Douze’s new EP


Friday saw the release of French Discomeister Douze’s ‘Eternity’s Call Back’ EP from Discotexas.

the EP’s two original tracks ‘Eternity’s Call Back’ and ‘Forsaken’ are sweeping, cosmic slices of electronic Disco Funk, with ‘Forsaken’ even verging into space-age ElectroPop territory. To mark the release, check out these two reMixes of ’Forsaken’ from Freak You, who turns the track into a digital slap bass monster with a surprising, but wicked, electric piano lead line, and Publicist, whose deep analog synth Disco take is a smooth robotic dancefloor invasion.

Douze – Forsaken (Freak You reMix And Piña Colada)

Douze – Forsaken (Publicist reMix)

Douze’s ‘Eternity’s Call Back’ EP  is out now.

Buy Douze’s music from:


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