[Download] Baron Von Luxxury edits Bee Gees’ ‘Night Fever’



LA DiscoPopper Baron Von Luxxury has been steadily releasing some of the best edits around over the past few months, his Madonna and David Bowie edits being the standouts so far. The latest in this line of floorfillers comes in the form of an enigmatic edit of Bee Gees’ 1978 hit Night Fever.

This tune kinda’ goes beyond the remit of an edit, not even a reMix, Luxxury’s edit is a radical reworking of the song. Morphing the track into a slo-mo, brooding, Nu-Disco epic. Haunting and mysterious, the tune retains the original’s groove, it was edited from the original multitrack stems, but recreates the strings and bassline as an ominous midnight soundtrack. Spooky Disco anyone?

Bee Gees – Night Fever (Luxxury Edit)

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New music from Final DJs


Final DJs are so kind, they know we’re all waiting for their début single, but they don’t want to see up kept waiting, bored. So they keep dropping new tunes, and we stay happy.

‘NEON’ is their latest creation, a tune that drinks deep from the wells of both Italo and Disco. A futuristic, robotic, jam who’s machine arpeggios are tempered by soulful solos. It’s sweeping filers moving the track to rise and fall. This is night drive music with a difference, unfortunately no-one can yet get the full effect of this track, as the complete ‘NEON’ experience would involve a night drive, but through a future dystopia in a hover-car. I‘m defiantly keeping ‘NEON’ around until we’re flying around holographic billboards in Spinners.  Final DJs have also dropped their rework of Bee Gees’ ‘E.S.P.’, which is actually a pretty inspired Edit, the original track really lends itself well to a a rework. it’s such a good choice, and done so well, I’m surprised no-one has done this before.

Final DJs – NEON

Bee Gees – E.S.P. (Final DJs Higher And Higher Rework)

Final DJs’ début single is out soon on On The Fruit.

Check out more from Final DJs on their SoundCloud.