[Audio] Le Cassette’s ‘Electric Paradise’


Le Cassette

Some of the UK’s finest SynthPoppers, Le Cassette, have just released their eagerly awaited début album, Left To Our Own Devices. Anyone who’s been following the SynthPop scene in the UK will know that this have been a long time coming, as these guys are one of the more promising acts around. The album itself is definitely worth the wait, containing fifteen tracks of lusciously nostalgic synthesizer based Pop music that evokes the perfect era of British music. That era.

Check out album track Electric Paradise, which nicely works as a standard bearer for the album. With Electric Paradise, as with all of Left To Our Own Devices you’re treated to a sweet retro symphony of vintage synth sounds and punchy drums. The taught electronic bass underpins the track, giving it a particular TOTP UK funk, while waves of warm tones and pads create a bed for shimmering starlight leads. Add to this Adam McNab’s Japan-esque croon and you’ve got the combination for pure 80s goodness. If you love yourself a bit of nostalgic SynthPop, you need to check out Le Cassette’s Left To Our Own Devices  right now.

♫ Le Cassette – Electric Paradise

Le Cassette’s Left To Our Own Devices is out now’s

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Jordan F & Le Cassette

Jordan F

Remember Australian SynthWave master Jordan F’s Under The Sun? The man dropped it early last month, a shimmering piece of beautiful, introspective retro synth work. Well, now the track has been recreated and remoulded as a stunning slice of vintage SnythPop with a little vocal help from London’s Le Cassette.

Vocals take the track to a whole new level, especially in Le Cassette’s authentically 80s style. The moody, enigmatic, vocals work as a nice juxtaposition to Jordan’s typically upbeat, nostalgic, music. This combination of Le Cassette’s croon and Jordan’s sparking aspirational SynthWave ends up hitting just the right point for perfect 80s Pop, melancholy with a hint of optimism, exemplified by the best Pop from that era. We’ve been dying to hear Jordan team up with a vocalist for a while now, and we haven’t been disappointed.

Jordan F (Feat. Le Cassette) – Under The Sun

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Le Cassette’s new tune

Le Cassette

London based SynthWave tinged ElectroPoppers Le Cassette recently dropped another one of their blissful retro jams. Fresh from their appearance on KEIZ BEATS’ Retro Futuristic Sounds compilation, Le Cassette are going from strength to strength.

This new track, Arms Of Mine, is a rich, emotional SynthPop track that references both American electronic ‘80’s movie soundtrack music and a very British style of vintage Pop. A mid-paced tune, Arms Of Mine, counterpoints pulsing robotic synths with a warm, emotive vocal and sparkling lead lines. It’s an electronic lament of a track, slow glides along with real passion until reaching it’s finale of full-on Electro chainsaw synths in a satisfying conclusion.

♫ Le Cassette – Arms Of Mine

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