[Video] Kris Menace’s ‘The Only Constant Is Change’


Kris Menace   The Only Constant Is Change   YouTube

The Only Constant Is Change is the new single from prolific German producer Kris Menace. It’s a departure from his normal floorfilling Nu-Disco, being pretty much a SynthWave tune, full of retro goodness.

In this spirit the video too is a wonderful vintage hypnotic clip directed by Mr. Div. just watch the shapes!

The Only Constant Is Change is taken from Kris Menace’s album, The Entirety Of Matter, out now.

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[Audio] Aeroplane reMixes Kris Menace & Romanthony’s ‘Nite4U’



The contribution to German Nu-Disco Producer Kris Menace’s Features album of last year from the late-great voice of House Romanthony, Nite4U, also puts in a appearance of the reMixed version of the record, released this week. And the producer stepping up to the plate to take on the track? French hype magnet Aeroplane works his euro Disco magic on Nite4U, check it out.

A rolling slice of piano lead dance music, Aeroplane’s mix of Nite4U teeters on the edge of early 90s House without actually taking the plunge. Not quite Disco, not quite House, it’s bulging bassline and snappy 909 beats exist in a timeless, classic, dance music form all of their own. A solid dancefloor workout, Romanthony’s vocals feel perfectly at home amidst the warehouse vibe.

♫ Kris Menace (Feat. Romanthony) – Nite4U (Aeroplane reMix)

Kris Menace’s Features reMixed is out now.

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[Video] Kris Menace’s ‘Voodoo Dilate (Samo)’


Kris Menace

Voodoo Dilate (Samo) is the new single from German Disco producer Kris Menace. Coming from his album Features, a collection of collaborations, the track features Chelonis R. Jones and sees Menace takeing a darker House routes with his music.

Directed by Meeto Worre Kronborg Grevsen, the clip features dancer Nicklas Milling Pedersen A.K.A. Nicklas ‘The Nerd’ as an anonymous shadow.

Voodoo Dilate (Samo) is taken from Kris Menace’s collaborations album, Features, out now.

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[MP3] Lifelike & Kris Menace reMixed by Quinten 909

Lifelike & Kris Menace

It’s been a while since we had a new tune from Dutch Disco don Quinten 909, but here he is, to start you week boogieing, with a Funktastic reMix of  Lifelike & Kris Menace‘s, now classic, Discopolis.

Squelching up that instantly recognisable bassline and giving the beat a little disco shuffle, give the tune a lighter, groovier feeling, as opposed to the dancefloor stomp of the original. Full of nice filter sweeps and popping rhythms, Quinten 909 does a nice job of turning a big room monster into a laid back, pool party, jam. Get ready for some tasty bass.

Lifelike & Kris Menace – Discopolis (Quinten 909 reMix)

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[Audio] Kris Menace & Miss Kittin reMixed by Final DJs


Here it is, Germany’s finest all together. Dreamwave heroes Final DJs mixing up a smooth storm with their official reMix of Kris Menace and Miss Kittin’s new single, Hide. Bringing a different flavour to the track than the other versions, Final DJs deliver some seriously Cosmic Disco for dreamers.

Final DJs carry all their sweetest tricks to the table on this one, working in miss Kittin’s distant vocal into a galactic, laid-back, Disco groove. Clocking in at an epic six minutes, the track gives Final DJs more than enough time to introduce their retro bests and truly soaring synth leads. it;s a mix loaded with synth love and a fitting finale to and amazing year for Final DJs, who have consistently released some of the best synth Disco and Dreamwave around in 2012.

♫ Kris Menace (Feat. Miss Kittin) – Hide (Final DJs reMix)

Kris Menace’s Hide is out now.

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[Audio] Oliver reMix Black Van


Black Van is, of course, the duo of German Electro-Disco master Kris Menace and long-time collaborator, Moonbootica’s KoweSix. These two have released some cool shit over the years, gracing some of Disco’s top labels, the likes of DFA and Permanent Vacation. This twosome is back together and have just released a brand new single, Inside. Amongst the big beats is this reMix from LA Dreamwave, and Oliver themed, duo, Oliver.

It seems like this reMix is a nice indication of where these two have been, and where they are going. If you’ve heard their recent collaboration with A-Trak, and their thoughts on the matter, you’ll be aware that the guys are expanding their sound. Maybe they are taking in a wider Dance music scope, bringing a bit of the current American Dance music markets grit to their tune, adding it to their smooth Disco fuelled Dreamwave. But this reMix for Black Van seems to be the best of both worlds. Soulful and dreamy as their best LA vibed tunes, but with a pounding Electro groove. It’s like a tune made of stardust. From the big stabs, to the shimmering lead line, to the totally rocking beat, everything about this track is right on the money.

♫ Black Van – Inside (Oliver reMix)

Black Van’s Inside is out now.

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[MP3] Maethelvin reMixes Kris Menace & Miss Kittin


So, we dropped Kris Menace’s new single, Hide, featuring the voice of ElectroClash, Miss Kittin, a couple of weeks ago. The single is out now and the surprise track of the reMix package is the return of Valerie mainstay Maethelvin. It’s been a long long time since we heard from this guy. He dumped a few new/old track on his soundcloud early in 2012 but hasn’t released anything since 2009.

The remix kinda’ makes us miss the pure Valerie sound. SynthWave/Outrun has moved on a little since those days, become more bombastic, and Dreamwave morphed into a more Indie inclined synth nostalgiafest. Here, though, Maethelvin delivers three and a half minutes of pure French, 80s influenced, teen movie soundtracking, Italo-Disco rocking, synth brilliance. Laidback and groovy, this reMix lets Miss Kittin’s vocal become a bit more musical as it glides over Maethelvin’s washes of electronics.

Kris Menace (Feat. Miss Kittin) – Hide (Maethelvin reMix)

Kris Menace’s Hide is out now.

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Kris Menace & Miss Kittin’s ‘Hide’ video

This week German Electro Disco don  Kris Menace released an album of collaborations, Features, that included a track with ElectroClash icon Miss Kittin. Hide is a hypnotic slice of AcidPop brilliance that has just been released in video form.

Check out the clip, directed by Mathieu Bétard for some really stunning animated visuals.

Kris Menace’s Featuresis out now.

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reMix competition ultra roundup part one: Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins


We don’t hate reMix competitions. Actually, that’s a lie, we do hate reMix competitions and every time a new one is announced it makes us shudder. For us it means that for the next few weeks our inbox is going to be full of every Dude with a cracked copy of Abelton screaming “look at me, I’ve reMixed some big artist!”. reMix competitions seem great for the original artist, they get loads of free promotion and free reMixes, but for everyone else it’s a tiresome flood of bedroom producers almost begging you to ‘favourite’ them or ‘like’ them in the most undignified ways possible. It’s like every time an even vaguely popular artist announces a reMix competition everyone looses all self respect and turns into musical savages. We do not look forward to it, and you’ll notice that more and more blogs are starting to ignore reMix competitions and their entries. The signal to noise ratio is just too much hard work for anyone. Once an innovative way to connect with fans, reMix competitions are so frequent now they just seem like a cheap way to get a load of free PR for the artist (by essentially using the desperation of unsigned producers) and a way for producers yet to prove their mettle to feel a big special with grown-up stems.

HOWEVER (in caps, because now that our rant is over we can get on with some good music), that’s not to say that these competitions don’t produce some gems. When a talented producer gets their hands on some class stems beautiful things can happen. Some of our favourite tracks of the last couple of years have been the result of reMix competitions. There’s currently two big competitions running and today we will be rounding-up some of the best of both. First up is Kris Menace’s Kiki Twins featuring ‘We Are’. We’ve already featured Final DJs reMix a couple of weeks ago. Here’s some of the best versions to have hit our inbox. Continuing a string of awesome reMixes comes The Big C, who rightly sees a big ‘90’s House vocal where there was one and reMixes accordingly with a proper Chicago vibe and a big piano line. SynthWaver Awkoder brings a cavalcade of tom rolls to the table alongside big synth stabs and twisting leads. Mac Stanton turns in a huge club oriented track, impeccable produced and really working the Diva vocals. Something different comes from Aussie Ren Riz. Taking the track to new, deeper, places Ren keeps the ‘90’s feel but puts the track squarely in the Warehouses of the time. Lastly Dusty Digital enters a bouncy version driven by arpeggios and shimmering lead lines. See, there are some good tunes in there, it’s just so much work finding them.

♫ Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (The Big C reMix)

♫ Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Awkoder reMix)

♫ Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Mac Stanton Highway reMix)

Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Ren Riz reMix)

Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Dusty Digital reMix)

Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins’ ‘We Are’ is out now.

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Final DJs reMix Kris Menace


Germany’s Final DJs are at it again, dropping another awesome slice of blissed out SynthWave, just in time for the weekend. This time it’s in the form if a brand new reMix of Kris Menace’s Kiki Twins featuring ‘We Are’.

Final DJs bring their smooth night-drive synthesizer love to the tune, an early entry in the ‘We Are’ reMix competition. I’m sure we’re going to see a flood of ‘We Are’ reMixes but I seriously doubt that many will top Final DJs quality. The tune is loaded with subtle influences, a slight Italo feel, a gently French Touch sheen, all folded into FDJs Synthy goodness. It’s a big diva vocal track, and FDJs never make it compete with the music, the laid back urban Electro acting as a compliment, working in harmony with the vocals to create a deep late-nights-in-the-city groove. They couldn’t resist adding one of their trademark solo in there too, this one is particularity buzzin’.

♫ Kris Menace (Feat. Kiki Twins) – We Are (Final DJs Rmx)

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