[Video] Moullinex’s ‘To Be Clear’


Moullinex  To Be Clear    YouTube

Moullinex’s To Be Clear has been out a few weeks now, an awesome Disco/House tune with some awesome reMixes to boot, it just got better with a brand new video.

The clip is directed by Benjamin Shearn, the clip is Disco personified. Shiny, colourful and full of, er, hands.

Moullinex’s To Be Clear is out now on Discotexas.

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[Audio] Zimmer reMixes Moullinex’s ‘To Be Clear’



Released last week via Discotexas, was the new single from the king of the Portuguese Disco scene, Moullinex. Set amongst a packed reMix collection, that include work from RAC and Kraak & Smaak, sits this absolute gem from the Parisian creator of Horizontal Disco; Zimmer. Featuring the vocals of Rebeka’s Iwona Skwarek, the original was a pumping three and a half minutes of DiscoPop which Zimmer transforms into a laid back blanket of Tropical breeze.

Pitching down the vocals for a ghostly (and surprisingly soulful) vibe, Zimmer introduced all manner of haunting sounds to contrast his popping, vintage, synth array and House flavour. the restful is something that is both compellingly dancefloor friendly and mysteriously chilled. Maybe that’s the point of Horizontal Disco, who knows? No-one except Zimmer himself we guess. You’d have thought the Pan Pipes would be a bit cheesy in a post-Enigma world, but the work amazingly well in this track; an instrument not often used in Disco, but one that lends the track a little emotional rush. All-in-all, an infectious tune from Zimmer that completely reworks the original and delivers something of an intelligent floorfiller.

♫ Moullinex (Feat. Iwona Skwarek) – To Be Clear (Zimmer reMix)

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[Audio] Justin Faust’s ‘Space Rhumba’


Justin Faust

It’s been awhile since we’d had a new release from German Nu-Discomeister Justin Faust, but this week Discotexas release the man’s new single, Space Rhumba. Prepare for some cosmic Latin rhythms backed by reMixes from Discotexas’ own Xinobi and Swiss producer Mercury.

This one’s a straight-up party starter. The combination of Latin purcussion and sweeping galactic Disco synths makes for a unique, and hard to ignore, sound. It’s got a vibe unlike anything you would have heard recently, like Miami meets Paris with a head nodding bassline and a rhumba fuelled piano lead. Xinobi’s take on the track into a sweet piano led groover loaded with wicked Disco licks and a clicky Electro beat. Definitely one for the crate.

♫ Justin Faust – Space Rhumba

♫ Justin Faust – Space Rhumba (Xinobi reMix)

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[Video] Mirror People’s ‘Kaleidoscope’


Mirror People   Kaleidoscope  Official    YouTube

With the new release of the reMix package of Portuguese Disco don Mirror People’s 2012 single Kaleidoscope, comes a fresh video, which is about as title-inspired as you can get.

Directed by Victor Santos the video is very Kaleidoscopey, and just the right side of psychedelic Disco that fits so well with the Portuguese scene.

Mirror People’s Kaleidoscope reMix single is out now with work from Psychemagik and Xinobi, via Discotexas.

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[Audio] Rebeka & Mirror People


Rebeka & Mirror People

Here’s something quite interesting whipped up by one of the best labels around Discotexas. It;s a new single from both Polish ElectroPop duo Rebeka and Portuguese ecclectic Disco producer Mirror People. What began as a collaboration, ended up as two takes on the same song. Taking the tracks in two different direction from the initial seed of shared vision, Rebeka and Mirror People present their versions of Nothing To Give, as one release, our this week.

Rebeka’s take on Nothing To Give is a big, dramatic, ElectroPop tune. Bombastic as it is synthetic, Rebaka’s version of the song, is passionate to the extreme as vocalist Iwona bellows over twisting, shrill synths and a raw, live beat. Mirror People, on the other hand, bring a swirling, European, Disco flavour to the track, with hints of Moroder and Italo amongst the vintage electronics. It’s a really interesting idea that has yielded some seriously infectious results. Another win for Discotexas.

♫ Rebeka (Feat. Mirror People) – Nothing To Give (Original Mix)

♫ Mirror People (Feat. Rebeka) – Nothing To Give (Original Mix)

Rebeka & Mirror People’s Nothing To Give is out now.

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[Audio] Xinobi’s ‘Puma’


Xinobi_Discotexa_9690 copy_low

The mighty Discotexas are gearing up for the release of the new single from label staple and Nu-Disco legend Xinobi. Hitting the spot for s summer club hit, Puma, and it’s B-Side Woods, seem to be pretty sure-fire weapons for festivals and dimly lit dancing holes over the coming months.

Puma is a deep deep House tune that revolves around a transfixing organ hook. Adding a dubby influence to proceedings, Xinobi litters the House grove with spacey piano stabs and and an enigmatic vocal sample. This is definitely a tune to get wrapped up in, all encompassing, Puma delivers mainlined clubbing gold.It’s B-Side, Woods, is a bit more funky, with a bit more of that classic Xinobi swing. Built around an undulating synth bass riff, Woods draws you in to it’s atmospheric tribal ritual with a succession of ethereal tones and samples. Expect to be hearing these two on the dancefloor soon.

♫ Xinobi – Puma

♫ Xinobi – Woods

Xinobi’s Puma is available now on Beatport, everywhere else on17th May.

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[Audio] Zimmer and Xinobi reMix Kamp!


We’ve been looking forward to the single release of Polish ElectroPoppers Kamp!’s Melt for a while now, eager to hear the reMixes. Discotexas dropped the package at the end of last week and the release, with reworks from Zimmer, Xinobi and Midnight Magic, has lived up to our expectations.

The original of Melt is a deep slice of retro Pop, laden with waves of dreamy synths and infectious piano, which Parisian producer Zimmer builds on with style. Grabbing the Houser elements with both hands, Zimmer folds in a little of his own brand of Tropical Disco, which he called Horizontal Disco, to create a blissful laid back track, full of popping percussion and a pool party groove. Xinobi’s mix take the track in more of a House direction, providing a deep vibe, bass heavy and playing with that piano hook. There’s a gorgeous breakdown and build in this one too. The single has a mix for every occasion, if those occasions involve good times.

♫ Kamp! – Melt (Zimmer reMix)

♫ Kamp! – Melt (Xinobi reMix)

Kamp!’s Melt is out now.

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[MP3] Justin Faust’s ‘La Fête’


It feels like ages since we’ve had a new original tune from German Disco king Justin Faust, the man has been busy producing some of the best reMixes of the past year, but we do love it when an original comes along. Apparently this is a tune that Mr. Faust has been playing out for a while, so it’s a tried and tested track that JF and Discotexas are giving us for free.

If you’re looking for a big Disco part tune, then look no further. La Fête revolves around sumptuous horns and a swirling vocals hook for a beach party groove with an otherworldly twist provided by some Cosmic keys. The lead riff has got an almost arabesque feel to it too, again adding to the magical vibe. Underneath it all though, is just a full-on party starter.

Justin Faust – La Fête

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[MP3] Xinobi reMixed by Mr. Mitsuhirato


Just what tasty treats do the Discotexas crew have in store for us this time? Why it’s Discotexas’ own Mr. Mitsuhirato  reMixing the B-side from Xinobi ‘s single of earlier this year, Pirates. The track is Bronze, and Mr. Mitsuhirato gets hypnotically funky.

Mr. Mitsuhirato keeps it simple and slick for his take on the track, just building up a proper, irresistible, dancefloor groove. Adding layer after layer to the rolling Disco tune, he builds the track as it progresses, adding a new bass here, a warbling lead there, until the track is so deep in your brain there is no escape. Did we mention the track is a freebie too? Get lost in this one.

Xinobi – Bronze (Mr. Mitsuhirato Rework)

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Mirror People’s ‘Kaleidoscope’

Mirror People

The awesome Discotexas’ latest release comes from stable member Mirror People and an insanely infectious tune called Kaleidoscope. Released today, this tune has been getting tons of play and support from the likes of The Magician, Bottin, Bag Raiders, Moullinex, B-Xentric! and MiGHty mOUse. Deservedly too, it’s pure crazy fun Disco.

With a twisted P-Funk bassline and a melody that worms it’s way into your brain like some insidious mind control, Kaleidoscope is built on the foundations of a solid beat and a hypnotic loop. Add a few Acidic burbles and shiny chiming leads and you have a floorfiller that is all about the good times. Discotexas cohort Xinobi supplies the reMix, mixing in a little of his left-field Disco and Italo sounds. even going so far as to make things a bit soulful with a nice piano line. One again, Discotexas have delivered a top quality party rocker.

♫ Mirror People – Kaleidoscope

♫ Mirror People – Kaleidoscope (Xinobi reMix)

Mirror People’s Kaleidoscope is out today on Discotexas.

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