nostalgic Dreamwave ElectroPop that we haven’t heard a lot of in the last few months. This’ll more than make up for that! Amongst the reMix package is Final DJs take on the track, which sees them bring that brand of Funky SynthWave to the tune. Their retro synths really capture the mood of the tune and they let loose midway with some killer soloing. Jesse Oliver steps up to reMix too, with an awesome mix that sounds a little like something Fear Of Tigers would come up with.

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – High School

♫ Sohight feat. Cheevy – High School (Final DJs School’s Out reMix)

♫ Sohight feat. Cheevy – High School (Jesse Oliver reMix)

‘High School’ is out 13th April and also includes a reMix from Kreap.

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Final DJs Vs. MRTN


Why do Final DJs always release stuff at the weekends? I need some time off sometimes y’know! But here I am, tired from a weekend’s brutality and there are good tunes to be blogged about!

MRTN’s ‘Slow’ caught out eye a while back, it must have caught Final DJs eyes too for them to come up with such an inspired reMix. It’s exactly the kind of sweeping SynthWave you expect from these German producers, the kind that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, but it’s the way the big retro dance track interacts with Lovisa Negga’s voice that’s the icing on the cake. It’s a must listen track, a full-on, high-octane synthesizer Disco assault with a sweet vocal.

♫ MRTN (Feat. Lovisa Negga) – Slow (Final DJs reMix)

MRTN’s ‘Slow’ is out now.

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Beyoncé reMixes; don’t ask again.


Have you ever seen that episode of hit-and-miss medical comedy Scrubs where the main characters see a report on TV about some new health scare and all simultaneously let out a groan of exasperation as they know that the hospital, where they work, is now going to be flooded with needy members of the public buying into the latest medial panic? Well that’s how it feels to be a music blogger when a big name, such as Beyoncé, announces a reMix competition.

That said, here’s some reMixes of ‘End Of Time’ we have liked. Monsieur Adi’s mix is unsurprising stunning work. A deep, majestic, euphoric big room jam that’s got to be a god bet for winner. Max Action delivers a top quality buzzing, cut-up, Electro mix. The reMix from Final DJs sees them getting a bit more of their Funk on than usual, mixing it up with their bright SynthWave to smooth effect. Ren Riz take a shiny Disco approach with some huge chords and gets every last drop of groove out of those horns. Lastly Big C serves up an ‘80’s Pop jam, which is actually a pretty good approximation of what this track would have sounded like if it was releases in 1986.

Right, don’t expect any more.

♫ Beyoncé – End Of Time (Monsieur Adi reMix)

♫ Beyoncé – End Of Time (Max Action Rmx)

♫ Beyoncé – End Of Time (Final DJs NuDisco reMix)

♫ Beyoncé – End Of Time (Ren Riz Re-Edit)

♫ Beyoncé – End Of Time (Big C reMix)

You can vote for the tracks here, or something.

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New music from Final DJs


Final DJs are so kind, they know we’re all waiting for their début single, but they don’t want to see up kept waiting, bored. So they keep dropping new tunes, and we stay happy.

‘NEON’ is their latest creation, a tune that drinks deep from the wells of both Italo and Disco. A futuristic, robotic, jam who’s machine arpeggios are tempered by soulful solos. It’s sweeping filers moving the track to rise and fall. This is night drive music with a difference, unfortunately no-one can yet get the full effect of this track, as the complete ‘NEON’ experience would involve a night drive, but through a future dystopia in a hover-car. I‘m defiantly keeping ‘NEON’ around until we’re flying around holographic billboards in Spinners.  Final DJs have also dropped their rework of Bee Gees’ ‘E.S.P.’, which is actually a pretty inspired Edit, the original track really lends itself well to a a rework. it’s such a good choice, and done so well, I’m surprised no-one has done this before.

Final DJs – NEON

Bee Gees – E.S.P. (Final DJs Higher And Higher Rework)

Final DJs’ début single is out soon on On The Fruit.

Check out more from Final DJs on their SoundCloud.