Violet Tremors reMixed by hardCORPS & Medora

Violet Tremors

Are hardCORPS tracks like busses? You wait decades for one then loads come along at once. It was only this week that an unreleased track from the ‘80’s pioneers surfaced (quickly followed by a couple more), and now that are on the reMix for our favourite ladies of Minimal Synth Violet Tremors. hardCorps’ Clive Peirce teams up with his Medora partner in crime Phen to take on the girls Future Love from their rad Time is The Traitor album of last year.

Future Love was actually one of our picks of the album and Peirce and Phen take the abrasive ElectroPop and smooth it over with an almost Dubby sheen. Reverb washed synthetic percussion and a rolling Dub bassline from the rock on which Jessica’s mantra crashes. the end result is very Cabaret Voltaire, that mixture of Experimental Dub influenced electronics and early SynthPop harsh deadpan delivery alongside otherwordly synths could have come straight out the early ‘80’s underground.

Violet Tremors – Future Love (Clive Pierce (hardCORPS & Medora) & Phen (Medora) reMix)

‘Time Is The Traitor’ is out now.

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Unreleased track from hardCORPS


Well here’s an interesting treat for a Tuesday morning. A previously unreleased track from legendary avant-garde SynthPop act hardCORPS. Bravo was a live staple for the band around the mid to late ‘80’s but never made it’s way to release.

From around 1986, Bravo, is a sublime, pulsating, slice of ‘80’s Futurism. A post-Industrial robotic march tempered by swelling, evocative, synth chords. The soundtrack to a dystopian metropolis, hardCOPRS have always blended a raw brutality with pure beauty. Regine’s vocals drift across the track like smoke curling through the city, guiding the listener through the musical dark alleyways. No-one really does futurism like this anymore, which is a pity. All-in-all this track has really made my day.

♫ hardCORPS – Bravo (Unreleased)

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