Shelby Grey Edits Patrizia Pellegrino

Patrizia Pellegrino

Spanish Dreamwaver Shelby Grey has taken time out from his usual productions to bring us this edit Patrizia Pellegrino’s 1982 Italo classic Musica Spaziale. Originally a double A-side with her hit Matta-Ta, it’s hard it imagine anything able to make the track more Italo, but Mr. Grey manages it with ease.

Kicking off with some nice filtering, you instantly notice that Shelby has actually slowed the track down a little, maybe that’s the right decision, dancefloors are a little smoother than the tracks early ‘80’s NRG origins. All the synths have been thickened up to, and there’s a nice build mid-way too. Brining the classic Euro SynthPop sound into a place where it sits well with contemporary, albeit retro, Disco, Shelby has created a mighty DJ tool here.

Patrizia Pellegrino – Musica Spaziale (Shelby Grey Edit)

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Soldout’s ‘Off Glory’


It’s been a while since Belgian ElectroPop duo Soldout have graced these pages, but here they are with their new release, Off Glory, released today. The follow up to May’s Wazabi, Off Glory sees the duo continuing to draw influence from classic European SynthPop whist updating it for the 21st century.

If fact, there’s a lot of classic synth music in Off Glory, most obviously the sound of mid-80’s Depeche Mode with the EBM-esque bassline coupled with shining, bell-like, chords. Drop this onto a Robo Disco beast and add some infectiously catchy vocals and you have one of the best pure SynthPop tracks released this year. Displaying just the right amount of brooding so as to appear deep, but not overshadow the dance vibe, Off Glory perfectly captures the sound of SynthPop past, without sounding like homage or parody, and makes it relevant.

♫ Soldout – Off Glory

Soldout’s Off Glory is out today.

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Strangers’ ‘Strangelove’ Mixtape


Strangers – Strangelove Mixtape = Fantastic London ElectroPop trio Stranger’s have put together a classic hour of golden SynthPop and Post-Punk drive with a sprinkling of Tropical Disco. Here’s what influenced the guys work and moves them right now.

♫ Strangers – Strangelove Mixtape

The tracklist:

01. The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Intro.)
02. Crystal Castles (Feat. Robert Smith) – Not In Love
03. Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence
04. Alice Jemima – Safe/Pain (Strangers Cover)
05. The Cure – LullabyBuy
06. Azealia Banks – Slow Hands (Interpol Cover)
07. Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
08. Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream
09. Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane reMix)
10. Michael Jackson – Billy Jean
11. David Bowie – Heroes

Strengers’ Safe/Pain single is out now.

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Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Leaving’ video

Here’s the video for the second single from Pet Shop Boys new album, Elysium. Both the track and the clip are classic PSB.

Classy, black & white, and amazingly British. The video, along with the track, sum up everything about Pet Shop Boys we love.

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Goin’ Old School: Heaven 17, The Human League & Thompson Twins

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

Today we are Goin’ Old School, and goin’ Sheffield. Kicking off with Heaven 17’s Influential, and charged  Lets All Make A Bomb from 1981’s Penthouse & Pavement.

We can’t got to Sheffield without slipping in some of my beloved The Human League. Here’s ‘that’ The Human League moment in The Sound Of The Crowd from 1981.

Sheffield’s unsung ElectroPop heroes Thompson Twins with a TOTP performance of 1983’s Love On Your Side.

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Le Cassette’s new tune

Le Cassette

London based SynthWave tinged ElectroPoppers Le Cassette recently dropped another one of their blissful retro jams. Fresh from their appearance on KEIZ BEATS’ Retro Futuristic Sounds compilation, Le Cassette are going from strength to strength.

This new track, Arms Of Mine, is a rich, emotional SynthPop track that references both American electronic ‘80’s movie soundtrack music and a very British style of vintage Pop. A mid-paced tune, Arms Of Mine, counterpoints pulsing robotic synths with a warm, emotive vocal and sparkling lead lines. It’s an electronic lament of a track, slow glides along with real passion until reaching it’s finale of full-on Electro chainsaw synths in a satisfying conclusion.

♫ Le Cassette – Arms Of Mine

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Goin’ Old School: Cabaret Voltaire, T-Coy & Fashion

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

First up, one of our favourite bands of all time, Cabaret Voltaire with 1985’s Big Funk

From 1987, first wave of UK House from T-Coy’s Cariño.

Some proto-space Disco, SynthPop Funk, from Fashion’s 1981 hit Move On.

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Tareq’s new reMix EP


The Greek kind of SynthPop Tareq is closing the door on the fist chapter of his career, his excellent début album, Cocoon and it’s singles, by releasing a free compilation of reMixes of the track Mosquito. The EP hold six tracks, reMixes of Mosquito from Marsheaux, Rolla Scape, 5tarcrush and SaikaL alongside a new track, Waiting For The Rain and an acoustic version of Reign Of Hearts.

The EP’s standouts are the reMixes of Mosquito from Marsheaux and 5tarcrush. Marsheaux, one of our favourite SynthPop girl duos, brings an classic SynthPop feel to the track. Their majestic Depeche Mode-esque sound lending gravitas to the track. Pounding machine beats and rich synth chords rise and fall as Tareq’s emotional lament stands accompanied by some Marsheaux backing vocal work. 5tarcrush takes a slightly more dancefloor oriented approach, layering think the arpeggios and buzzsaw synths, there’s even a little House piano in there too! Tareq is currently working on his new album, titled Fish.

Tareq – Mosquito (Marsheaux reMix)

Tareq – Mosquito (5tarcrush reMix)

The whole Mosquito EP can be picked up for free here.

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Figure Of 8’s new single, with The Penelopes and digitalfoxglove

Figure Of 8

We first featured Bittersweet, from prolific Irish dance producer Figure Of 8, earlier this year. Now the track has been given a full singe release, with a cracking B-Side and a whole host of ace reMixes. Dermot is one of Belfast finest exports and always delivers the best slick dance music.

Bittersweet, which features the heartfelt folky vocals of fellow Irishman Jonny Nutt rolls it own with a bit of Dub, a bit of SynthPop, a bit of  Rave and a nice easy going 90s feel. Fjordland one of the single’s two B-Sides (alongside The Difference Between Finite And Infinite) is a pleasing retro rave jam and once again make me feel Orbital are a big influence on Figure Of 8, it’s got that kind of dance music feel you don’t get so much of these days, really complex interactions between elements in a densely layered track. Fjordland  is a meticulously crafted slice of summery House. Amongst the reMixes of Bittersweet come a couple of tracks from two of our favourites these days. London based French ElectroPoppers The Penelopes and Germany’s finest Nu-Disco genius digitalfoxglove. The Penelopes take Bittersweet up a gear, mutating the laidback introspection into a Disco tinged SynthPop floorfiller. And if you need to chill after than, digitalfoxglove takes the track and does what he does best, blends it with his sweet poolside grooves. Bass heavy and sexy, digitalfoxglove’s reMix is a real late night jam.

♫ Figure Of 8 (Feat. Jonny Nutt) – Bittersweet

♫ Figure Of 8 -Fjordland

♫ Figure Of 8 (Feat. Jonny Nutt) – Bittersweet (The Penelopes reMix)

♫ Figure Of 8 (Feat. Jonny Nutt) – Bittersweet (digitalfoxglove reMix)

Bittersweet is out now on Figure Of 8’s  Bandcamp.

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Tesla Boy’s ‘Fantasy’ video

Here’s the new video for the amazing Tesla Boy’s devastatingly good recent single Fantasy.

Complimenting the sexy DiscoPop is a clip featuring model Dasha Malygina. i should tell you something about it, but I’ll wait until you’ve watched it.

It’s NSFW, just so you know.

Tesla Boy’s Fantasy is out now.

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