[News] Popular Computer releases retrospective album

Popular Computer

Awesome synthetic Nu-Disco producer Popular Computer has just released a retrospective album that collects his work from between 2004-2007.

Filling the gap between LiTE, Popular Computer’s album of earlier this year, and a new record he’s planning for 2013, this release, titled First Level, brings to gather his work from Fine Records to Kitsuné Music. Of course, it is a new album, so these tracks sit alongside one or two previously unreleased tracks from that period. And, yes, I Can’t Forget You in included. We’re looking forward to Popular Computer’s new album quite a lot, but until then, this’ll do.

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The Sweeps’ ‘Optimistic Melancholic’

The Sweeps

Emerald & Doreen are fast becoming the name to keep an eye of for retro ElectroPop and classic sounding Italo tracks. The newest addition to their catalogue is the new single from German Italo purists The Sweeps. Optimistic Melancholic comes crammed with reMixes from some of the hottest names, past and present and a Sci-Fi groove for every occasion.

Optimistic Melancholic is a brooding ElectroPop track, pitch perfect for a circa 1984 sound, that balances mysterious,  a vintage Disco beat and bassline, and duelling male and female vocals. A galactic Italo track, full of futuristic promise and nostalgic grooves, Optimistic Melancholic is retro Pop at it’s finest. The EP’s line-up of reMix talent is just as impressive. Italo godfather Flemming Dalum delivers a pacey, arpeggiator loaded mix that morphs the tune into a Moroder-dancefloor gem that guaranteed to hold the interest of all who hear it. It keeps the mood of the song, whilst raising the energy levels, making it ripe for any DJ set. Russian SynthWave up-and-comers Hot Hot Hawk take the track to deep, pulsating, retro soundtrack territory. Juggernaut basslines on rapid fire are tempered with shimmering synths and the original’s gentle vocal to create an exciting electronic opus. Elsewhere on the single you’ll fine work from  Go Nogo and Thomas Barrandon, Optimistic Melancholic as a whole is a quality electronic release, and goes to proove why emerald & Doreen are really delivering something exciting for fans of synthesizer music.

♫ The Sweeps – Optimistic Melancholic (Original 12 Inch Extended Version)

♫ The Sweeps – Optimistic Melancholic (Flemming Dalum reMix)

♫ The Sweeps – Optimistic Melancholic (Hot Hot Hawk reMix)

The Sweeps’ Optimistic Melancholic is out now.

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Popular Computer’s ‘POP HeART’

Hot on the heels of Popular Computer’s collaboration with Lifelike on the reMix spawning ’Getting High’, here’s is the video for his next single proper, ‘POP HeART’.

It’s a thick slab of Electro Boogie with some really nice mid ‘80’s sampling techniques and vibe to it. The video is underwear models, can’t say fairer than that.

While you’re here, grab the Carlos Pizzetti edit for free. This edit brings a warm, Moroder Disco groove to the track with added arpeggios and flourishes. Layered with Andy Warhol samples the Edit takes the track down a deeper route, the prefect companion to the original.

Popular Computer – POP HeART (Carlos Pizzetti Edit)

‘POP HeART’ is released 21st June with additional reMix work from Lifelike.

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reMix competition ultra roundup part two: Lifelike & Popular Computer


So, here we are with the second instalment of our reMix cometition roundup, where we sift through the shit to find the gold so you don’t have to. The other big reMix competition running right now is  Lifelike & Popular Computer current single. The robotic dance anthem ‘Getting High’. Let;’s take a look at who’s actually delivered a decent reMix, rather than phoning it in just to reMix a Lifelike track, shall we?

Of course Germany’s Final DJs have a track. You can’t have a reMix competition with a Final DJs entry. But you have to admit they are literally top of their game. Nine times out of ten they blow all the competition away and with their take on Lifelike & Popular Computers tune they are once again in the top tier if entries. Rocking that vocoded vocal for all it’s worth and produce a future dance track that combines the driving power of the original with Final DJs melodic leads and atmospheric pads. Collins’ ‘Children Of The Sky’ reMix  mixes up a bit of Italo with a bit of Cosmic Disco to great effect and ends up sounding a bit like the theme tune to a late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s BBC children’s Sci-Fi’ series reworked for the dancefloor. Killer bassline! Tommy turns in a deep robotic bassline to go with the vocal which he layers with some inspiring pads and a shuffling beat. A real ‘80’s sounding SynthWave treat. Russian producer Lamet’s entry brings a rad ‘80’s Funk bassline to the track and works that through a retro SynthWave tune with hints of Jan Hammer.

♫ Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Final DJs reMix)

♫ Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Collins’ Children Of The Sky reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Tommy reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Lamet reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer’s ‘Getting High’ is out now.

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Lifelike & Popular Computer


Hold tight for some seriously French French Touch and one of the scenes pioneers Lifelike teams up with one of our favourite producers Popular Computer to drop a massive slab of dancefloor goodness. Like an invasion of French funky robots the just released new track, ‘Getting High’ hot you with a militaristic groove tempered with smooth synths.

The relentless marching of the staccato bassline and vocoded chants is like in irresistible call to dance. A mantra of synths and robots that wraps you up in it’s hypnotic groove. ON top of this you can head Popular Computer’s input in the bright, complex melodies, like a musical machine with a hundred moving parts. It’s actually really interesting to hear the meeting of these two producers distinct styles, a meeting that works really well, Lifelike knows his groove and riffs like no-other, and PC can layer thick retro synths and intricate lead lines. A good mix, check it out:


♫ Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High

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Popular Computer’s ‘Lointain’ video

Popular Computer’s amazing ‘Lointain’  now has an equally amazing video.

Talk about putting a sheen on Disco! Was Disco all a dream?

‘Lointain’ is out now on Chilly Gonzalez and Housse De Racket‘s label Schmooze.

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Popular Computer’s new single

Popular Computer

Out this week is Popular Computer new record, ‘Lointain’.

We’ve been waiting for the release for a while now and it’s a stormer. Parisian Sylvain Dalido get’s into a synthetic Disco state of mind with a laid back electronic sound packed with vintage synths and Disco licks. On the reMix is a whole bunch of our favourite producers. Australian Dreamwave master Muffin, who has been away far too long, drops a delicious retro beach party of a tune, mixing up the Disco and the ‘80’s, which just highlight why we need to hear more from this man. Pharao Black Magic get their analog Disco groove on with a deep bass driven slice of slo-mo electronic Funk. Robotaki’s contribution is a wonderful mix of everything good in Nu-Disco and SynthWave with a strong Moog Funk rhythm section, twisting lead lines and shimmering retro chords fit of a perfect sunset.

♫ Popular Computer – Lointain

Popular Computer – Lointain (Muffin reMix)

♫ Popular Computer – Lointain (Pharao Black Magic reMix)

Popular Computer – Lointain (Robotaki reMix)

‘Lointain’ is out now on Chilly Gonzalez and Housse De Racket‘s label Schmooze.

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