[Audio] Soldout’s ‘94’


94 is the first single taken from the new album More. The new record from Belgian ElectroPop outfit Soldout. The new single, which is out now, sees the duo going even deeper with their classic SynthPop sound, there’s even hints of The Good Natured’s style Goth-Pop in there amongst the infectious beats.

A brilliant balancing act between dark and poppy, 94 is less EBM’y than Soldout’s previous work. this has been replaced with an effortless Indie-ElectroPop hipness with relentlessly funky beats that play against the dramatic tension of plucked strings and a thick synthetic bassline. The song itself is quite whimsical, yet emotional, which adds the the sheen of detached cool. This could be Soldout’s big breakthrough moments right here.

♫ Soldout – 94

94 is out now, Soldout’s new album, More, is coming 25th February.

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Soldout’s ‘Off Glory’


It’s been a while since Belgian ElectroPop duo Soldout have graced these pages, but here they are with their new release, Off Glory, released today. The follow up to May’s Wazabi, Off Glory sees the duo continuing to draw influence from classic European SynthPop whist updating it for the 21st century.

If fact, there’s a lot of classic synth music in Off Glory, most obviously the sound of mid-80’s Depeche Mode with the EBM-esque bassline coupled with shining, bell-like, chords. Drop this onto a Robo Disco beast and add some infectiously catchy vocals and you have one of the best pure SynthPop tracks released this year. Displaying just the right amount of brooding so as to appear deep, but not overshadow the dance vibe, Off Glory perfectly captures the sound of SynthPop past, without sounding like homage or parody, and makes it relevant.

♫ Soldout – Off Glory

Soldout’s Off Glory is out today.

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Soldout’s ‘Wazabi’

Slinky Belgian ElectroPop duo Soldout have just released their new single ‘Wazabi’. It’s a abrasive but catchy synthetic Pop track that was put together with some input from Richard 23, which kinda’ explains things.

Here’s the video, directed by Soldout, Amandine Klee and Frederic Lefevre, featuring distorted neon visuals. Distorted neon nicely sums up Soldout’s sound actually!

‘Wazabi’ is out now.

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Soldout Vs. Just A Band


Belgium based noisy ElectroPop duo Soldout have had ‘The Cut’, lead track from last years album ‘Cuts’, reMixed by one of France’s best providers of huge Electro tunes; Just A Band.

Just A Band drop massive distorted synth bass all over the track morphing the track into a powerhouse club killer!

Soldout – The Cut (Just A Band reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

And check the original in all it’s glory:

Soldout – The Cut (zShare) (MediaFire)

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