[Video] Marsheaux’s ‘Inhale’


MARSHEAUX    Inhale  official video clip   YouTube

Here’s the video for Greek ElectroPoppers Marsheaux’s Indie tinged Inhale. Taken from the album of the same name, Inhale is a break from Marsheaux’s traditional SynthPop sound, displaying something more like mid-era Ladytron.

Johan Andjerson directed the clip, making good use of limited budget and retro video effects to produce something pretty slick. Looks like an early 90s shoegaze band’s video.

Marsheaux’s Inhale is out now.

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[Audio] Echoes reMix Marsheaux



Greek EelctroPop duo Marsheaux have just released their deluxe double CD version of their latest album Inhale via Undo Records. The second CD comes loaded with reMixes including this version of the title track from out old friends Echoes. A band who really should release more stuff.

Their reMix of Inhale reminds of everything we love about Echoes, and why we’re missing them (having not released anything if ages). It walks a tightrope between atmospheric and moody SynthPop and bouncy ElectroPop, and Echoes handle these two moods with ease. Using just the right amount of vocal for what they are trying to do, Echoes create something Poppy and dancefloor oriented and ultimately bright and shiny. Welcome back Echoes.

♫ Marsheaux – Inhale (Echoes reMix)

Marsheaux’s double Cd version of Inhale is out now.

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[Audio] Marsheaux’s ‘Alone’


Greek ElectroPop queens Marsheaux have had one of the tracks from their forthcoming new album, Inhale, premièred on their label, Undo Records, soundcloud. Other than some demos of tracks which won;t be making the album, this is the first we’ve heard of the new material.

Alone, starts off worryingly nu-EBM, and for a brief second our hearts sank, but the track soon descends into a majestic Ladytron-esque verse followed by a lusciously epic-Pop chorus. Despite it’s reliance on a lacklustre arpeggio, Alone is a wonderfully charismatic track that sticks with you all day. Sweeping Pop songs suit Marsheaux well. It’s a fantastic song, only slightly marred by under-produced EBM beats, and bodes well for the new album. Also, we’d love to hear this reMixed.

♫ Marsheaux – Alone

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Tareq’s new reMix EP


The Greek kind of SynthPop Tareq is closing the door on the fist chapter of his career, his excellent début album, Cocoon and it’s singles, by releasing a free compilation of reMixes of the track Mosquito. The EP hold six tracks, reMixes of Mosquito from Marsheaux, Rolla Scape, 5tarcrush and SaikaL alongside a new track, Waiting For The Rain and an acoustic version of Reign Of Hearts.

The EP’s standouts are the reMixes of Mosquito from Marsheaux and 5tarcrush. Marsheaux, one of our favourite SynthPop girl duos, brings an classic SynthPop feel to the track. Their majestic Depeche Mode-esque sound lending gravitas to the track. Pounding machine beats and rich synth chords rise and fall as Tareq’s emotional lament stands accompanied by some Marsheaux backing vocal work. 5tarcrush takes a slightly more dancefloor oriented approach, layering think the arpeggios and buzzsaw synths, there’s even a little House piano in there too! Tareq is currently working on his new album, titled Fish.

Tareq – Mosquito (Marsheaux reMix)

Tareq – Mosquito (5tarcrush reMix)

The whole Mosquito EP can be picked up for free here.

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Marsheaux’s ‘Do You Feel?’


The second of the not-quite-made-the-album Marsheaux tracks to grace SoundCloud brings two words to mind. Moroder & Curve.

One the one hand I can kinda’ understand why this track wasn’t picked for the Greek duo’s forthcoming new album, it’s a bit of a departure for them in it’s raw, almost Electro-Rockiness. However, on the other hand it’s a big shame ‘cos the track’s awesome. As I said, Moroder & Curve, it’s like Giorgio reMixes something from Curve’s classic album Doppelganger, which makes for a superb meeting of synthesizer Disco and Shoegaze. The track is really early ’90’s Indie in it’s arrangement and that really endears it to us, whist wrapping that up in some kickin’ electronic dance.

♫ Marsheaux – Do You Feel? (Demo.)

Marsheaux’s new album is out sometime soon-ish.

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Marsheaux reMix Mylène Farmer


The queens of Greek SynthPop Marsheaux have reMixed French artist Mylène Farmer’s ‘‘N’Aie Plus D’Amertume’, from her slightly ElectroPop influenced last album ‘Bleu Noir’.

The downtempo ballad is transformed into a kicking, upbeat, SynthPop beast complete with Marsheaux’s trademark icy digital synths cutting through the mix. Once again Marsheaux provide us with another clean, crisp synthetic slice of Electro quality.

Mylène Farmer – N’Aie Plus D’Amertume (Marsheaux reMix)

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Marsheaux reMixes Sally Shapiro


Out favourite Greek SynthPop girls Marsheaux have taken on Swedish DiscoPop heroine Sally Shapiro (and that Agebjörn bloke) for their latest reMix.

‘Jackie Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me)’get a classic SynthPop makeover with an Italo twist. Clean and crisp synth sounds in Marsheaux’s modern-retro style, taking influence from early 80’s SynthPop and mid-80’s Italo, pile up in their reMix which retains the introspective nature of the original but adds a few layers of electronics.

Sally Shapiro – Jackie Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me) (Marsheaux reMix)

‘Jackie Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me)is taken from Sally Shapiro’s album ‘Disco Romance’; out now.

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Marsheaux reMixes HURTS and Mirrors

Greek SynthPop queens Marsheaux grace these pages once more to hit you up with a couple of awesome new reMixes.

First up they bring their analog Pop to HURTS’ ‘Better Than Love’, and it’s actually the best reMix of the track we’ve heard. Bright and ElectroPoppy it’s dancey without turning the song into a cheesy dance track and SynthPoppy without stepping on the original’s toes. Mirrors ‘Into The Heart’ also gets the girls attention. the Brighton SynthPop act’s forthcoming single gets an retro, analog, workout with more than a little OMD about it.

HURTS – Better Than Love (Marsheaux reMix)

Mirrors – Into The Heart (Marshaeux’s ‘Greek Girls Are Not Easy’ Extended Mix)

Mirror’s into the dark is our February 28th. Marsheaux’s latest album, ‘‘Lumineux Noir’ is out now.

Marsheaux @ Beatport

Marsheaux @ Juno

Marsheaux @ 7Digital

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Greece’s undisputed queens of SynthPop, Marsheaux, have just got back from promoting their third album ‘Lumineux Noir’ here in the UK.

Released in September ‘Lumineux Noir’ possible the highest point in the Modern SynthPop right now. The clean pop production of the album just highlights the girls modern take on a retro sound, like old songs played on new instruments.

We previously raved about the track ‘Breakthrough’ when it first saw the light of day, but if you’re still not convinced check out another couple of tracks from the record:

Marsheaux – So Far (zShare) (MediaFire)

Marsheaux – Summer (zShare) (MediaFire)

…and now go buy! ‘Lumineux Noir’ is released by Undo Records.

Marsheaux @ Beatport

Marsheaux @ 7Digital

Marsheaux @ Amazon

New Marsheaux


SynthPop superstars Marsheaux, this week, have given us a taste of what to expect from them in the future. The girls are still in the studio putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming album and this track, ‘Breakthrough’, is the first to be completed.

If this is what we should be looking forward to then we are salivating for the full release! This is, IMHO the best track Marsheaux have ever done!

Absolutely spot-on, no-bollocks, classic SynthPop. This is how it should be done!

Marsheaux – Breakthrough (zShare) (MediaFire)

Marsheaux defiantly deserve your attention!

Marsheaux @ 7Digital

Marsheaux @ Amazon