[MP3] Douze reMixes V V Brown


VV Brown

Here’s a new slice of synthesizer richness from Parisian producer Douze. When Douze last graced these pages he was releasing his Eternity’s Call Back EP on Discotexas and since has drops tracks on Work It Baby, Animal Language and Compuphonic (alongside frequent collaborator Kris Menace). Today, though, we are presenting the première of Douze’s lush reworking of the forthcoming new single from London based Indie-Pop singer-songwriter and hype magnet V V Brown, Samson.

V V Browns original in a majestic and undulating five minutes of tribal tension, and while Douze retains much of the track’s drama he, thankfully, breaks the dread and injects the track with a healthy dose of French Disco. With a vintage sheen, Douze mashes together squelchy basslines and starlight melodies, that after a moody intro, completely reform the track. V V’s biblical lament is transformed into a slinky croon by the power of a funky bassline and the whole song take on a newfound swagger. This is Douze at the top of the Disco game once more.

V V Brown – Samson (Douze reMix)

VV Brown’s Samson is released 14th July on YOY Records.

Buy V V Brown’s music from:


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