Mad Professor Dubs up Van She

van she

So, Van She made a nice, poppy, Tropical song called Jamaica, which was a sweet summer anthem, but who do they turn to when they really want some authentic island vibes? None other than legendary Dub master Mad Professor, who delivers a pitch perfect rendition of the track, taking just the right hits from it and drawing our the Dub.

A Mad Professor reMix of Van She’s Jamaica does exactly what it says on the tin, but of those of us who appreciate the Dub, this is everything we could have wanted for this meeting of minds. The little Tropical melody is present and correct and makes a nice lead for the subby bass to follow. Space echoed snatches of vocal and guitar and cosmic effects run wild on the track. This is the proper summer vibes right here.

Van She – Jamaica (Mad Professor Dub)

Van She’s Jamaica is out now on Modular Recordings and also features mixes from Unicorn Kid, L-Vis 1990, Plastic Plates, and Riva Star.

Buy Van She’s music from:

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