Tareq’s new reMix EP


The Greek kind of SynthPop Tareq is closing the door on the fist chapter of his career, his excellent début album, Cocoon and it’s singles, by releasing a free compilation of reMixes of the track Mosquito. The EP hold six tracks, reMixes of Mosquito from Marsheaux, Rolla Scape, 5tarcrush and SaikaL alongside a new track, Waiting For The Rain and an acoustic version of Reign Of Hearts.

The EP’s standouts are the reMixes of Mosquito from Marsheaux and 5tarcrush. Marsheaux, one of our favourite SynthPop girl duos, brings an classic SynthPop feel to the track. Their majestic Depeche Mode-esque sound lending gravitas to the track. Pounding machine beats and rich synth chords rise and fall as Tareq’s emotional lament stands accompanied by some Marsheaux backing vocal work. 5tarcrush takes a slightly more dancefloor oriented approach, layering think the arpeggios and buzzsaw synths, there’s even a little House piano in there too! Tareq is currently working on his new album, titled Fish.

Tareq – Mosquito (Marsheaux reMix)

Tareq – Mosquito (5tarcrush reMix)

The whole Mosquito EP can be picked up for free here.

Buy Tareq’s music from:


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