Le Cassette’s new tune

Le Cassette

London based SynthWave tinged ElectroPoppers Le Cassette recently dropped another one of their blissful retro jams. Fresh from their appearance on KEIZ BEATS’ Retro Futuristic Sounds compilation, Le Cassette are going from strength to strength.

This new track, Arms Of Mine, is a rich, emotional SynthPop track that references both American electronic ‘80’s movie soundtrack music and a very British style of vintage Pop. A mid-paced tune, Arms Of Mine, counterpoints pulsing robotic synths with a warm, emotive vocal and sparkling lead lines. It’s an electronic lament of a track, slow glides along with real passion until reaching it’s finale of full-on Electro chainsaw synths in a satisfying conclusion.

♫ Le Cassette – Arms Of Mine

Buy Le Cassette’s music from:


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