[Audio] Collins’ début album


Let’s talk about Collins. This guy first came to out attention back in September 20122 with his entry into Feat Of Tigers’ the Adventured Of Pippi Longstrump reMix competition. We highlighted his contribution as one of our favourites and since then have been following this Brazilian based Irish producer as he dropped a succession of class singles over the past two years. Well, that time has come, as it does in every musician’s career when they just have to bite the bullet and release an album. A declaration of intent, a manifesto. Collins’ Animal Magnetism lays down the law on why he’s different from the pack, and why is forward thinking attitude makes him one to watch.

Animal Magnetism opens with the dreamlike Heartbreaker, and there’s immediately something different goin on here. Whilst the track shares much of it’s DNA with Kavinsky’s Nightcall, it also let’s you know that the preceding album isn’t going to be your standard SynthWave. Listless, ominous vocoded vocals wash over the entire track and it sets a mood of eerie beauty that  the rest of the release follows through with. Serenade continues in the same mysterious vein, albeit it with an EBM bassline and hushed female vocals the drag the track into 90s Elektro Industrial realms, a realm that isn’t entirely untouched by the tracks predecessor, The Sacred with it’s imposing robo vox. Fallen is a weird best, fifty percent laid back beach Disco, fifty percent a moody cover of Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti’s Falling, it’s a take on an oft covered track that we hadn’t heard before. The album continues in this enigmatic style, punctuated by the likes of Italo monster If Looks Could Kill and the slightly ChipTune Coping Mechanism. Animal Magnetism is an impressive début collection, showing both a variety of moods from Collins, but also his ability to capture the darker side of life in rich, evocative music.

♫ Collins (Feat. Ana Gabriela Accioly) – Serenade

♫ Collins – If Looks Could Kill

♫ Collins – Coping Mechanism

♫ Collins – Fallen

Collins’ Animal Magnetism is out now, you can pick it up here. It;s available as a digital download, or as a limited edition cassette/video package.

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Collins’ ‘New York Groove’


New York Groove is the new track from Brazil based producer Collins. The man is currently working on an album for an unnamed record label (but one that we could take a pretty good guess at), but while we all wait for that he’s still dropping tracks to keep the fire burning.

The Kiss sampling New York Groove is an excursive in pure dancefloor fun. The juxtaposition between the Kiss chorus and Collins bouncy vintage synth bassline and arpeggios give the track a sweet party vibe. Collins’ addition of a honky-tonk piano to the mix is a stoke of genius, adding a little theatrics to the sample, crating a tune you just want to jump out your seat and sing along to.

♫ Collins – New York Groove

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reMix competition ultra roundup part two: Lifelike & Popular Computer


So, here we are with the second instalment of our reMix cometition roundup, where we sift through the shit to find the gold so you don’t have to. The other big reMix competition running right now is  Lifelike & Popular Computer current single. The robotic dance anthem ‘Getting High’. Let;’s take a look at who’s actually delivered a decent reMix, rather than phoning it in just to reMix a Lifelike track, shall we?

Of course Germany’s Final DJs have a track. You can’t have a reMix competition with a Final DJs entry. But you have to admit they are literally top of their game. Nine times out of ten they blow all the competition away and with their take on Lifelike & Popular Computers tune they are once again in the top tier if entries. Rocking that vocoded vocal for all it’s worth and produce a future dance track that combines the driving power of the original with Final DJs melodic leads and atmospheric pads. Collins’ ‘Children Of The Sky’ reMix  mixes up a bit of Italo with a bit of Cosmic Disco to great effect and ends up sounding a bit like the theme tune to a late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s BBC children’s Sci-Fi’ series reworked for the dancefloor. Killer bassline! Tommy turns in a deep robotic bassline to go with the vocal which he layers with some inspiring pads and a shuffling beat. A real ‘80’s sounding SynthWave treat. Russian producer Lamet’s entry brings a rad ‘80’s Funk bassline to the track and works that through a retro SynthWave tune with hints of Jan Hammer.

♫ Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Final DJs reMix)

♫ Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Collins’ Children Of The Sky reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Tommy reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Lamet reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer’s ‘Getting High’ is out now.

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Cinnamon Chasers’ reMixes


So, Cinnamon Chasers’ ‘the Day That Never Came’/’Warm Rush’ reMix competition has drawn to a close, we’ve already featured Mr. Mæn’s and Lameboy Advance’s reMixes but while we await the winner to be announced let have a listen to some of the highlights so far.

We’ve by no means had the opportunity to listen to every single entrant, but here are some of the tracks that have stood out to us in out browsing of what’s on offer. Collins, unsurprisingly, turns in a top quality synthesiser workout with layers of retro electronic and does a really good job of creating a mood with his use of sound. Norwegian outfit seipä, have entered a massive sounding ElectroPop version of ‘The Day That Never Came’ that is pure synth euphoria. Jason Kid, winner of the Monsieur Adi reMix cometition, delivers a warm SynthWave track in his ‘Warm Rush’ reMix while Croatian act Senzorz drop some live ElectroPop with walls of arpeggios.

♫ Cinnamon Chasers – The Day That Never Came (Collins’ Kiss The Abyss reMix)

♫ Cinnamon Chasers – The Day That Never Came (seipä reMix)

♫ Cinnamon Chasers – Warm Rush (Jason Kid reMix)

♫ Cinnamon Chasers – The Day That Never Came (Bexx Senzorz Last Minute Rmx)

‘The Day That Never Came’ is out now.

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Collins’ new single


We featured Collins a few times last year and really liked what we heard, so we’re dead pleased for him that he’s been picked up by Boombar Music and about to drop his début single.

The single’s a double A-Side featuring ‘Secret Admirer’ and ‘Loverboy’, two awesome slices of SynthWave with a deep Disco twist. ‘Secret Admirer’, whist I wouldn’t exactly say it was ‘dark’, definitely has a ominous tone to it. Musically it’s a slick combination of Jan Hammer grooves and cotemporary Electro flourishes which a really smooth sheen to it. We’ve featured ‘Loverboy’ before, we loved it then and love it now. We can resist anything that injects a little B-Boy Funk into SynthWave. This is going to be one of March’s most solid releases.

♫ Collins – Secret Admirer

♫ Collins – Loverboy

‘Secret Admirer’/‘Loverboy’ is released 19th March.

Check out more from Collins on SoundCloud.



We featured Collins’ contribution Fear Of Tigers’ ‘Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition a while back as one of our picks of entries, his melodic take on retro Electro immediately caught out ear.

Now the Irish resident of Brazil has sent on over his most recent track. ‘Loverboy’ kicks off with a slick ‘80’s bassline and classic SynthPop melody before sliding into a particularly vintage sounding SynthWave tune. It’s at this point that the track takes you completely by surprise by morphine into a vocoded Electro Boogie jam. ‘Loverboy’ is a robotic love song for Breakers and Italo heads alike and marks Collins as one to keep an eye on.

♫ Collins – Loverboy

Check out his reMix of Miss Kittin’s classic ‘Rippin Kittin’ too, full of bouncy retro basslines and wicked solos.

♫ Miss Kittin – Rippin Kittin (Collins’ ‘Labour Of Love’ reMix)

Check out more from Collins on SoundCloud.

Last roundup of Fear Of Tigers’ Pippi reMix competition.


As Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition draws to a close here is our sixth and final round up of some of the better entries we have missed so far.

Four entries today. First up Portugal’s Cut Slack sets the bar pretty high with a storming Nu-Disco mix that swaps the euphoric riff for some smooth licks. Follow Me’s galactic rock jam is a power drum workout with a growling bassline that only occasionally gives way to some sweet Disco. Collins does a pretty good job of updating the original with an ear for ‘80’s synthesizer melody with epic and uplifting production while Cuica submit a laid back, Flute infused, beach Disco take on the track.

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Cut Slack reMix)

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Follow Me reMix)

♫ Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Collins Eternal Youth reMix)

♫ Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Cuica reMix)

Do you have a favourite for the lot? We do…

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