[Audio] Cyclist & Douze reMix Joshua Collins’ ‘To The End’


Joshua Collins

Get set for another awesome release from French label on On The Fruit Records. Next up is ex-Human Life member Joshua Collins’ new record To The End, a buzzing, euphoric slice of synthesizer Disco that’s guaranteed to brighten up your day with it;s playful melodies. the single comes backed with a couple of storming reMixes from two of our faves, French producer Douze and Torontonian funketeer Cyclist.

Douze kicks thing off slow and steady with rattling purcussion and rich, enigmatic synths, gradually building pace until, around the 1m20s mark he launces into a thick Elector Disco groove, loaded with futuristic Funk and warbling keys. Sci-Fi Disco at it’s finest, Douze’s reMix delivers 22nd century vibes. Cyclist goes in the opposite direction with a blissful retro Disco jam full of sunkissed sounds. Smooth synths intertwine with a head nodding bassline and a jazzy line in guitars that ease their way toward a cosmic solo at the tracks finale. Another spot-on release from On The Fruit.

♫ Joshua Collins – To The End (Douze reMix)

♫ Joshua Collins – To The End (Cyclist reMix)

Joshua Collins’ To The End is out now.

Buy Joshua Collins’s music from:


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