Scarlet Soho embark on European tour + free Kosheen reMix!


With the impending release of their awesome new EP, Solo OK, (which we reviewed here) Southampton based Indie-Electro trio, and one of the UK’s brightest ElectroPop stars, Scarlet Soho are hitting the road around Europe. Taking their well oiled machine of catchy synth hooks and memorable, emotive, lyrics to some of the continent’s hotspots to showcase tracks from the new EP as well as pleasing the crowd with their hits.

But that’s not all. Because the guys are feeling psyched about releasing the Solo KO EP and getting out there to play the tracks live, they are also letting us give away a pretty special tune. Bristolian dance legends Kosheen recently got on board with Scarlet Soho’s track Pedal To The Metal, delivering a complex and infectious rendition of the song. Loaded with jagged synth riffs and warm pads, alongside the refrain of “we hit the road” it’s the prefect track to launch Scarlet Soho’s tour, which culminates with an un-missable Christmas party in London. The tune is here to download for the cheap-as-chips price of one shiny email address. Now that’s a bargain!

Scarlet Soho – Pedal To The Metal (Kosheen reMix)

You can download Kosheen’s reMix of Pedal To The Metal right here.

Scarlet Soho launch their European tour to promote the Solo KO EP on the 8th November in Belgium. Check the dates:

08.11  La Legia, Liege (BE)
09.11  Tsunami Club, Koln  (DE)
10.11  Kokolores, Kunzeslau (DE)
11.11  Schuetzengasse, Weimar (DE)
13.11  Fluxbau, Berlin (DE)
15.11  Pod Lampou, Plzen (CZ)
16.11  Jugendhaus, Riesa (DE)
17.11  Zebra Bar, Brussels (BE)
14.12  Railway, Winchester (UK) (Scarlet Soho Christmas Party Part 01)
15.12  Hoxton Underbelly, London (UK) (Scarlet Soho Christmas Party Part 02)

If you’re in the area, know your Scarlet Soho, and are feeling lucky, you can try your hand at winning two tickets to your local show over on the bands Facebook page.

You can pre-order the Solo KO EP from Scarlet Soho’s website. It’ll be released 9th November.

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M83’s ‘Steve McQueen’ video

The long-awaited video for the awesome M83’s Steve McQueen has finally premièred. What can do this Chillwave/SynthPop epic justice?

The video is the end result of a video making competition whose only rule was “it;s not about the actor!”. The winning entry was this amazing clip from French directors Balthazar Auxietre and Sylvain Derosne. just watch the video, it’s magical.

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Goin’ Old School: Just Depeche Mode

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

In light of Depeche Mode announcing their 2013 tour, to support a brand new album, yesterday, lets have a Depeche Mode Goin’ Old School’. Starting with People Are People from 1984.

My second favourite Depeche Mode track (the first being Strangelove, which we’ve already used on Goin’ Old School), 1985’s Shake the Disease.

And finally, because we’ve never featured it and it had to be done. 1989’s Enjoy the Silence. Easily one of the best songs ever written.

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Patrick Baker gets Spooky

Patrick Baker

Just in time for Halloween American retro SynthPop superstar Patrick Baker has dropped a new slice of sinister Pop. Appropriately titled Spooky the track, in the vein of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, channels the best 80s Halloween Pop.

Spooky hit all the right notes for a fun, funky, seasonal hit. It’s got the nice FM minor chords, funky plucked guitar, and a big horn section. Patrick really shows of hit vocal range as he belts out the kind of fun horror narrative so common in the charts around the end of October in the 80s. Spooky is catchy as hell to and is so pitch perfect that if you play it at your Halloween bash your friends will swear it;s a track the recognise from the 80s.. We could have waited until next week to feature this tune, maybe we should have, but you can sit of awesomeness like this! Just wait until the organ breakdown and build, pure class.

Patrick Baker – Spooky

Check out more from Patrick Baker on SoundCloud.

Chromatics’ Looking For Love’ video

Hot on the heels Chromatics Kill For Love album come three new shiny Italo Pop tracks on Italians Do It Better’s forthcoming After Dark II compilation.

Here’s the video for Looking For Love, it;s a five minute version cut down from the tracks original seventeen minutes. Alberto Rossini directs once again.

After Dark II is released soon.

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Kamp!’s ‘Sulk’


The last we heard of awesome Polish ElectroPoppers Kamp! was last November, so we’re pretty pleased that now, a year later, they are readying their début album. Set for release next month on Brennnessel, the album is preceded by this new single, Sulk.

Sulk kicks off with an air of those introspective moments in a John Hughes movie. Haunting and yet Poppy. Combining dreamy retro Pop with a slick Nu-Disco bassline, Kamp! bring a New Wave feel to the Disco. Sulk ends up being smooth as hell ElectroPop tune that carries you along like waves. With a warm production and Bowie-esque crooning vocals the track suitably reproduces the comfortable sound of American Mid-‘80’s Pop as the track builds and builds to it’s anthemic crescendo. We’re really looking forward to the forthcoming album.

Kamp! – Sulk (Radio Edit)

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Joypopp’s Addictions


Today sees the release of French duo Joypopp’s brand new album. We are really pleased to have our hands on a full length release from these two. We’ve been waiting since last year’s Binary release of their Ecstatic EP, a rich, emotional collection of ElectroPop tracks that was one of the highlights of they year. Now, Addictions brings us ten tracks, some new, some old, of dreamy SynthPop goodness.

Kicking off with the shimmering catchy Domination, Addictions is an album of sweeping moods and rich, haunting electronics. Sensation is one of the quieter tracks on the album, but sums up Joypopp’s manifesto. Blissful vintage ElectroPop with a slight nod to contemporary Electro. Sensation sweeps you up in it’s wake and carries you along in the beauty of both Alix’s vocals and David (Daroc)’s symphony of synthetics. Things pick up tempo for Caress, with almost Italo overtones and the Synth-Rock groove of Pleasure. Inner World has got ‘single’ written all over it, upbeat and catchy it’s a track that shows of Alix and Davis talents at the fullest, rich and emotional SynthPop music. Desire was one of the tracks, featured on the Ecstatic EP, that made us fall in love with Joypopp in the first place and is a great example of how Joypopp are able to combine the hauntingly beautiful and the grittily electronic with seeming ease and an infectious vibe. It’s EP mate Volupté also puts in an appearance, arguable the best track on the EP. Elsewhere the EP features the full-on French-Electro/Italo workout of Selfishness and the Ladytron-esque Indie-Electro of Vanity and Skin Taste. Whereas there is a lot going on on this album, a lot of different influenced, Joypopp tie it all together nicely with their unique sound and make the record feel more like a retro music journey than a collection of songs. This is one record from 2013 that is very highly recommended.

♫ Joypopp – Sensation

♫ Joypopp – Volupté

♫ Joypopp – Desire

Joypopp’s Addictions is released today.

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Shiny Toy Guns’ ‘Somewhere To Hide’

Shiny Toy Guns

Somewhere To Hide is the next single to be taken from LA Indie-Electro outfit Shiny Toy Guns’ forthcoming album III. At this point we’ve talked, at length, about Shiny Toy Guns ‘dark times’ and how the new material is a welcome return to creativity and form. Their last single, Fading Listening, was positively Tropical. Somewhere To Hide keeps that energy going with a big slab of hard SynthPop.

Peppered with gentle guitars, Somewhere To Hide is an epic SynthPop track, driven along by a gritty synth bassline and pounding drums. It’s once the chorus kicks in that Somewhere To Hide really lifts itself, after a nice chord shift in the bridge, the chorus explodes with Carah’s impassioned vocal and the track becomes the kind of epic stadium SynthPop that Depeche Mode had such a handle on. I get the feeling that, more than the other singles, this is a good idea of where III is going to go.

♫ Shiny Toy Guns – Somewhere To Hide

Shiny Toy Gun’s III is released 22nd October.

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Only You

Only You

When music is just thrust upon us with no introduction, it can be hard to muster up the enthusiasm to even listen to it, in the flood of promo material we receive every single day making yourself stand out is pretty important. But sometimes we have a little more time on our hands, or are just feeling intrepid, and dive on in to random track. This time around we are extremely glad we took the plunge with American retro Pop outfit Only You, who sole track, Secrets, is a pretty stunning début.

Secrets is an amazingly slick, and well produced, slab of 80s Pop. Changeling the best in mid-80s American SynthPop, it’s got that big production sheen that at the time you could only get from multi-million dollar 48 track studios, and even on todays technology still requires a hint of talent to recreate. the track is layered with rich vintage synth sounds, with multiple pads and lead lines weaving in and out of one another. It’s the vocal on Secrets that makes the track really shine, though. Not only is it lyrically a lot of fun, but the vocal performance is pitch perfect 80s Pop, right down to call-and-response backing vocals in the chorus. And the way the vocals play off against the sparking leads and bouncy post-Italo bassline make the song a fantastic slice of nostalgia. This is 80s Pop done properly.

♫ Only You – Secrets

Check out more from Only You on SoundCloud.

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Leitbur release free reMix EP


Released earlier this year, Think Of Tomorrow from LA act Leitbur is one of the standout SynthPop releases of the year. Catchy and atmospheric, mixing classic SynthPop with a cool LA funk Leitbur delivered a driving tune with a massive, memorable chorus. The track has had a few reMix treatments over the months, and now Leitbur has collected them all into one EP, that’s available for your listening pleasure, for free.

There’s a lot of the EP, seven different versions of Think Of Tomorrow that range from Ryan Alli’s Dubstep interpretation to UD & Jowin’s big room take. Our picks of the EP (and it’s hard to pick favourites here) would have to be Kool Bandits version, a soundclash of early ‘90’s House and DiscoPop with an infectious bassline and the vocals keeps pretty much intact, resulting in something that would be perfectly at home on MTV circe 1992. Fletch’s Live & Loud reMix injects the track with a raw synthesizer groove while KiAh serve up a Deep House track, loaded with moody, atmospheric synths and dreamlike melodies. Portugal’s MAU turn in a reMix that seamlessly combines vintage SnythPop with some kind of dancefloor vibe. Out of all the remixes , it’s MAU’s that takes the most advantage of that big chorus, layering it think with lush synth work. Think Of Tomorrow is a stunning song, and these reMixes expand the experience of it.

Leitbur – Think Of Tomorrow (Kool Bandits reMix)

Leitbur – Think Of Tomorrow (MAU reMix)

Leitbur – Think Of Tomorrow (KiAh reMix)

Leitbur – Think Of Tomorrow (Fletch’s Live & Loud reMix)

Leibur’s Rethink: TomorrowEP is out now, for free.

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