Shelby Grey Edits Patrizia Pellegrino

Patrizia Pellegrino

Spanish Dreamwaver Shelby Grey has taken time out from his usual productions to bring us this edit Patrizia Pellegrino’s 1982 Italo classic Musica Spaziale. Originally a double A-side with her hit Matta-Ta, it’s hard it imagine anything able to make the track more Italo, but Mr. Grey manages it with ease.

Kicking off with some nice filtering, you instantly notice that Shelby has actually slowed the track down a little, maybe that’s the right decision, dancefloors are a little smoother than the tracks early ‘80’s NRG origins. All the synths have been thickened up to, and there’s a nice build mid-way too. Brining the classic Euro SynthPop sound into a place where it sits well with contemporary, albeit retro, Disco, Shelby has created a mighty DJ tool here.

Patrizia Pellegrino – Musica Spaziale (Shelby Grey Edit)

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